Sentencing coming for key accused in VECO corruption scandal – but Barbados never asked US Authorities for Barbados corruption evidence.

FBI seized millions of VECO financial records showing bribes paid to corrupt politicians. Barbados doesn't want to see them!

FBI seized millions of VECO financial records showing bribes paid to corrupt politicians. Barbados doesn't want to see them!

VECO’s Bill Allen going bye-bye

This is just a short note this morning before I head off to bed. (How I hate nightshift).

Remember VECO out of Alaska? The company was disbanded and sold off after it turned out that for the last three decades they had obtained government contracts all around the world through the simple means of bribing politicians. We’re not talking about a slip or two by a sub-manager in a foreign country, we’re talking about a standard operating procedure by a company that was started and built upon corrupt practices.

Under the BLP and Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall, VECO built our oil terminal and our Dodds prison – the one with the $10,000 toilets and no transparency or open bids. ($10k per toilet? Yup… our sources tell us that’s what we paid for them after they came through a “handling company” in Miami.)

But the BLP were smart enough to spread the wealth around so that if and when they were defeated by the DLP, the new government wouldn’t want to go there.

Started VECO Cover-Up

Started VECO Cover-Up

After the Alaska scandal broke, then Dale Marshall had a meeting with VECO executives for 30 minutes and announced “Nothin wrong in Barbados!”

That’s the last that Barbados heard about it.

Like we said, the DLP Thompson government doesn’t want to be forced into charging members of the last government with any offense because what comes around goes around.

So David Thompson lets the corruption stand without any transparency or accountability to the people of Barbados.

You want proof? Good. Here’s ours… maybe the current DLP Government will find the voice to reply…

Proof that the Thompson DLP Government does not want to know anything about VECO’s corrupt activities in Barbados:

Under Prime Minister David Thompson, no authorities from Barbados – including police, the DPP or the Auditor General – have ever asked the US Authorities for evidence concerning VECO’s Barbados operations that was gathered during the US investigations. Millions of documents and hundreds of hours of secret recordings were lawfully collected by US authorities during their operations. Barbados never even asked to meet with US Authorities – because all indications are that VECO’s financial records would show payments & “gifts” to Barbados officials and contracts to offshore suppliers owned by them.

And that tells the story, my children.

Anchorage Daily News: Sentencing for key bribe witnesses may be soon.

Further Reading that should Outrage Bajans

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7 responses to “Sentencing coming for key accused in VECO corruption scandal – but Barbados never asked US Authorities for Barbados corruption evidence.

  1. A Mottley Group

    UNDER the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) administration, more than 80 acres of Government-owned land were sold to private developers contrary to decisions of Parliament.

    And on two occasions, lands, for which the infrastructural development was funded by the state-run National Housing Corporation (NHC), were placed under the control of private developers for allocation to potential buyers.

    “There was no clear benefit for the corporation from this course of action,” said Auditor General Leigh Trotman, in a scathing “Special Audit” of the NHC – a copy of which was obtained by the NATION – covering the five-year period April 1, 2003 to March 31, 2008.

    “With applications in excess of 24 000, there was no benefit in allowing private developers to allocate land, without any stipulations about who the land should be sold to.”

    In addition to evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of the NHC, the audit examined the construction of houses, sale of units and of land. Special attention was paid to the NHC’s financial capacity in relation to its mandate of developing land and building units for sale or rental to low and middle-income people.

    The report cited the Kent, Christ Church joint venture project approved by Cabinet for three developers to provide housing for first time homeowners with each developer assigned 66 lots.

    On November 6, 2002, the report said, the NHC changed the arrangement and reduced the number of developers to two.

    NHC, in response, said it was done on a directive from the Ministry of Housing.

    After protracted negotiations failed to find an agreement on price suitable to it, the NHC terminated the talks.

    The report said criteria set by Cabinet in which negotiations broke down, the joint venture partners were to be paid for all work done and all lands returned to the NHC.

    “Rather than follow this criteria,” it added, “the corporation chose to offer the land for sale to the joint-venture partners. This arrangement was never approved by Cabinet.”

    The ministry approved the sale, and on July 22, 2005 gave the NHC permission to offer 53.95 acres to the partners for $16 million or $7 per square foot, with the monies used to build 56 units at Country Road.

    The Kent lands remained idle after six years, the report noted, and there were 198 applicants on the NHC’s 29 000-strong database who applied for lots but had not been considered.

    “The decision of Parliament was not adhered to,” the report stated. “It is not clear why the corporation would sell land acquired for its housing programme to a private developer.

    “It should also be noted that once land has been sold to a developer the corporation has no control of the purpose or use of the land.”

    The NHC, in response, suggested the Auditor General carry out further research on this “because Cabinet had also taken the decision to vest large parcels of land in the corporation for quick sale to generate funds to support its capital works programme”.

  2. BFP

    To a Mottley Group:

    Ho hum. Where are the charges? What rules were broken? WHO (name names!) did this?

    Again: Ho hum, tell us who is charged? What lawsuits have been launched to recover our assets?

    Ho hum…

  3. reality check

    “It should also be noted that once land has been sold to a developer the corporation has no control of the purpose or use of the land.”

    maybe yes, maybe no but Town and Country and the PM under both administrations have control.

  4. Johnny Postle @


  5. BFP

    … and Johny Postle… Yawwwwnnnnnning and pretending our voices don’t matter is one of the factors that led to the demise of the last BLP government. Which is why Mia wants to put paid to the blogs.

  6. Sargeant

    I seem to remember a story of some kind which surfaced after 9/11. I f memory serves the US Gov’t started to look at non residents who held US accounts with substantial balances in an effort to track where terrorist financing originated. I heard that the US Gov’t advised the B’dos Gov’t that there were a few Barbadians on the list. If memory serves I think that what was unique was that the Barbadians had assets which outstripped their income and I think that the PM said he would investigate and report to the people/public etc.

    Did the PM ever report? Does anyone know if there was an investigation? Will any report ever see the light of day?

    Or is all of the above simply speculation?

  7. Johnny Postle @

    BFP you have interpreted my yawn the wrong way. My Yawn is not a Yawn of nothing will happen and does not relate to the blogosphere. It is moreso at the current administration who continues to dig the dirt but flirt with the facts for fear of reprisal.

    Mia has a right to fear the blogs. She knows fully well, just like the Right Honourable Prime Minister, that the days of hiding facts behind rhetoric, articulation and deceit can no longer prevail with the advancement of technology and a few disgruntled civil servants who now have an avenue to reveal the crap ministers and their circle of friends are engaging in.

    The blogs is clearly one way of keeping politicians on their p’s and q’s and by-george they would do anything to control or completely shut it down. Too bad my gorgeous Mia that you are not yet in a position to influence the blogs (well at least not yet). I thus ask you Mia (gosh this woman is beautiful) just be an honest politician and fullfil your mandate with integrity, transparency, accountability, greater femininity, increase facts, less articulation and skillful rhetoric, more engagement with poor people, become touched by the feelings of the peoples infirmities, and less fights, so that Barbadians can take your quest to be the first female premiere with some seriousness. Right now you getting some licks in your tootsie because many consider you to be a fraud and power hungry. At least you are looking a whole lot more feminine now that you are wearing more dresses. Girl you too good looking now go the gym and get that body in shape so I can drool over them curves and tight abs.