How many politicians will be out for Clean Up Barbados? (And we don’t mean just for the photo-op)

Clean Up Barbados

Did you spot a politician cleaning up? We didn’t see a single one.

(posted September 19, 2009, 3:25pm Bridgetown)

Kammie Holder*, one of the organisers of the Clean Up Barbados initiative happening today, Saturday September 19, 2009, has been offered a challenge that will see him BDS$300 richer or poorer.

If fewer than 3 politicians come out and get their hands dirty actually helping out today, Kammie is out $300. If 3 or more politicians come out and actually work, Kammie makes $300 on a bet.

We’ve heard that Mrs. Prime Minister will be out working, but I’m not sure if she counts as a politician.

So what do you think folks? Will more than 3 politicians come out and actually get their hands dirty? I think someone should tell Denis Lowe that standing around for photo-ops doesn’t count!

See our original story: ‘Clean Up Barbados’ needs more volunteers – BFP’s Auntie Moses will be there. How about you?

* While we believe Kammie Holder is the one who contacted us, we did not meet, nor does Kammie know our faces or our names.


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33 responses to “How many politicians will be out for Clean Up Barbados? (And we don’t mean just for the photo-op)

  1. Adrian Loveridge

    Good showing at Long Beach this morning with lots of cameras. Didn’t spot any politicians but our chef and myself were too busy filling bags.

  2. Nostradamus

    Reports coming in from the beach by Carib Beach Bar/St Lawrence area indicate that no ministers or politicians were spotted, not even for a photo op. Think the representative for that are is the Hon. John D. E. Boyce MP for Christ Church South. Maybe he is out of the island or had a prior engagement.

    Isn’t Long Beach area part of Dr. The Hon. Denis S. Lowe’s constituency as MP for Christ Church East? To be fair, maybe he is out of the island on one of his frequent junkets to various environmental conferences and talk shops.

  3. Fed up

    Perhaps Irene Sandiford Garner is acting minister of the environment today, since she is the acting minister of any ministry that has a current issue. She will definitely be out with the same famewhoring way she was monopolizing Ryan Brathwaite’s ceremony.

  4. Hants

    Yes Barbados. Clean up your environment especially since you have a new World Champion in RYAN BRATHWAITE.

    The home of a champion should be clean.

    BFP unlike some of your more reverred posters I like to see nuff celebrating of young people who become world champions.

    Thousands of Canadians mostly white paid to stand in the rain to see Usain Bolt at Varsity stadium.

    BFP you have disappointed me. No coverage of the momentous occasion celebrating the great man from st.Andrew.

    Barbadian world champion Ryan Brathwaite.

    I hope you continue to be a role model to Barbadian children.

  5. and the government?

    How about all the senior bureaucrats ( PS on down ) from Environment, Health and Education?

    Were they out today leading the way?

  6. Sargeant

    David T is supposed to be in Toronto today so he can’t be there to help clean any beach, perhaps that is why Mrs. T is lending her name to the campaign. Hopefully the other politicians will step up and do their part.

  7. reality check

    Colin Hutson would be proud that the Future Trust is following his legacy.

    He walked the walk.

    Too bad the politicians don’t yet get it after all this time.


    The people of BARBADOS have made up their minds as to who they will vote for in the next election. The DLP is worried and uncomfortable because things in Barbados have not gotten better. This is the most crucial point to be made .

    Bring baXk Owen.

    I can see the slogans now:


    -”VOTE BLP















  9. Living in Barbados

    No politicians or media in evidence at Browne’s Beach, but a great turnout of civic minded people from 5.30am, and a good amount of cleaning done.

  10. new party please

    Please God!

    neither BLP or DLP.

    Thats like a choice between death by fire versus death by drowning.

    None of the above thank-you.

    Of these civic minded people cleaning up the beaches, are there none, who are fed up enough to form their own Green Party?

  11. We Didn’t See A Single One

    When we went to the beach
    Eighty or more passers by and each
    Doing the unusual, picking up
    Items discarded, a Styrofoam plate a paper cup
    Didn’t know then what we know now
    No one told us and we remained ignorant somehow
    The Future Centre organized that they would clean
    Some of our beaches with a slogan go green
    Environmentally conscious who want to see
    Ecological balance and a cleaner society
    And so in numbers they came out
    Shouldering plastic bags and all about
    In the morning at 7:30 there, above Brandons
    Numerous volunteers worked like loyal citizens
    Gathering the garbage others left around
    Lying and blowing in the bush and on the ground
    Every imaginable object placed into collection bags
    Objects non degradable, rejected old rags
    National effort was to Clean up Barbados of illegal dumping too
    Except we didn’t see a single politician trying, did you?

