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How many politicians will be out for Clean Up Barbados? (And we don’t mean just for the photo-op)

Clean Up Barbados

Did you spot a politician cleaning up? We didn’t see a single one.

(posted September 19, 2009, 3:25pm Bridgetown)

Kammie Holder*, one of the organisers of the Clean Up Barbados initiative happening today, Saturday September 19, 2009, has been offered a challenge that will see him BDS$300 richer or poorer.

If fewer than 3 politicians come out and get their hands dirty actually helping out today, Kammie is out $300. If 3 or more politicians come out and actually work, Kammie makes $300 on a bet.

We’ve heard that Mrs. Prime Minister will be out working, but I’m not sure if she counts as a politician.

So what do you think folks? Will more than 3 politicians come out and actually get their hands dirty? I think someone should tell Denis Lowe that standing around for photo-ops doesn’t count!

See our original story: ‘Clean Up Barbados’ needs more volunteers – BFP’s Auntie Moses will be there. How about you?

* While we believe Kammie Holder is the one who contacted us, we did not meet, nor does Kammie know our faces or our names.


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