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Nicholas Cox asks “Where’s the professionalism?” but leaves out his own profession

In his latest column at the Barbados Advocate, Mr. Cox is aghast (and rightly so) that Barbados police officers, lawyers, and bus drivers – people we should be able to depend on to do the right thing – are being hauled before the courts for wrongdoing up to and including rape, kidnapping, major thefts and driving in a dangerous manner.

His article “Where’s the professionalism?” is a worthy read and he makes many good points.

But except as an afterthought Mr. Cox leaves out his own profession of journalism, so we’ll have to ask all the Barbados journalists… not “Where’s the professionalism?” but…

Where’s the investigative journalism?

Can someone list for me the last three pieces of true investigative journalism in Barbados? Didn’t think so!

Where’s the professionalism?

10/20/2009 By Nicholas Cox

Police officers being hauled before the courts for crimes like kidnapping and rape; a Transport Board bus driver facing charges for driving in a manner that was dangerous to the public; an attorney-at-law facing jail time for allegedly defrauding a client.

These are all worrying examples of the lack of professionalism that is becoming more common in Barbados. It seems that very few people take pride in a job well done. This is frustrating in every day situations, but apathy at work becomes especially concerning when innocent lives are at stake.

The expected response to this type of criticism will be that the type of behaviour mentioned above is not representative of people working in any profession, but yet another example of a few bad apples spoiling the bunch. However, it appears that the rot is well underway…

… continue reading at the Barbados Advocate Where’s the professionalism?


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