Rihanna’s Nipple Ring Photos are so obviously faked, PhotoShopped

rihanna-nipple-ring-500A number of readers have sent us photos of Rihanna that purport to show a pierced nipple with a ring as visible through a very sheer top. We examined several large resolution files and it seems obvious to even the most untrained eye that the photos have been manipulated by some PhotoShop-like programme to insert the highlights from a nipple ring. You can clearly see that the area in question has a different pixel structure than the surrounding area.

We’re no experts, but it seems obvious to us that this is a hoax. The poor girl has enough trouble without some idiot creating fake photos to make more trouble for her.

Here is our zoom-in @ 300% from the original file that can be obtained online here.

Look where the arrow head points as this is the border to the PhotoShopped faked section. You can zoom in by clicking the photos…

Rihanna Nipple Ring Fake


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13 responses to “Rihanna’s Nipple Ring Photos are so obviously faked, PhotoShopped


    Sorry Guys but that photo is 100% real it looks that way because it is a metal object under fabric. Time to realize she not a good girl anymore.

  2. Rumplestilskin

    Oh, give me a break. Even if it were real ‘she is not a good girl anymore’???

    What rubbish. Mean if she dressed like a nun and let loose behind doors, as many others do, she would be any better or worse?


  3. is it just me or is there something here disturbing about y’all spending time to zoom in on rhi rhi’s nipple at 300%.

  4. just-hey

    Do all these ppl she is an adult now and resonsible for ALL her actions…..stupes again !!!

    “leh she lone”

  5. Darian

    You actually analyzed the picture. This reminds me of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction nobody watching saw anything yet they all saw something.
    The wonders of Tivo and now photoshop.

    Anyways, Rhianna likes to show off her breasts.

    Give it a rest. Zoom in zoom out!

  6. Goldenbead

    As my kids would say….. Whatever!!!!

    She’s a big girl and can have nipple piercings if she wants. Not my cup of tea but up to her don’t you think??

  7. MEME

    That pic is 100% real…. this isn’t the first time she was photo’d in a sheer top revealing her nipple rings…..

  8. Nay Besa

    Sorry hun but the pic is real LOL never the less just giving you some bloggin lovin 🙂

  9. JoeBar

    If fake where is the originals ? You should find them

  10. Pixelization visible

    I see the pixelization visible in the enlargement. Whether the girl has nipple rings or not this photo has been worked on to fake it. Barbados Free Press is right.

  11. Crash

    hey ya’ll, im a young person 20yrs old, n i really dont dig nipple rings n alla that crap, but if thats wat she is into, rather it is fr sho biz or personal, its all really her choice, and i dont kno if the pic is a fake or not, but i kno she deff. has nipple rings, but wats the fuss, and gosh man u people are so gullable, Ri Ri is no good gurl, she dosent try to b, and she dosent want anyone to think so, she is just like anyother young person out there, and wat is her mum gonna hav a word with her and say??? the obvious yea, but do u think it will change anything??? she is doing wat she wants to and she has every right too

  12. robynRf

    that 100%. that’s even the same side she pierced. she have wore several other outfits showing her nipple. this happen after nude photos with chris brown was leaked. there’s nothing hide agn

  13. If she had a ring on her ass would u all show it too she is old enuff to wear what she want do what she want a lot of people in this country wear rings all over their bodies ‘ everyday its rihanna do this she do dat let the f—king alone pick on someone else pls