William Kamkwamba – Building windmills from garbage, hope from nothing

In Malawi a 14 year old boy named William Kamkwamba built a windmill from scrap pulled out of rubbish bin and for the first time brought electricity to his home.

William was forced to drop out of school when his family couldn’t afford the US$80 a year fees, but that didn’t stop his learning or his ambition. That first windmill was the start of a great adventure that eventually took him to the USA and back to school on a scholarship. He authored a book and is the subject of a documentary film.

You must see the trailer for the film (above) and read his story on the BBC News: Malawi windmill boy with big fans.

All it takes are dreams and hard work. After watching the video, I won’t even include luck. Dreams and hard work are what did it for William.

Thanks to our old friend Hants for bringing this to our attention

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