Dear Prime Minister – Your promises got you a shot, but you’re blowing it

When you lack accomplishments on your own, you have to feed off the success of others.

When you lack accomplishments on your own, you have to feed off the success of others.

DLP delivers Circuses to the Barbadian masses

“Immediately introduce integrity legislation requiring

• a declaration of assets by public officials,
• a Code of Conduct for Ministers,
• a new Freedom of Information law,
• amendments to the Defamation laws and
• new constitutional provisions to rationalise
the powers of the Prime Minister.”

… from the DLP’s 2007 “Pathways to Progress” election manifesto

These things which were used as political bait and ammunition to differentiate the DLP from the BLP have ..what’s the term.. ah yes.. fallen by the wayside (if you read this Ryan Brathwaite, take note buddy), in favour of lavish celebrations, promises of support, ambassadorships, and sports and youth policies, while elected officials who no one can catch nary a sight of since the election, get fat doing NOTHING for our money.

I will not touch the cost of living, roads, or jobs right now. I may well be charged for inciting riot.

The PM would like to think that these memorable events will count as having proven his worth come election time, but they will not. The youth vote came out last year in a BIG way. It will come out again, just like last year, armed with facts and a scorecard with many incompletes and absent MPs.

The DLP will get a rude awakening I believe. Right now I cannot say they will lose, but articles like this will continue to be written every month, every year, especially in light of proclamations which spit in the face of poor people who are in need. (see the article in the Nation with the crowd outside of the Welfare office).

People aren’t stupid, and promises may get you a shot, but that’s it.

The voting youth run tings now and they don’t need your cornbeef, even the yardfowls have diversified their diets to include some truth. They will be persuaded by results.

You have precious little to show thus far Mr. PM…

… from The Good, The Bad & The LOL article Doing Nothing Never Looked So Good

Photo of Ryan Brathwaite from our friend at Cheese on Bread blog


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22 responses to “Dear Prime Minister – Your promises got you a shot, but you’re blowing it

  1. Andre

    BFP, I love the photo caption. So true, so so true about this government.

  2. Donald Duck, Esq

    Remember the items that were going to be acted on immediately and within 100 days. Here is just a reminder with the relevant page numbers from the manifesto. I leave you all to ponder about what has been acted on.


    Labour rights legislation (page 36)

    A new DLP government will move to immediately enact a comprehensive national Labour Rights legislative compendium which will include the following:

     A Full Employment Rights Act
     An Alternative Disputes Settlement and Arbitration Committee
     A Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Act
     National minimum wages legislation
     Legislation fully recognizing Trade Unions.

    Approval of capital account transactions (page 25)

    Immediately review the current Central Bank procedures for approving capital account transactions with a view to simplifying and speeding up the approval (or denial) process for restricted transactions.

    Port charges (page 33)

    The DLP pledges to immediately re-examine the Port charges with a view to significantly reducing these to manufacturers as they consider them to be a burdensome cost. They say that tonnage dues are charged twice; – on raw materials when imported and again on finished products when being exported.

    Integrity legislation (page 48)

    Immediately introduce integrity legislation requiring

     a declaration of assets by public officials,
     a Code of Conduct for Ministers,
     a new Freedom of Information law,
     amendments to the Defamation laws and
     new constitutional provisions to rationalize the powers of the Prime Minister.

    Health issues (page 11)

    A new DLP Government will immediately embark on a health promotion campaign to sensitize the public to the dangers of unhealthy lifestyles


    Don’t forget the DLP promises to do the following in the first 100 days

     Introduce the Agriculture Protection Act that will require a 2/3 majority of both houses of parliament for a change of use of land from agriculture.

     Remove VAT from building materials on houses valued up to $400,000. ( the law has been passed for houses up to $150,000 but no one seems to know how to reclaim the VAT)
     convene a National Consultation on Education

  3. Hants

    Lest we forget.

    A $750,000 cheque which was given to Owing After.

    3s Danos charged in the UK.

    Dodds costs hundreds of millions built by Veco owner corruption charges involving an Alaskan senator.

    The GEMs of a hotel and resorts chain around a bottomless pit of wasted money.
    Hard wood,

    World cup cruise ship and hundreds of millions spent on an open cricket stadium.

