Where did Denis Lowe get the money to pay for this Barbados Advocate advertisement?

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The Public has no right in law to monitor any government expenditures – Once elected, MPs do as they wish

The simplest questions are often the most awkward – but only if you have to answer them. Dr. Lowe and our other elected representatives don’t have to answer questions about money, so why should they worry? With zero transparency and accountability required of government officials, Barbados Members of Parliament don’t have to be concerned about keeping financial records showing where the money comes from and how it is spent.

Barbados has no Freedom of Information laws, so unlike in many responsible democracies Bajans have neither the right in law nor the tools necessary to monitor how government officials spend our tax dollars. We were promised an FOI law within 100 days of the DLP’s election, but you know what happened to that and other promises of Integrity, Transparency and Accountability.

But back to our simple little question…

…where did Denis Lowe get the money to pay for the advertisement in today’s Barbados Advocate?

Did Minister Lowe pay for the advertisement out of his own salary? (As if!)

Did the money come from the DLP’s bank account. (I don’t think so!)

I’d have to guess that the money came from the taxpayers. That’s your money and mine that Minister Lowe used to congratulate the Sanitation Service Authority for 40 years of hard work.

How much money does Mr. Lowe spend on newspaper advertising? How much on meals and entertainment? How much on trips? Has he ever purchased any personal items using government funds? Any computers or clothes? Any books or supplies for his “home” office?

How much money does Mr. Lowe spend in a year placing advertisements in the Barbados Advocate? How much in the Nation? How much does the DLP spend in advertising with the Advocate compared with the Nation?

These are all valid questions. Citizens have a moral right to know how our tax dollars are spent, but thanks to the joint efforts of David Thompson, Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and a host of present and past politicians, there is no transparency or accountability concerning the discretionary spending of the government and individual elected members.

And that is exactly the way that Denis Lowe, Mia Mottley and David Thompson prefer it.

Your local MP?

Your local MP?

And speaking about Members of Parliament and money, we hear rumours that one or two MPs turn around and walk the other way when they see certain landlords and creditors heading in their direction.

With no accountability for official spending and everyone willing to extend credit to members of a newly elected government, it wouldn’t surprise us to hear that some elected members have dug themselves into a little hole with their personal finances. This, of course, opens the door to temptation as a Member of Parliament who is under personal financial pressure might be susceptible to “loans” from land developers or people who obtain government contracts.

As strange as it seems, elected Members of Parliament are free to take “loans” or “gifts” from people who do business with the government – because Barbados has no law against this activity. Prime Minister Thompson and the DLP government reneged on their promise to implement a code of conduct immediately upon taking office, but we don’t hear Mia Mottley and the BLP Opposition saying anything about it. Something about pots and kettles.

Rumours of a Fax from Dr. Lowe

You might want to read our piece from December 19, 2008 to remember a controversy that came and died and was forgotten…

BFP, Dec 19, 2008: Barbados Government Minister Denis Lowe Seduced By The Dark Side


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10 responses to “Where did Denis Lowe get the money to pay for this Barbados Advocate advertisement?

  1. Awww, BFP – Give the identity of the MP who’s dodging the arms of the debt collector? All they have to do is wait for Parliament to convene, right?

    As for Denis, heard he’s a real menace, pesters his staff but is doing nothing himself. Look at how quiet he is on Graeme Hall, this is another story you need to follow!

    By the way… Have you heard his last name is very true in certain quarters? May be more accurate to refer to the Dr as D-Lowe, you should ask how often he goes ‘fishing’….

  2. Hants

    Well I ent got nuh money so I using this Free press to congratulate the hard working members at de SSA.

    Happy anniversary SSA.

    BFP where is you post of “congratulations”? duh doan pick up wunna garbage tuh?

  3. reality check

    Good point Hants

    and any and all congratulations won’t cost the Barbadian taxpayer a penny or require a photo of the Minister taking credit for giving credit.

  4. BLP friend

    BFP you really are scratching the bottom of the barrel, you are an insipid and sad lot no wonder BU is getting more readership than you are getting you are really getting worse by the day


    One understands that David Thompson PM is attending the launch of another one of these Tourism Authority nonsense initiative titled the Barbados Family and Friends Club at Reading Town Hall, Berkshire, in the UK on the 1st. October.
    Just maybe the question that you have highlighted re Dennis Lowe MP and the spending of Bajan taxpayers dollars on advertising but also the wider and more central and critical issue of the DLP regime’s transparency, and accountability may be raised by members of the audience.
    One of course can congratulate the Sanitation Service for their forty years of public service to the Bajan populace.But when such an advert is accommpanied with a prominent photo of the minister it becomes political propaganda.
    This was not merely about a thank you to the workers of the service but also offensive and crude advertising for a third rate politician and his party paid for by hard working Bajan people. An example surely why David Thompson and his cronies and the other lot in opposition will have to be dragged screaming and squirming into the House of Assembly to vote for a Freedom of Information Act.
    Those of us who care for our little island home, decency and honesty in politics must keep the fire in the forge. Our politicians and bureaucrats who do wrong must be exposed to the full glare of public scrutiny everytime.
    They can be no hiding place for this parasitic class.

  6. J

    BFP wrote “one or two MPs turn around and walk the other way when they see certain landlords and creditors heading in their direction.”

    Maybe these landlords need to learn from Ronja Juman’s landlord how to effectively collect their rent.

  7. akabozik

    Maybe the Dirextor of Public Prosecutions was praying for forgiveness last week in church with Dottin.

  8. Lady Anon

    MPs get paid a salary too, don’t they? Remember Kerrie Symmonds saying that his $10,000 salary per month was not enough?

  9. just-hey

    Congrats to the men and women who do alot of the physical hard work within that ministry, the management could really do better, and link with the SJPP and get some more WORKING trucks on the road, pick-up does be too far and in between too often esp. in urban areas. and that is one simple idea from a “lil ole” me dat aint went to no college/UWI.

    nb; “ppl like to much piggy back riding bout hey”


    Is this the same Denis Lowe that they say cause the reshuffle wen he sen de text from cabinet n ask for the money after the approval of a certain contract

    Look Out