Mother Theresa, Rihanna and Robyn Fenty: Two of these people are gone…

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Ian Bourne has some thoughts at The Bajan Reporter. For what it’s worth, we see his point.


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14 responses to “Mother Theresa, Rihanna and Robyn Fenty: Two of these people are gone…

  1. Rumplestilskin

    An international star very often has two personas, the real one and the ‘star’ persona.

    It is a mistake to accept what we see on stage or in public as the ‘person’, albeit the ‘stars’ who get into trouble are the ones who themselves lose the distinction between the two personas.

    That said, I disagree with Airborne on this, as Rihanna is living a different life to the rest of us, the international photoshoot was what is seen as contemporary and upbeat ‘art’ and she has a right to invest as she sees fit, maybe it is even ‘seen’ as a wise investment, as it puts her in the ‘known’ bracket for posterity and marketing purposes.

    How do you know that she does not have a property here, is it even your business? It is not mine.

    Well done young lady, but keep your head on and keep a watch on your banking and accounts.

    Take some time to look at these yourself, if someone is doing these for you, have them go through them with you at least every month, if not two weeks, including checking your bank statements to what your books say.

    Too many entertainers have lost sight of their expenditures, spent too much and / or trusted the wrong people.


  2. Me.

    Well said, Rumplestilskin.

  3. FACTS

    Nothing intended, but it should be “Personae”, not personas.

  4. While I understand what you say Rumpelstiltskin, surely with investment home drums should beat first? Since she makes it known for her overseas purchase, then why not full ITA (no legislation, justIntegrity/Transparency/Accountability)?

    If her ‘lifestyle‘ is different, then why accept a post which means being a lodestar of influence towards Barbadian youth already seemingly unsure what path is righteous?

    If she could do this typical European shoot, then she shouldn’t have been upset when the nude photos leaked… Oh wait, she got paid by Italy’s Vogue, so it makes it art and not trash at that point, hein?

    Don’t worry then about young girls who say they wanna be just like her when they’re older – what a future to look fwd to…

    A crop of twenty-something Bajan girls who feel they’re loved only when they’re beaten and vehicles trashed, and the only way you can see ‘dirty’ pix of them is if you are an overseas publication who pays, wow.


    another shameless plug for the search engines eh bfp?

    What happened to the days when you got hits for substance rather than keywords?


    BFP says,

    Millions of people around the world have read what we have to say about the endemic corruption that plagues our political system and courts. We don’t care how they get here as long as they stay and have a look around – and they do. Barbados Free Press continues to attract the largest worldwide audience and will continue its mission until our citizens are able to shake off a class of political elites who care nothing for rule of law, integrity and freedom of information.

    OINK OINK to the DLP and BLP Piggies at the Trough.

  6. Hants

    BFP this blog is becoming mired in tabloid trash.

    Positive stories like “World Champion Ryan Brathwaite of BARBADOS” are omitted.

    But you post muck in support of Ian Bourne trashing Rihanna.

    It must be the effects of the garbage you were cleaning up.

    You are sliding down a slimey slope that appears to be filled with milk but no honey or molasses.


    BFP says,

    There is some truth that we are tabloid, Hants. Always have been as we want a larger worldwide audience. Sometimes it gets pretty negative because there is so much negative stuff happening in Barbados but nobody really reports on it and that leaves it to BFP.

    I don’t know what you’ll think of the latest Rihanna nipple ring story though, because we are defending and debunking what is out there.

    Thanks for your input though Hants. You wouldn’t be saying so if you didn’t care about this place.


  7. So whatever Rihanna does is wonderful, no matter what? You should join the GOP who bash Obama even if he invents the cure for AIDS…

  8. Hants

    Most of what she does is wonderful but she will make mistakes like all humans do.

    She should give up the Ambassador title and focus on her life as a Superstar to the millions outside of Barbados.

    Barbados has a lot of female role models for children including Lawyer and Opposition Leader Mia Mottley and numerous other Lawyers,Doctors and Calypsonians.

  9. Hants

    BFP you got “mentioned” on page 9 of the Advocate today. “Free anonymous expression”.

  10. Hants

    BFP read page 9 of the Advocate.

  11. Well that’s where we differ, if she’s right then cool but if she messes up then expect re-evaluation and not in any sugar-coated terms…

    At least we concur on the Ambassador thing. I suspect your last paragraph has more in the mortar than pestle but i won’t touch that one, hah!

  12. BFP

    Hi Hants,

    Thanks. Yes, saw that in the dead tree version. We’ll have something to say later. Way too much partying going on with the gang lately. We must behave ourselves better.

  13. PiedPiper

    BFP: What’s that ole expression? Damned if you do and damned if you don’t?

    When you do hard hitting seriously critical stories on political corruption, the RBPF, shady land deals, etc., you get criticized.
    If you do “fluff” pieces…….you get criticized.

  14. Rumplestilskin

    Ian, while I concur with your worry on impacts on the youth, Rihanna’s activities and the parents ability to advise against certain ways, are the least of worries.

    It is accepted that drugs are available freely in secondary schools, how do parents monitor and advise against that?

    How do parents explain the open lewdness and drunkenness of some displayed at CropOver?

    Some nightclubs are frequented by young teenagers, with parental consent. Such must include drink.

    Allegedly, according to newspaper reports, there have been videos portraying teenagers and sex, circulated amongst schoolchildren.

    Are all of these not worse than Rihanna showing some cleavage?

    Are all of these not indicative of serious issues in society needing to be addressed by same parents you speak of, rather than take aim at Rihanna, an oh so easy target, in the pastime of ‘pull de person down’?

    Yes, we all make mistakes, nothing unusual.

    There have even been leaders here who have behaved in ‘unusual’ manner, as we all know.

    In the best of intentions.