    A billion dollars in debt.

    Lest we forget.

  4. Donald Duck, Esq


    Reflect on your message and correct where you know you have incorrect facts and inferences!!!

  5. passin thru

    BLP = DLP = BLP = DLP

    No difference. Different brands of the same ice cream. Vanilla and Vanilla.

  6. Hants

    @ Donald Duck, Esq
    Here are the corrections.

    Dodds,Veco , Stephens,Danos,3s,Kensington,World Cup 2007 Malik, GEMS,Hard Wood

    For Owen Arthur’s statement in the House of Assembly with regards to a cheque for $750000 Barbados dollars you can check the archives.

    For the mistake of a BLP minister stating the cost of the prison was not Barbados dollars but double the figure quoted check the archives.

    Since I doan live in Barbados I could be wrong so duh musse got some DLPs on this blog who can correct me on the facts and figures of the 14 years the BLP were in power up until Jan 2008.

    DLP supporters help muh nuh.
    Wanna caan leff muh to tek all de licks from DD esq. and BFP.

  7. Are you all members of the non resident constituencies? Are you prospective voters who are being courted and ministered to for your intervention in local elections?


    I would like to comment on this thread but I do not appreciate having my frigging comment moderated. I posted couple days ago and I ait see my comment yet andI am totally pissed off about that.


    BFP says,

    There is no comment from you in the spam bucket and none have been moderated so it’s one of those computer glitches I guess. You should always keep a copy of any major comment so you can cut a and paste if it doesn’t show up.


    Answer this qustion


    No one gets a 100% in any Examination all the time.
    Does that mean that you are going to throw them away for a few infractions.

    All the crap that you are talking and accusations you are making——-unemployment was down and foreign reserves were up.

    The BLP ministers were getting this country run after rescuing it from the same place the DLP is taking us back to when they were in control during 1991 –94

  10. Donald Duck, Esq


    Go and check your facts again. do tell us also where the figure of $750,000 orginated from. Is it your inflated ego that enables you to add on zeros!!!

  11. Hants

    ok DD Esq.

    why don’t you tell us how much. $75000?

    That can still buy a good few bottles of ESAF.


    I did not expect that DLP -ites would be able to answer the question –

    I will keep asking the question whenever I see and hear people talking crap.

  13. Rocco

    Barbados 37th on the UN HDI.

  14. Johnny Postle @

    I like the way how BFP obligates itself to reminding the blogosphere community of the ills, isms, failings and alleged corrupt activity of the last administration; not failing to mention the unkept promises of the current one. Its like BFP knows or feels that if constant reminders are not posted, bajans will simply forget and be taken in by the front presented by these administrations, who make you believe that they are looking out for the good of the people.

    In recent times, I have taken a position that all politicians are dishonest to the bone. All politicians are liars and that all politicians will do and say anything to get your vote. That a life in politics is the easiest road to fame and fortune is a quest that requires the parting of moral values and ethics whilst depicting a show of immoral behaviour that says: BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

    It is sad thing when promises are made with the intention of not being kept and there is no reason given for their delay in coming. It leaves those who feel duped and fooled by the many promise-proclamations to take a stand against such unrighteous indignation, to bring the burden of proof to bear and those who have made the promises and not kept them, and a call for greater accountability in the manner of how politicians operate. Politicians in their arrogance depicts hehavioural tendencies that say I am above reproof or reprisal. If only the laws of our land were not respectors of persons then justice would not seemed to be so onesided. Be that as it may, politicians continue get away with ‘murder. The system was forged by their thinking and the passiveness of bajans not to lobby for change for fear of victimization or retaliation, was and is now a subjection measure that politicans used willfully to keep bajans subdued. Having the system of justice in their hands and the subdued nature of bajans in the next how could one fight against a system and win.

    I feel that it is time a stance be taken against those who benefit in the political life as well as those who use their status to persuade for corruptive means. However I know such a stance will never be taken by bajans and so we all have to hide behind internet blogs and make our feelings known lest we become the victims for expressing or right to freedom of speech.

  15. Rocco

    Well said Johnny P! Seems that some see promises as an inconvenience to get what they want, rather than a committment made.

