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Disciplinary Committee of the Barbados Bar Association prove they are as incompetent as the lawyer appearing before them

“Unfortunately, both (Attorney Balfour Layne) and the Disciplinary Committee laboured under a mistake of law that Mrs Henry’s action was statute barred against the Transport Board,”

Ya can’t make stuff like this up, folks!

Stupid-Lawyers-BarbadosAttorney Balfour Layne and all the big-name lawyers of Disciplinary Committee of the Barbados Bar Association didn’t know the law – which is pretty pathetic by any standard.

Yup, Attorney Layne had a complaint filed against him by an unsatisfied client named Glendene Henry who alleged that she hired Layne to sue the Transport Board for an injury and Layne didn’t start the legal action within the time mandated by the law.

The Disciplinary Committee of the Bar Association looked into it and agreed with the client – saying that the accident happened in January of 1997 and that the action should have been filed by January of 1998, instead of September of 1999 when Attorney Layne finally got around to filing it. Layne thought his goose was cooked and so did the big shots on the Disciplinary Committee.

Now it’s 12 years later and both Attorney Layne and the Disciplinary Committee just realised that the time mandated by law for filing the lawsuit was not one year, but three!

The lawyer actually filed within the correct time, but didn’t realise it – and neither did so-called lawyers on the Disciplinary Committee.

The bottom line is that Lawyer Balfour Layne walks free and doesn’t have to pay any damages to the client, who apparently lost her chance to pursue the action because no lawyer realised that the lawsuit as filed by Layne was, indeed, valid.

True to form, all the lawyers involved in this embarrassing debacle of justice will suffer no damage that can’t be repaired by a tonic and gin with the boys at the club.

Oh… you want to know what happens now with the client?

As usual, she is left totally screwed over by Barbados lawyers with no recourse.

Welcome to Barbados, folks!

* Notice to the Barbados Bar Association. If anything we’ve said is inaccurate, just email your reply to us or insert it as a comment and we’ll be happy to feature your reply with full prominence. Thanks!

You can read the original article at The Nation…

Attorney did nothing wrong

Published on: 9/19/2009.

ATTORNEY BALFOUR LAYNE will not be sanctioned for any allegations of misconduct brought by a former client because he did nothing wrong.

This was the ruling of the Court of Appeal yesterday which dismissed the application brought by the Disciplinary Committee of the Bar Association.

Arguments on whether he will be granted cost have been adjourned sine die.

Layne was before the court relating to a complaint brought by former client Glendene Henry. In January 1997, Henry was a passenger in a Transport Board bus and sustained injuries in an accident. She had retained Layne as her attorney in an attempt to seek compensation but had deposed that Layne had done nothing on her behalf and the claim against the insurance company became statute-barred.

The Disciplinary Committee recommended that Layne be reprimanded, made to compensate Henry, and sent the matter to the Court of Appeal. Continue reading


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Rihanna’s Nipple Ring Photos are so obviously faked, PhotoShopped

rihanna-nipple-ring-500A number of readers have sent us photos of Rihanna that purport to show a pierced nipple with a ring as visible through a very sheer top. We examined several large resolution files and it seems obvious to even the most untrained eye that the photos have been manipulated by some PhotoShop-like programme to insert the highlights from a nipple ring. You can clearly see that the area in question has a different pixel structure than the surrounding area.

We’re no experts, but it seems obvious to us that this is a hoax. The poor girl has enough trouble without some idiot creating fake photos to make more trouble for her.

Here is our zoom-in @ 300% from the original file that can be obtained online here.

Look where the arrow head points as this is the border to the PhotoShopped faked section. You can zoom in by clicking the photos…

Rihanna Nipple Ring Fake


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Clean Up Barbados – Where the Hell were the politicians?

No politicians at Browne's Beach. Where were they?

No politicians at Browne's Beach. Where were they? (photo by Dennis Jones, Living in Barbados Blog)

We were there. Auntie Moses was there. A whole lot of people were there bending and raking and picking up – including our friend Dennis from Living in Barbados Blog who put up some photos, a story and a video at Barbados Clean Up Day and International Beach Clean Up.

I didn’t see even one politician. No one I’ve talked with saw a politician. With the exception of the Prime Minister’s better half (Thompson is out of the country), no one has reported a Bee or a Dee bending and stooping anywhere in Barbados. They didn’t even show up for a photo op or we’d see them in the papers.

So, where the hell were they? Where was Environment Minister Lowe? Where was Mia Mottley?

Did we just miss them?

Tell us who you saw folks!


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Mother Theresa, Rihanna and Robyn Fenty: Two of these people are gone…

mother-theresa-rihanna x

Ian Bourne has some thoughts at The Bajan Reporter. For what it’s worth, we see his point.


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Thanks to God for my woman, and for my friends

Saturday night. The children are safe at home. (Thank you Auntie!)

We are with friends and watching Andrea Bocelli and Heather Headley on DVD. Dinner was magnificent, the wine is the best and my woman is my best friend. Life is good.

Thank you God.

See you tomorrow folks!


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