Barbados Government & The Caribbean Lottery announce a bigger tax on stupid people.


Buying a ticket only slightly improves your chance at winning!

“On Thursday, August 20th, 2009, The Caribbean Lottery will introduce the biggest jackpot game to ever grace our shores. Introducing…Super Lotto, a jackpot game with two sets of numbers carrying a whopping starting jackpot of $5.346 Million dollars!”

So begins the press release received by Barbados Free Press from the CaribPR Wire, Bridgetown, Barbados.

Any ten year old can do the math – that’s not under dispute at all. Only the stupid purchase lottery tickets.

What we’re curious about is… Where does the money go?

Nothing is transparent and there is no law in Barbados that would prevent Gtech – the outside lottery company – from (for instance) employing the wife of a government minister as a “consultant” for a fee.

As we mentioned back in December of 2008 in our article Barbados Lottery: Millions Of Dollars Flowing with No Transparency, No Rules…

Like many other smaller jurisdictions Barbados contracted with an outside firm to run official lotteries. How much “commission” is paid to “outside consultants” by the Barbados government or by the outside lottery company is not only totally unregulated – it is highly secret because if the Barbados public knew who was getting a cut of their lottery money…

…Well, we can’t allow that, can we?

We all hoped that a new Prime Minister would shed some light on the secret cash transactions of the Barbados Lottery, but alas, that didn’t happen. Nor will it.

David Thompson and the DLP promised ITAL (integrity, transparency and accountability legislation). David Thompson promised accountability for all the monies unethically taken from Barbados over the years by the corrupt BLP government.

None of what Thompson and DLP promised has happened – and only a fool would think it will.


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7 responses to “Barbados Government & The Caribbean Lottery announce a bigger tax on stupid people.

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  2. the real questions

    As with previous lotteries who owns the shares, directly and indirectly?

    Is it still owned 50 % public and 50% private.

    How are the profits distributed including consultation and other questionable fees?

    How are the sports and charitable gifts chosen and who really makes the decisions and why?

    This is all part of a transparent society and so the silence continues and the rip offs continue. Barbados is not transparent.

  3. ninemikemike

    Here come the new crooks, just like the old crooks.

  4. TheNickster

    As the old lotteries change out new ones come in, whats really obscene is the amount of money these lottery “houses” make daily, when was the last time someone saw one of these places selling shares? “supporting sports, youth and culture”? ha!, that pittance they send out are more so for tax purposes than any real help to our athletes and sports (wo)men (they still have to raise funds the old fashioned way door to door). We play a lotto every week (or month) called NIS, a few lucky winners but a whole lot of losers.

  5. Only me

    Nevers buys lottery tickets so i couldnt care what they do

  6. John

    How much of the lottery money went into the preparation of Ryan Brathwaite?

    Why is Corporate Barbados being approached to support athletes when there is a Lottery (I always thought) for this reason?

  7. Donald Duck, Esq

    anyone know why land tax bills have been issued so early this year? could it be that the government is short on cash?