The Failure of DLP and BLP Governments to protect Bajans from dangerous & drunk drivers

Former Transport Minister Gline Clark, Former Useless Attorneys General Mia Mottley & Dale Marshall

Former Useless Transport Minister Gline Clark, Former Useless Attorneys General Mia Mottley & Dale Marshall

Successive Barbados Governments all talk as drunken road slaughter continues

The first job of government is to protect the citizens, and successive BLP and DLP governments have failed to protect the citizens when it comes to people who drink and drive.

Six dead at the Joes River tour bus crash, four more dead in the Emancipation Day crash and others. But in these and other serious crashes since, aside from an autopsy, Barbados Police have no way of proving how much an involved driver has been drinking.

That is because our government has been negligent in providing the legal structure and the equipment that the police need to protect us all.

… from the BFP article Barbados Bus Crash Injures 59 – Police Cannot Determine If Drivers Had Been Drinking

The Barbados Labour Party had three terms and 14 years to deal with the slaughter on our roads and they did nothing. Barbados has no effective anti-drinking and driving laws. Short of a driver being falling down drunk, our police have no recourse because there are no laws to enforce. Even with a mass traffic death our police have no law to compel a driver to prove their sobriety, and no equipment even if such laws existed.

As Transport Minister in 2006, Gline Clarke talked about banning the use of cell phones while driving and of introducing breathalyzer laws and equipment. Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall both promised to introduce breathalyzer laws – but those promises were only words that came up every time we had a mass road death.

Nothing by shite talking, for sure.

As a matter of fact, let’s change the photos to reflect reality, shall we? Here is a photo of the three promising to do something about the road slaughter…

BLP Drunk Barbados 5

There. That’s a much truer picture of these three who pretended to care, who pretended to be doing something about the road slaughter. They are LIARS who promised breathalyser laws and hands-free cell phone laws for drivers. Check out their own BLP blog if you don’t believe us!

Now let’s look at the current bunch of do-nothings.


Minister of Public Works and Transport John Boyce has had almost two years to implement breathalyzer legislation and other needed changes to the road traffic regulations but has done nothing. Oh ya, in the weekend papers Boyce says he’s “talking” about changes with the police.

That’s nice.

That’s also what Mottley and Arthur and Clark and Marshall said once a year every year.

I guess it must be that time of year with the DLP government because they talked about these changes last year too.

Attorney General Freundel Stuart, Prime Minister David Thompson and Transport Minister John Boyce have blood on their hands and instead of action we see more of the same promises that we’ve been seeing from successive governments for two decades.

You can believe Stuart, Thompson and Boyce if you want to. I’d love to be proven wrong – but I don’t believe a word they say anymore.

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12 responses to “The Failure of DLP and BLP Governments to protect Bajans from dangerous & drunk drivers


    It is quite obvious why drunk driving has not been dealt with in Barbados. Some persons who would be affected by the law are some of the same people who would be responsible for having the law passed that would incriminate them.

    So you will not see any testing for DUI anytime soon.

  2. Hants

    Marcus an Cliverton wanna seh wanna does get drunk pun friday nights sometimes.

    Who does drive drive wen wanna got up wanna likkers?

  3. Johnny Postle @

    Hahaha what is that stuff coming out of those Politicians mouths. It is absolutely disgusting….yucccccccccccccccccccck what the uckkkkkkkkkkk

  4. Hants


    “The federal government is considering tough new legislation that would allow police to perform random breathalyzer tests on drivers, whether they suspect the person has been drinking or not.”

    BFP would love this in Barbados.

  5. peltdownman

    Ever heard of a designated driver? It happens everywhere that there are drink/driving laws. When seat belts were made mandatory in Barbados, people like you were screaming. Now everybody does it as a matter of course. Why? Because they know that it makes them safer. If you or one of your loved ones is killed or seriously injured by a drunk driver, what are you going to say? How about what I heard once from a young man after a truck had killed someone on Highway 2a: “It wasn’t his fault, he was drunk”

  6. de gap

    “Laws Laws everywhere”

    No new legislation is required for the RBPF to set up random road blocks and do spot checks in high risk areas. We need the police to start doing their job not more laws that will be ignored.

  7. huh?

    newsflash: The BLP lost the election! Why are you kicking a dead dog BFP?

    Focus on getting the current crop of idiots to do something.


    BFP says,

    News flash to you… simply switching back and forth from one bunch of liars to the other bunch of liars is not democracy, nor is it good for the country. We will continue to remind folks that BLP = DLP. There’s no difference really!

  8. FACTS

    The “thing” you have coming out of the politicians’ mouthes is disgusting and revolting. I believe it is below your status.

    Please remove it.

  9. BFP

    Hello Facts,

    Yes, the bull dung emanating from their mouths is disgusting AND revolting, isn’t it? Yet, I find it far less disgusting AND revolting than the lies and pretense of these people when they were the BLP Barbados Government.

    Do you have a complaint about them at all, or is your complaint strictly against Cliverton’s (ahem) “art”?

    As to “below” our status? Ahhhhh, I don’t know how to answer to that. 🙂

  10. FACTS

    Yes, my compliant is about the “art”, which is super-revolting!

    Despite their obvious “shortcomings”, I believe one can still show a little respect (to your bloggers).

  11. Horrified and Saddened

    Please read tomorrow news on events of today.

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