Barbados Athlete Ramone Harewood has shot at NFL – National Football League

Ramon-Harewood-BarbadosCouple six foot – seven, three hundred and sixty pounds with a engineer’s mindset and you get a thinking football player who can also eliminate opposition like a tank rolling on the battlefield.

Oh… and they say Ramone Harewood likes cricket too!

The NFL (that’s American “football”) has taken a liking to a young man from St. Michael and the talk is he’ll be snatched up in the 2010 National Football League draft.

Good for you Ramone!

We’d love to see you succeed, an we’ll send you off with best wishes and an admonition from Auntie Moses: “Unlike some folks, doan forget where you came from and wat is right and wat is wrong.”

Morehouse star from Barbados has shot at NFL


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5 responses to “Barbados Athlete Ramone Harewood has shot at NFL – National Football League

  1. big up to the yout!

  2. Danibaje

    Big Mon! QC is still behind you!

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  4. Great story, all young people can benefit from.
    CNN just had a piece on young-Ramone Harewood- orginally from Barbados who may be drafted by an NFL team. He only started playing Ameri football 3 1/2yrs now (but has been very atlethic). He is doing well academically too pursuing an engineering career. He will be on CNN tomorrow morning (Sunday April 25th). Watch it….. Great story.

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