  12. Paul Barnes

    Come ON, people! Politicians leave garbage alone. It’s a professional courtesy…just like how sharks don’t eat lawyers.

    Politicians picking up trash? Get real…

  13. The Clean Up
    They were out in numbers, concern citizens
    Had bags, sticks with picks and most had green opinions
    Environmental consciousness to clean up the country
    Collecting first the garbage on the beach, at the sea
    Lots of them were there but without
    Expensive suits, I couldn’t detect politicians about
    And I thought, if they were removing all garbage, then
    No politician would be visible, when
    Under their suits of deception lies a theory we can’t debunk
    Politicians can’t clean up they must be cleaned up, so are they junk?

  14. With friends

    Tonight the children are safe at home. (Thank you Auntie!)

    We are at friends and watching Andrea Bocelli and Heather Headley on DVD.

    Dinner was magnificent, the wine is the best and my woman is my best friend.

    Life is good.

    Thank you God.

    See you tomorrow folks!


  15. new party please


    “We Didn’t See A Single One”

    The new heart and soul of Barbados.

    Can you do a poem for a stronger more caring Barbados as a guiding light to a new Green and transparent Barbados?

  16. Living in Barbados

    Anyone interested in a sight of what went on at Browne’s Beach can read my take (belated after doing lots of other Saturday things with family),

  17. Kammie Holder

    I LOST MY BET. We need a Green Party.

    If you are not convinced the time is now then read the birth of the DLP and BLP. I just could not sleep after seeing the problem of litter caused by a lack of enforcement and waste disposal certification. I saw too much ewaste with serial numbers. Do… you remember we had to register televisions and pay a easy solution to trace dumpers.

    I am up cannot sleep constantly thnking about a Green Political Party. It will focus firstly on environmentalism. Our main argrument will be that all other aspects of humanity will cease to be of concern if there is no environment to sustain it. Ecological economics, progressive social policies, participatory democracy, and non-violence will make up the balance of its platform

  18. Kammie Holder

    Please note we would like to take this opportunity to thank Captain Darlington of the Barbados Defence Force and his men. Operation Litter Recovery was a success and there was a frontal attack on Jack In The Box Gully, Easy Hall Gully and Blackmans Bridge which fell to the swift and sustained retrieval.

    Team leadership was excellent with senior and junior Nco`s leading the charge.

    Thank you all!

  19. Kammie Holder

    We are in discussions on forming a Green Political Party. However no opportunist, no persons seeking fame or fortune need seek membership.First oder of business is Integrity Charter. We will be seeking persons who are desirous of making the world a better world as they pass through the physical world unto death.
    Names being touted is Adrian Loveridge for Minister of Tourism, Andrew “Pilly” Pilgrim Minister of Home Affairs, Bernie John Minister of Social Care & Empowerment, Adrian Richards Minister of Health, James Paul Minister of Agriculture.

    Other names will be suggested as Inner Circle of Environmentalist meet in caucus. We damn serious

  20. Rumplestilskin


    So, are those persons among the discussions and accepting of being on the card?

    No need to answer, just curious.

  21. Adrian Loveridge


    When do I start and how long have I got before I am revoked?

  22. Kammie

    Persons will be notified of the first meeting. No person will be appointed to any board unless they have something to offer in experience or expertise. Integrity and Accountability will be the hallmark of the GPP Nepotism will not be tolerated.

    Persons who are desirous are reminded that your desire to be a salmon and forthright will attract attention from the police and persons who hate to be challenged.

    If you want to join to get rich this is the wrong party to join. We want to find Granville Phillips Jr as we want him to be the Contractor General to ensure monies are well spent on capital projects.

    Adrian Loveridge I give you my word you will only be fired if you don`t perform. The electorate put you there and we will have to ensure the Attorney General draft legislation to allow for recall.

    You will fire yourself not the PM I hope this will be fair to you. Party is scheduled to be launched in November once constitution is finalised by the Attorneys.

    Rumplestilskin, you need to read your newspaper and listen to your radio as November approaches.
    You cannot expect me to discuss the business of the planned Green Party do I look like an idiot.

    DLP and BLP the only difference is the first letter and they both seem to have run out of ideas.

    When in opposition appose just to get votes when you gain government the vision is lost. The Country welfare must come first not manipulation of peoples mind.


  23. Kammie Holder has always and will always have a false sense of importance about himself. Did he or anyone actually check to see if any Minister’s would have been available. Some folks go off and organize events, garner public support and then behave as though politicians must be there.

    We do not need politicians to teach us to keep our places clean or to show us how to pick up garbage. When last did Cammie help with a clean-up campaign in Church Village, St. Philip?

