Remember When? BWIA posters in 1965 & 1970

BWIA Poster 1965BWIA Poster 1970

I stumbled on these two at the National Air and Space Museum collection of aviation posters. Are there any more? I don’t know and I didn’t look, but you can at the National Air and Space Museum Fly Now! online museum.

Robert “still not home”


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  1. Hants

    off topic but.

    read page 13 of The Advocate re h1n1.

  2. Green Monkey

    Ah yes, the good old days when air travel was, for the most part, a somewhat enjoyable experience.

    Child porn fears scupper airport ‘nude X-ray’ scans

    Read more:

  3. GeorgeThomas

    When in Dec 31st 1994, “OLD BWIA” ended and the new airline “NEW BWIA” began, the CLICO – OLD BWIA 1971 Staff Pension Plan also ended. This 1971 Staff Pension Plan had generated approximately $376 millions (of profit) surplus. Under the Valley Agreement, OLD BWIA workers were to get a third of that surplus in 1995.

    Up to today, it seems that efforts are still being made to deprive OLD BWIA workers of monies from that one third portion of the surplus, namely those monies which were meant to buy (for the OLD BWIA workers) shares amounting to 15.5% of NEW BWIA, with an option to buy a further 10% of NEW BWIA, and to thus become BWIA majority shareholders.

    There are concerns about why CLICO, NEW BWIA, the plan actuary Buck Consultants and WISE (West Indies Stockbrokers Limited), and others … are keeping NEW BWIA Valley Agreement “Shares” information secret from the OLD BWIA workers who have a right to know where their monies (tens of millions of dollars) went more than 15 years ago. The Unions have asked by writing and not received a reply. A veil of secrecy gives the impression that there is something to hide.

    Last year, in the newspapers there was an offer of an ex-gratia payment 20 cents per share to all BWIA minority shareholders and former employees. Many names were included of persons who never bought BWIA shares. It appears that there is a deliberate to confuse {A} {BWIA shareholders and former employees who bought out of their own pocket “BWIA shares” sold on the local stock exchange, (April, 1999)}, with (B) [CLICO – OLD BWIA 1971 Staff Pension Plan Surplus members who were entitled to the March 29th 1995, “Valley Agreement NEW BWIA Shares” which never came to pass].

    Members of the 1971 Staff Pension Plan could not have bought “March 29th 1995, Valley Agreement NEW BWIA Shares” because the Shares part of the “March 29th 1995, Valley Agreement” was never honoured. For the entire time since March 29th 1995, OLD BWIA workers never received NEW BWIA shareholder benefits. “Valley Agreement NEW BWIA Shares” certificates were never issued to those OLD BWIA workers. OLD BWIA workers were never invited to a NEW BWIA shareholders meeting.

    Mr. Jerry Hospedales, Chairman, BWIA West Indies Airways Limited, C/o The Divestment Secretariat Ministry of Finance, Eric Williams Financial Complex, Independence Square might shed light on this.

    It is my feeling that OLD BWIA workers should therefore not be made to pay for shares that they never received.

    Based on the above, the monies of the OLD BWIA 1971 Staff Pension Plan members (valued at $1USD for each Valley Agreement NEW BWIA Share), which were withheld from those same members for the purpose of buying NEW BWIA shares, should be returned to those same members.


  4. Mary Pouchet

    So true — and so it continues – to this day, not a word to those of us who fell under the ‘old’ BWIA pension plan. Over the years, I cannot tell you how many times I was told I had x amount of shares at 7.00 per share etc etc. Wait, wait, wait – not one word then that joker closed down BWIA and the airline reopened as CAL. Then our names appeard in the paper (boldly) advising these same shares were worth 20cents and we could come and get it! I never did as some of us opted not to but some sort of court case went on (is it still ongoing?). So where am I now? where are my 20cents shares? Can I still get them (lost all hope of receiving them at 7.00 per share) Or have they been ‘stolen’ or greedily gulped away by those involved in this great hijacking of the surplus fund? I wonder if you could advise me what if anything has resurfaced with this issue. Of course – don’t hold your breath, they will dig and dig and frustrate all efforts simply so that that they could steal away any little ends still out there for the workers. I wonder what it is about pension plans and surpluses that makes these greedy guts spin like this! Do they sleep at night?