Bajan Reporter: “Barbados should have its independence revoked…”


Aside from the fact that Barbados IS independent and therefore no outside body can “revoke” our independence short of war (or cutting off the tourists, offshore bank accounts and handouts to our government’s foolish spending) – we can see some of Ian Bourne’s frustration.

(Whoooooeeee!  Ian, if you’re frustrated just think of how they feel on Turks & Caicos right now.)

Head over to The Bajan Reporter and have a read. Agree or not with what Ian says, he’ll get your blood circulating this morning.

Barbados should have its independence revoked – Turks & Caicos or Caymans deserve independence more



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5 responses to “Bajan Reporter: “Barbados should have its independence revoked…”

  1. Gear Box



    Instead of Barbados trying to ‘work’ with fellow Caribbean islands (this will never happen) … we should explore joining the European EC……

  3. Sing-a-Song

    Joining the EC?! On reflection this is a very good idea. We get a stable currency (the Euro), access to European markets and technology and get rid of flogging and capital punishment while still keeping our flag, anthem and culture! Our present HDI and history might just allow us to make a case for this novel idea.

  4. onlyme

    Should Barbados have its independence revoked? Wewere mistreated by the slave masters, after slavery was abolish England the mother took advantage of us in they own way. We became independent our parents gave us a good education, we took parents out of the cainfields, brought others from neighbouring countrys to harvest our cain.Every thing was in order untill Our Beloved Errol Barrow died, then all the educated sons of Barbados that ran the country forget where they came from,Instead of looking out for the people who voted for them they look out for each other each other giving themselves plantations houses /old people think they can trust lawers take they land papers to them pay them to do the right thing .when the old people go back the lawers clain they cannot find the papers .case close what can you do ,when you try to make an apointment ,they are out of town hiding in the office giving the people the runaround. , they all steal as much as they can get the lawers also the undertakers .these are the independent thieves in power ruling this country, the thives own this country they can do what ever they want when ever they want for as long as they want to who ever they want for as long as they want and they can do anything they want. No one to answer too.

  5. onlyme

    David,Linsay and all the rest of you, read HABAKKUH.