    Gimme a break about a Green Party. Joke or no joke. Face reality ……. next you will want politicians to wipeyuhass!

  24. Kammie

    Well I am not any political yardfowl (**** phrase edited out by Auntie Moses. Please be civil!****) Your response is typical of a person who thinks free speech is attacking the party which you are associated with. Sad thing to know how polarised a persons like you are.

    Yes I have an air of importance about me I went to school without shoes and know what a pit toilet is.

  25. Kammie

    I am a supporter of the DLP for those of you who may be curious. The greatest danger Politicians face is from persons around them who fail to provide honest feedback. I am amazed that education was wasted on some persons when a statement like ” Kammie Holder has always and will always have a false sense of importance about himself”.

    Hiding under Decent boy is cowardly but I knew who you are for a long time. Barbados is too small your response is true to your vindictive character.

  26. Kammie

    I want to thank Decent Boy for bringing awareness to this debate as my phone now ringing off the hook with queries on the GPP. I never knew so many persons read these blogs.

    I have this day informed Mr.Andrew Pilgrim who will be the Shadow Minister of Home Affairs of the need to have the constitution off the GPP ready for ratification asap.

    However I will not lower myself to baseless behaviour or personality assassination as the Country`s welfare is paramount. The need for clean and healthy respectable debate is lacking. Too long has the oppositions parties appose for apposing sake it cannot be at the expense of citizens just to gain a government. Where is the genuine love of country? I Kammie Holder prefer to be a one term politician rather than hide the truth from the masses.

    Decent Boy I wish to challenge you to a healthy Public Debate on the environment and why persons are not prosecuted when caught.

    If you have a radio you can probably listen to my radio program called PT as I seek to empower persons to be accountable for where they are in life and not to blame the Government.

    Once again thank you for attacking the messenger as you have strengthen my resolve to work and assist Barbados to become the best place to live and work.

    For Decent Boy information I have been involved in Cleaning Up for years and undertook Easy Hall Gully,Blackman Gully and Jack In The Box Gully on Saturday.

    Passed Jack In The Box Gully this morning and saw new litter 24 hours after it was cleaned.

    Recently I complained to a politician and shared the concerns of environmentalist about non prosecution of offenders and was told we cannot be so harsh. Big houses, big cars and fat bank accounts mean nothing if our country is unhealthy Decent Boy.


    BFP says

    Kammie: Green isn’t enough and it will fail, it will turn bad like the other parties if it is not built upon a solid foundation of rules and laws for ITAL – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability. The Green Party will fail in Barbados without FIRST declaring and codifying your ITAL standards.

    Otherwise, you’re just the same as the rest – different flavour but that’s all.

  27. just-hey

    some politicians where at branch meetings, overseas and handling other political affairs, bajans gotta learn to keep their surroundings and the einvriment clean, give NCC some citation power,…..”peter pay for paul and paul pay for all”

  28. Wry Mongoose

    I am with you Kammie. A Green Party with a solid platform of environmental activism, social awareness and integrity would get my vote.

    The Clean-up on Saturday brought to light the following: We need a ‘Green Revolution’ in the Caribbean with Barbados at its epicentre!

  29. Kammie

    I will publish our Charter as soon as its ratified as well as our Mission Statement. You can imagine the work we wish to do to ensure we are a party with a difference. The first order of business is the publishing of each persons finances and public disclosure on social issues as abortion and gay rights. The GPP is being modelled after the Italian model. People need a choice other than running to BLP then DLP then BLP then DLP a viable alternative will be GPP. Stay tuned for the Press Release

  30. I am seeing history being repeated when Errol Barrow sought to form the DLP. Our democracy will be strengthen and representation of the people will improve trememdously. One thing that will fuel persons like Andrew Pilgrim, Adrian Loveridge, Bernie John and Kammie Holder is hearing the mouthings of the pessimist as we always see the silver lining. So for the Naysayers we are absolute in our resolve in providing Barbados with a Party which will bring. Creative, Imaginative and Innovative thinking. Accountability and Total Transparency in addition full disclore of finances. Don’t Fear Us Embrace Us.

  31. Decent Boy

    See what I tell you about Kammie. He is an unapologetic DEM. What we need are true open-minded, unbiased people in this country who will call a spade a spade. Not masqueraders rather they be Bee or Dee. I still see no reason why the emphasis on politicians at a cleanup campaign. B or D. I do not intend to engage him in any debate.

  32. Kammie

    I am not polarised neither do you seem to understand history.

  33. Kammie

    We are not about cutting votes Decent Boy that seems to be your underlining concern, we are about providing a viable alternative.. Sorry