    We have indeed become a victim of greed and suffer from the malady of money and power at any cost, and this goes to some in the private sector as well.

    I see incompetents get ahead and strut about, because of connections, while real quality people miss opportunities.

    This is in both public and private sectors. It is sickening to see some of the jokers in the papers regularly, whom are no more than blowhards.

    But, we have become ‘little North America’, instead of ‘little England’.

    So what do you expect?

  16. Hartley Henry

    Hants….let the BLPites wallow in their own mess !

    They well know whether it was $ 750,000.00 0r
    $ 75,000.00..!

    The good news for them ……is that there is plenty more coming !

    I am now putting together the video clips…..of the additional muck we the DEMS found after the 2008 general elcetions…!

    About the revelations…..Owen Arthur gine drink a barrel of ESAF…!

  17. Donald Duck, Esq


    Don’t take another 3 years to reveal all, do it now!!!


    Owen Arthur is a better Prime Minister and a more sensitive and compassionate man than Hartley Henry and David Thompson put together. All this crap that Owen did and did not do and how wunnah better is not making this country any better. Wunnah just about winning the next election and whatever lie or impression wunnah can use , you will use while at the same time destroying BARBADOS.

    -Cost of living was supposed to come down !.


    Answer this qustion


  20. BFP

    Calm down, Mr. Arthur. (Kissmya)

    It’s ok. Everyting’ gonna be fine.

    If you’re a little agitated because the sun isn’t yet over the yardarm, well, try a little pick-me-upper for breakfast. Bound to calm down your disposition!

  21. gadfly

    Are you surprised that they never kept their manifesto promises? We were promised that the sitting parliamentarians would hold regular town hall meetings to update constituents on the developments in the constituencies. So far none has been held.
    Far from keeping this promise, several of the MPs cannot be reached on their phones.
    What can you expect from a group of parliamentarians who never had any record of involvement in their communities prior to entering elective politics.
    They are a collection of uncaring individuals.

  22. gadfly

    Certainly Prime Minister David Thompson is unfamiliar with the ethos of the secondary educational institution he attended in Barbados, having been born in the impersonal environment of London, England.
    Boys attending Combermere School during the 1950s and 60s would have benefited from the inculcation of such lofty ideals as truthfulness, self-lessness, community spiritedness and Godliness.
    At that time we were all sons of working class parents who were drawn from impoverished districts across Barbados. At all times during our adult lives we sought to offer a “hands-up” to the less fortunate in our immediate communities and the wider society.
    Perhaps, one of our more illustrious students, the late Sir Frank Worrell held fast to these ideals when he reloacted to Jamaica at the height of his cricketing career and turned for Boys Club which was located in the depressed West Kingston area. It was claimed that he gave these youths hope in an otherwise bleak social environment. It must be remembered that he could have played for any of the elite teams in Jamaica.
    Thompson on the other hand seems to be a cynical social Darwinist who believes that the devil should take the hindmost. Such a philosophy is alien to most Combermerians who themselves were part of the hindmost of Barbadian society.
    How else do you explain his behaviour during the 2008 general election and since? He made many wild promises to Barbadians which he knew could not be fulfilled. He rallied several poor, but intelligent young men around the party and since then has failed to assist them in anyway.Persons who assisted his party in erecting those huge billboards across the island have been shunted aside in favour of members of the white business community. Sadly Thompson now rides a tiger from which he cannot dismount lest he be eaten. People right across Barbados who voted for the DLP are now expressing dissatisfaction with the poor quality of representation being offered by DLP representatives.
    This behaviour explains why I am suggesting that the time has come for Barbados to have its first female Prime Minister in the person of Miss Mia Mottley. Women, because of their physiological make-up are known to be more caring than their male counterparts. Medical research has shown that the secretion of estrogen during their child-bearing years develops those motherly instincts in women. These motherly instincts can be used to create a more humane society in Barbados.
    In addition, History has shown that most of the major social reformers in the world came from social backgrounds similar to Miss Mottely’s. She has been there and done that, so that elevation to high political office holds no special attraction for her. Her sharp intellect also places her in the category of the philosopher/ Queen. She is eminently qualified to be the next Prime Minister of Barbados.