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Prime Minister Thompson’s new strategy for avoiding Integrity Legislation, FOI: “Private sector must be included in this legislation”

Government of Barbados guarantees failure of Integrity Legislation by including Ordinary Citizens!

A DLP insider reveals how David Thompson and his gang intend to sabotage Integrity Legislation and Freedom of Information laws by expanding the promised laws to include private citizens and corporations. This, of course, will throw a spanner into the works of any legislation. After if fails to pass due to public outcry, Thompson and his fellow piggies at the public trough will say, “Well, we tried our best.”

Writing in The Nation, Frank Da Silva says “Bring on integrity law“, but then slides in the big bombshell like it’s a positive, not what it truly is: the core strategy to kill ITAL (Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation). Says Da Silva…

“All of this must of course include the implementation of the campaign promise for all ministers, selected public servants and others who are doing business with our Government, to ensure there is a declaration of assets to the Integrity Commission (to be established).”

And just to let us know that it’s not Mr. Da Silva’s ideas were reading, he lets us know that it’s Prime Minister David Thompson speaking…

“(I, Frank Da Silva) support our Prime Minister’s remarks at the last family gathering that the private sector must be included in this legislation.”

Citizens get it: David Thompson and the DLP Lied

In Opposition, David Thompson promised "immediate" conflicts of interest rules for Ministers. He lied.

In Opposition, David Thompson promised "immediate" conflicts of interest rules for Ministers. He lied.

Over two years ago David Thompson and the DLP were finally dragged kicking and screaming towards Integrity Legislation by an electorate that demanded a stop to the corruption and outright theft of public funds by politicians. Thompson and the party promised in writing to take some very specific integrity initiatives immediately upon election and then introduce other very specific initiatives, including legislation,  within 100 days of forming a government.

Some of these integrity initiatives, like a Ministerial Code that included conflict of interest standards, did not require legislation – only a declaration of government policy. For instance, Thompson promised to introduce conflict of interest standards that would prohibit Ministers from issuing government contracts to companies they owned themselves.

Thompson could have, and should have, announced the policy on his first day in office. What suckers we were!

It all seemed like a very good start and we almost believed Thompson until the end of his first month week in office when we realized that once again the political class had pulled one on the citizens who believed in them.

Face it folks, we believed David Thompson and the DLP, but we were lied to by the best.

This latest revelation tells you everything you need to know about Integrity Legislation, Freedom of Information, Conflicts of Interest standards and the Ministerial Code. It is difficult enough to implement ITAL upon an unwilling class of political elites. Throwing in a requirement that the little contractor who wants a government contract has to list assets and open up to an audit is GUARANTEED to kill Integrity Legislation.

Thompson and the DLP know that. I dare say, so does Mr. Da Silva.

It’s all a set up folks. Nothing but a big set up so that when ITAL fails, the DLP can say they tried.

What foul LIARS the Prime Minister and his bunch are! They didn’t do what they promised in writing and now they deviously plan to screw the electorate again. The BLP Opposition can’t say a word because of everything that’s hanging over their own heads.

What a desperate mess we good citizens find ourselves in – but there is another way…


A Battle of Ordinary Citizens vs the Political Elites

Opposition dares not mention Integrity Legislation

Opposition dares not mention Integrity Legislation

Who are you going to vote for next time? Mottley? Thompson? Arthur? Marshall?


The political elites are all the same. We need ordinary citizens to stand as candidates with integrity as their platform. We need to strategically vote to remove power from the Political Class that has been raping this country like it was their own piggy bank for the past 20 years.

Frankly, I’ll vote for a dead cat before I’ll ever empower the BLP or DLP again.

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Here is the Nation article by Da Silva. Please go to the Nation to read it because they deserve your visit. We only include it here because both the Nation and the Barbados Advocate have a habit of revising history by trashing or changing archived articles…

GUEST COLUMN: Bring on integrity law

Published on: 10/16/2009.


THE FOLLOWING is an excerpt from a column published on Friday, February 20, 2009, in the WEEKEND NATION. This excerpt is even more relevant today than it was at that time:
My political experience has told me that the best platform for good governance is one in which there is a strong and active opposition party. Our Government should take this as impetus to perform at the highest level of excellence on all fronts. And I believe they will. Continue reading


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