Little Good Harbour getting ready for a Bajan Christmas

Little Good Harbour Barbados

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Andrew & Patricia Warden own and operate Little Good Harbour on our West Coast as a family-run hotel. “Family-run” means that they are hands-on people, not that you’ll think you’re still at home during a miserable Newcastle January, if you get my drift. I won’t bore you with the big names who frequent their place instead of the terribly pretentious and expensive Sandy Lane down the way. Suffice to say that you never know who you’ll meet at Little Good Harbour or their excellent Fishpot restaurant.

The Wardens prove that there is no need to pay through the nose for first class accommodation, service or cuisine. Their website is

A friend of a friend sent me the latest Little Good Harbour email and I’ve forwarded it to Barbados Free Press along with this little missive. I hope BFP will publish it.

Yours truly,

West Side Davie

BFP Replies

No problem WSD. We’re not in the business of advertising, but you cared enough to send it so no problem. Here it is as a jpg because we don’t publish PDFs anymore…

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17 responses to “Little Good Harbour getting ready for a Bajan Christmas

  1. yeh yeh yeh de last time I eat dey my chest and belly burn me baddddddddddddddddddd

  2. reality check

    Had some excellent meals at he GH. Very good service.

  3. Hants

    So BFP how about a little plug for Peach and Quiet.

  4. Adrian Loveridge

    Thanks Hants,

    But Andrew, Patricia, Graham and Staff do a great job and are a wonderful role model for all that is good about the Barbados tourism industry.
    We are anxiously awaiting the opening of the new ‘Atlantis’ and my wife an I were only talking yesterday of hoping to have a short break there next year.
    Just think if the BTA ‘copied’ Andrew’s idea and emailed a virtual postcard to EVERY person that has visited Barbados before with something like ‘WE MISS YOU’ or ‘WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK?’.

  5. Rumboy

    Yes sir, I second Peach and Quiet,always a nice breeze blowing in and the sound of the waves acts better than any happy pill made.

  6. Sundowner

    The Fishpot is great, always get good food & service, can’t wait for them to complete the new Atlantis so we don’t have to drive so far!!

  7. Living in Barbados

    Just a general point/suggestion. Twitter and Facebook are good ways to get your hotels/restaurants out there with not much effort. Look at the Cobblers Cove entries, as examples: Weekend package for residents extended to mid December. Come celebrate your special occasion on the beach. .

  8. Living in Barbados

    If does not show up as a link just paste into a browser to see where it goes.

  9. Living in Barbados

    @Adrian Loveridge, the BTA was supposed to be using social media like Facebook. When I search for them on FB, I find a page that has 8 fans only! The last entries were August 11; in fact they seem to be the only entries. OK. Now that Crop Over is done, is that it?

    When you ask why progress is missing the answer is often not hard to find. This is another case of what the Minister of Tourism means of letting other people ‘eat our lunch’?

  10. Margaret

    I thought that BFP was so terrible and didnt have the interest of Barbados at heart. )or is that just BU propaganda?)

    Good thread. Keep it going!

  11. The Little Good Harbour

    The couple Andrew and Patricia Warden owns and operates
    Hands-on family-run hotel in the West Coast which creates
    Excellent Fishpot restaurant and comfy stays
    Life at the Little Good Harbour is the best these days
    It’s good to know of this quaint spot
    This gem amongst gems that Barbados has got
    There are lovely hotels South, North, East and West
    Little Good Harbour is affordable and one of our best
    Each time I think of going on vacation
    Getting flights and bookings, I think, why not go Bajan
    Overseas have little appeal to me
    Offers nothing better than our golden sands and crystal sea
    Day life is exciting and nightlife, well you know
    Has the greatest entertainment of any place I can go
    And with the world promoting “staycations” too
    Right here is where I’ll like to be with my special dou dou
    But the Wardens didn’t say if they cater to me
    Only mention the tourists and hinted about celebrity
    Under Adrian’s comment he was planning to go
    Relax at Little Good Harbour, ah wondah eff it’s who yah know

  12. Sundowner

    Oh Khaidja…………… you have a big chip on your shoulder or what? a group of us spent Christmas there a couple of years ago, (black/white/redskin) had a great time, you want a personal invitation or something?

  13. The Little Good Harbour Pt.2

    There is one thing apparent to me
    Here in Barbados we’ve got a luxury
    Euphoric pleasures around the land
    Luscious crystal blue sea water and golden beach sand
    It’s a pleasure to stay here for vacation
    Take the opportunity to enjoy this great nation
    Too many of us rush every day
    Lives are so complex we never stay
    Enjoy the things others pay for so dearly
    Going instead to foreign soil and only to see
    Other people’s homelands that they probably value
    Overseas trips to Europe, America, now Africa too
    Don’t we realize how many of our own spots
    Have great luxury if we would just join the dots
    All of the things we share with the tourists each year
    Represent a luxury for us too, out of season, if we care
    But instead like lemmings we are led far away
    Overseas by some travel agent for an extravagant stay
    Under terrible conditions where we seldom protest
    Right here we have Little Good Harbours better than their best

  14. Wood Dove

    Sundowner….are you so retarded that you can’t read when someone being paid a compliment, it seems as though you probably needs to spend some more time at the same hotel and examine your mind. I believe that Khaidji was complimenting the place and encouraging our own people to try a little piece of our paradise. You need to check the whole house that you have resting on your shoulder.

  15. crossroads

    Nice Khaidji Nice!!

  16. Sundowner

    Wood Dove, I was referring to the end of the first poem not the second.

  17. Wood Dove

    You miss a whole tribute to hold on to one line.