Barbados backs Toronto Canada’s bid for 2015 Pan Am Games

In a rare public endorsement, Barbados Olympic Association president Steve Stoute says it will vote for Toronto and encourage all 26 Caribbean members to support Toronto’s bid. Jamaica is the only other country to publicly back Canada’s bid. Last week Cuba announced it would vote for Lima, as will Aruba, Bahamas and The Netherlands Antilles.

… from the Toronto article Bogata Lima Toronto

It’s not about Sports – it’s about Tourism and Politics

Despite the Barbados Government talk of opening markets in South American for our tourism and economic development, when it gets right down to choices between future possibilities and reality, our support must go to Canada and that’s what we’ve done. With Canadians being the largest group of foreign investors in our economy there was no other choice.

If you read the article you’ll see that the contest to see who’ll get the 2015 Pan Am Games is a real horse-race and Barbados has placed its bet early.


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5 responses to “Barbados backs Toronto Canada’s bid for 2015 Pan Am Games


    as the man said: “you bets your money and you takes your chance.” !

  2. Sargeant

    If Toronto doesn’t get the Pan Am Games I don’t know what it will happen to the city’s civic pride. After all the City officials thought it was their turn to host the 96 Olympics over Atlanta because the US had just hosted the 84 Games. However I suppose they didn’t wine, dine and bribe the Olympic delegates as competently as the Americans did plus Coca Cola’s headquarters is in Atlanta so God knows what they paid for the Games.

    Anyway Canada and to a lesser extent Toronto got its revenge when Donavan Bailey kicked their butts in the 100 metres and then with his Caribbean crew destroyed them in the 4x 100 metres relay. The Americans never to be outdone then declared Michael Johnson the “fastest man on Earth” a title which was usually reserved for the 100 metre champion because someone concluded that Johnson ran his 200 metre at a faster rate than Bailey did in winning his 100 metres. Naturally the Canadians were upset that their champion was being denied the recognition that comes with being “the fastest man on earth” and someone came up with the idea of staging a match race between the two to settle the argument once and for all. They settled on a distance of 150 metres which they said would mean that no runner would have an advantage since Bailey’s specialty was 100 metres and Johnson’s 200 metres. The race was an anti climax since Johnson pulled up midway and Bailey won looking over his shoulder. During the post race interview Bailey declared on live TV “ I kicked his ass” which naturally shocked some Canadians unaccustomed to hearing those three letter words on TV, but it settled the argument once and for all. Nowadays of course I have heard the “f” word on TV and no one even blinks.

    During Toronto’s bid for the 96 Olympic Games, a grass roots organisation called “Bread not Circuses” campaigned against the Games, they felt that the City should not be spending so much money on sports at a time when there were many homeless and poverty stricken people in the City, so there were many loud protests whenever any Olympic delegate showed up, today there is hardly a whisper against the Pan Am Games, no one cares, it is not the Olympics it is seen as minor league. But then of course Vancouver has the 2010 Winter Games, could we hope for another “Eddie the Eagle’ or a Jamaican Bob Sled Team?

    But there is Hockey and the Olympics and the Canucks do love their hockey.

    Did you hear about how the first Newfie got to Montreal? He was playing Hockey on the St. Lawrence and he got a breakaway. ( You got to know about Canadians and Hockey to get that one).

  3. Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados)

    @Sargeant, Johnson’s time of 19.32 seconds for 200 metres is faster that Bailey’s 9.84 seconds for 100 metres, however you slice it. I think the US PR machine worked well, though. I wont go into the wining and dining, as the Americans have since done enough whining about the sudden upsurge of Jamaican talent in the sprints, and we dont want to remind them that it was there in the form of ‘Canadians’ for quite a while 🙂

    But, from another point of view, and I am not complaining personally, Canada has the luxury of bidding for Winter and Summer Games, and now that Brazil seems to be the venue of choice for the ‘south’ we can see that the playing field is less than level.

  4. jdid

    As a Toronto resident I’d say the average person here could care less about the Pan Am games bid. I think most of us have realized the whole world class status of Toronto is just a bunch of hogwash. Toronto USED to BE world class but now its just an aging beauty trying to get by on previous good looks. Maybe the Games will push the development or rather upgrade of some of our aging infrastructure. That said I aint really for no big tax increase for any one off games. forget that! And I think my stance would be echoed by many if not a majority here. We have real morons running our city and real problems that affect our populace on a daily basis, we dont need to be wasting limited resources on no bleeping games.

    Regarding Canadian tourism it would be helpful if the Barbados tourist board was actually advertising and marketing their product here. I mean I see tonnes of ads for Jamaica and the Bahamas etc but when’s the last time you’ve seen an ad for Bim here. Most of the Canadians coming to Barbados have been coming for a long time or are returning Nationals or have family who came years ago and suggested it. All the young folks going to Cuba and Dominican these days. Time to step up the game Barbados.

  5. Jack Bowman

    That might be true, BFP. But never forget, even if it mystifies you:

    “Hopefully, interpretations will be within a Caribbean context rather than a vanilla approach being adopted, based on the text in the case submissions, with little knowledge of the background and culture, in which circumstances in the relevant case have occurred.”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, and my banana tree couldn’t have said it worse. You have to be really dull to write a paragraph like that. I suppose I’m supposed to apologise for having said that. I won’t.

    The quality of your thinking is reflected in the quality of your writing. If you can’t write properly, you can’t think properly. It’s deeply sad, but that’s simply the way it is.