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Barbados backs Toronto Canada’s bid for 2015 Pan Am Games

In a rare public endorsement, Barbados Olympic Association president Steve Stoute says it will vote for Toronto and encourage all 26 Caribbean members to support Toronto’s bid. Jamaica is the only other country to publicly back Canada’s bid. Last week Cuba announced it would vote for Lima, as will Aruba, Bahamas and The Netherlands Antilles.

… from the Toronto Sun.com article Bogata Lima Toronto

It’s not about Sports – it’s about Tourism and Politics

Despite the Barbados Government talk of opening markets in South American for our tourism and economic development, when it gets right down to choices between future possibilities and reality, our support must go to Canada and that’s what we’ve done. With Canadians being the largest group of foreign investors in our economy there was no other choice.

If you read the article you’ll see that the contest to see who’ll get the 2015 Pan Am Games is a real horse-race and Barbados has placed its bet early.


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