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Barbados Auditor General: Owen Arthur – Mia Mottley Government stole land and profits from the people of Barbados

UPDATED: February 15, 2011

We’re reminding everyone of this story for a reason: The Arch Cot Inquest resumes on February 17, 2011 and BFP is about to publish an article showing how government corruption in land dealings contributed to the deaths of five members of the Codrington family.

Nothing changed with the election of the DLP Government in 2008. The piggies are still feeding at the trough – just a new group of piggies, that’s all.

Original Story published October 15, 2009…

“On two occasions, lands for which the infrastructural development was funded by the Corporation were placed under the control of private developers for allocation to potential buyers. There was no clear benefit for the Corporation from this course of action. With applications in excess of 24,000, there was no benefit in allowing private developers to allocate land, without any stipulations about whom the land should be sold to.”

… from the report of Auditor General Special Audit of the National Housing Corporation (available at the Auditor General’s website here)

(Sure, no benefit to the corporation – but many benefits to friends of the BLP government!)

How crooked BLP politicians and their friends ended up with public land for cheap!

How the Thompson DLP Government will protect the guilty! Continue reading


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Friday is Barbados photo day! (Let’s help out Ingrid)

Ingrid Persaud

I am thinking of collaboration in all its many facets. It is about ‘working with’ but the who and the why remain vague. Shall we experiment over the web and come together to make something none of us can make alone?

The proposal is simple.

On Friday 16 October at 12 noon you take a photo with your phone camera and email it to me.

The photo can be of anything or anyone or yourself.

My email address is ingbgi@gmail.com

I will collage the photos into one (hopefully interesting) image that will be posted for all to download.

All it takes is a minute to be part of art-through-web-collaboration.

Looking forward to your pictures from around the globe.



Notes from a Small Rock


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United States IRS to expand Barbados office and others. Looking out for American tax cheats

Welcome to the new world where Barbados is forced to allow increased numbers of American IRS tax investigators to work and investigate freely on our island.

Just because the US says so.

Our government can’t say “no” because you know what would happen.

Well, that’s what President Obama promised he would do if elected, and he’s done it. Hmmmmm… at least there’s one politician who keeps election promises!

Too bad it isn’t our Prime Minister.

IRS to Add Staff to Barbados Office

CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Oct. 15, 2009: As the Internal Revenue Service steps up its focus on tax cheats in overseas countries, the agency yesterday said it will boost staff in its Barbados office.

As part of its efforts to step up monitoring of Americans with off-shore accounts who avoid paying their taxes, the IRS said it intends to hire more than 800 new employees in the next year and add staff to eight existing overseas offices, including Barbados.

Meanwhile, with the deadline looming today for Americans with overseas accounts to reveal them to the IRS, Commissioner Douglas Shulman on Wednesday said over 7,500 Americans have come forward so far, revealing accounts ranging in value from $10,000 to more than $100 million in the Caribbean and several other regions including Antartica.

… read the full article at CaribWorldNews.com


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