The Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Franchising Presentation with Regional Expert Mario Sabga-Aboud: Wednesday September 30th

BCCI President Glenda Medford

BCCI President Glenda Medford

Franchising – A Catalyst for Economic Development

There are strong and opposing views in the Barbadian business community over the granting of a licence to open a franchise of the American fast food chain Subway in Barbados. Some members of the business community object to Subway setting up shop citing the threat of job security during an economic recession as one reason.

Nevertheless, Barbadians like several of their CARICOM neighbours are no strangers to including fast food in their diet.  Indeed, over the years a number of well know outlets have sought to make their stake on the local market only to pull up stakes shortly thereafter.

Yet many view franchising as an attractive investment option, since a few Barbadian entrepreneurs outside of the food industry have franchised their operations across the region and beyond and continue to reap success.

Pizza Boys CEO Mario Sabga-Aboud

Pizza Boys' Mario Sabga-Aboud

The Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry is facilitating discussion between the differing viewpoints with a Special Presentation from Mr. Mario Sabga-Aboud, Chairman, Pizza Boys Group of Companies as he addresses the topic ‘Franchising – A Catalyst for Economic Development’ creating opportunities for a very enlightening and stimulating dialogue on Wednesday, 30 September 2009 at 12 noon at Hilton Barbados.

Contact the Chamber to make your reservations now, seating is limited.

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7 responses to “The Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Franchising Presentation with Regional Expert Mario Sabga-Aboud: Wednesday September 30th

  1. Blp

    Send an invitation to the owners of cheffete.

  2. reality check

    Barbados has a huge health problem with high fat diets. Subway actually has some of its food directly tied to low fat, high fibre meals and Subway might be one company that is deserving of an opportunity to help improve Barbados health and medical problems.


    well, Reality Check said it before I could ‘put pen to paper.’ Bajans have become obese and unhealthy thanks to the ‘fast food’ companies ALL of which offer up the same greasy and hiogh glycemic fare.

    If Subway is going to offer healthier alternatives there can only be a positive result. Maybe the local fried chicken places will upgrade.

    I would like to think the Govt had in mind the health of Bajans when they decided to grant a licence. But who knows…. $ $ $

    I also think any ‘special subsidies’ to the local food shops will never see the light of day. They have been poisoning our people and now they want help to continue their odious program. ? ? ?

  4. Analyzer

    I can’t wait to see how much they are going to charge for a sub. I had to pay BDS $27.00 for 2 subs at the new sub place in Wildey. That’s a bit ridiculous! I haven’t been back, I would have to really be in the mood for a sub to go back and pay that especially with money being so tight these days.

  5. Hants

    Subway sandwiches are ok. Hopefully they will lower the salt content given that Barbados has a serious problem with diebetes, overweight etc.


    hum interesting, cheffete object while constructing outlet number 14 at black rock

  7. yatinkiteasy

    A very beautiful TV commercial made for the BTA says that there are no big name fast food outlets here…its what makes us “Special”..will they have to change the words in the commercial?