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There’s nothing like an exposed septic tank on the beach to impress the tourists!

"It makes me want to come back to Barbados for my next vacation too!"

"It makes me want to come back to Barbados for my next vacation too!"

Has Environment Minister Denis Lowe seen the exposed septic tank?

If Barbados’ Minister of the Environment hasn’t seen this, we’d have to ask “Why not?”

If he has seen it, we’d have to ask “Why hasn’t he done anything about it?”

Our friends over at Mullins Bay Blog have the story: Owner hits the Internet to clear up Kings Beach saga


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When there is a lack of will to punish wrongdoers, the world pays attention

UPDATED: June 10, 2010

Friends, we’d like to mention once again that we are well into the third year of DLP Government and not a single person has been charged with any corruption-based crime. Therefore, it’s not going to happen.

We told you that the two major parties had an agreement in place. We were correct.

Here’s an article from last year that might make you think about the song and dance you’ve been accepting from the DLP…


For almost two years now, David Thompson and his DLP comrades have been declaring that they will hold people “accountable” for wrong-doing.

The list of wrongdoings is long, and for the mostpart the main culprits are known. When we think of Hardwood Holdings, the Barbados Tourism Authority, Hotels and Resorts, Dodds prison, the dozens of major contracts let without tender and – most infamously – former Prime Minister Owen Arthur depositing into his personal bank account a (cough, cough) “campaign cheque” that was “accidentally” made out to him personally… Well, just how many instances of wrongdoing and law breaking do you want?

But as Barbadians have come to realise, not a single person will be charged by the government of Prime Minister David Thompson.

Not a single lawsuit will be launched to recover public monies that ended up in the accounts of members of the former BLP government and their supporters. Continue reading


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Freedom of Speech on the Barbados Blogs – Part 1: A journalist confesses to his sins…

Part 1 of our new series: Freedom of Speech on the Barbados Blogs

free-speech-signJeff Cumberbatch of the Barbados Advocate confessed to posting comments (HORRORS!) on two anonymous blogs: Barbados Underground and Barbados Free Press.

(That’s ok, Jeff! We’ve had government ministers posting on BFP – so don’t worry about it. Your secret is safe with us.)

The confession takes place in the latest Barbados Advocate on page 9 of the dead tree version and online at Musings: Free anonymous expression.

Mr. Cumberbatch has some thoughts about defamation and anonymous blogging and even if you don’t agree with everything he says, his article is worthwhile reading to get you in the mood for our new series of articles here at Barbados Free Press titled “Freedom of Speech on the Barbados Blogs.”

Roosevelt O. King touches off an important societal discussion

All of this latest discussion about the limits of anonymous blogging by Mr. Cumberbatch and others takes place in the context of three articles posted on Barbados Free Press about the online revelations of Mr. Roosevelt O. King, the Secretary General of BANGO: the Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organisations.

BANGO Secretary General Roosevelt O. King

BANGO Secretary General Roosevelt O. King

Mr. King posted information on Barbados Underground Blog concerning child prostitutes smuggled into the Caribbean. Barbados Free Press posted three articles about Mr. Roosevelt’s writings, but one of the three BFP articles was removed by WordPress.com for reasons that will come to light during our new series.

Today in our first article, we’d like you to read Mr. Cumberbatch’s thoughts at the Barbados Advocate. In our next article in the series we’re going to look people who blog about Barbados under their own names.

Now here’s the deal, folks… We’re going to copy Mr. Cumberbatch’s entire article here only because the Barbados Advocate destroys their online archives every so often. SO…. we want you to promise that you’ll head over to Barbados Advocate to read the article while it’s still posted there. Got that? Great!

Alright… go to the Barbados Advocate to read Jeff’s article…

Musings: Free anonymous expression.

Only if it’s not there, then you can proceed to read it here at BFP. Ok? The Barbados Advocate deserves the web hits so go read it there if you can, please!

If it’s not there anymore, ok… here it is… Continue reading


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