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Something must fundamentally wrong with the marketing of Barbados in North America

“Even with selling the ‘product’ below cost, we simply seem incapable of sustaining desirable airlift.”

… Adrian Loveridge in the September 22, 2006 BFP article Why is Barbados’ Marketing to American tourists failing?

Jet Blue and other carriers bring tens of thousands of new seats to Barbados. Will we fill them?

jetblue barbadosIn 2005 the Barbados Tourism Authority spent over US$40 million in a failed attempt to attract US tourists to Barbados. Flash forward to 2009 and we have the Tourism Minister all excited about the expansion of airlift capacity from the USA, but aside from Adrian Loveridge we haven’t heard any concern about the BTA’s ability to put tourist bottoms in those seats.

I came across a Barbados Free Press article written by Adrian Loveridge over three years ago and for the life of me, I’m unable to point out any significant changes in the way the BTA does business in the USA since that article was written in September of 2006.

Have a read of the article and maybe someone out there from the BTA can provide some encouragement – and some real numbers about how we’re doing.

BFP, September 29, 2006 – Why is Barbados’ marketing to American tourists failing?


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Richard Cox passes on

Head of news at the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation Richard Cox passed away yesterday after an illness.

The Barbados Advocate’s Sunday edition has the story.


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