What did Robert Hoffman know about Sir Allen Stanford’s crimes, and when did he know it?

Cover Sir Allen & Me Journalist started Antigua Sun newspaper for Crooked Sir Allen

Here is a book I’d love to read – because I want to know if author Robert Hoffman comes clean about how he personally started up Sir Allen’s Antigua Sun newspaper that was used to bait the trap for the suckers who trusted Stanford with their life savings. I’d also love to have an archive of the Antigua Sun sitting beside me while I read this book to see what Hoffman was publishing at the time.

I stand to be corrected by the author, but somehow I don’t think I’d find any investigative journalism at the Antigua Sun exposing Stanford for the crook he was.

Or, perhaps I should say “exposing Stanford for the crook that Hoffman knew he was at the time” ???

It turns out that the publisher’s media release (below) tells of Sir Allen Stanford describing for then-employee Hoffman exactly what his methods were to “lure investors into believing his Antigua operations were legitimate.”

That statement seems to imply that Hoffman knew at the time that he was working for Stanford that the operations were not “legitimate”.

Yes, I will read Sir Allen & Me if for no other reason than to remind myself that despite all the high talk by journalists of “duty to the public interest” that the almighty dollar usually comes first – especially in small societies where the government in power controls the news through advertising revenues that are dispensed like little doggie treats to obedient media lapdogs. And, as the Nation News discovered, a change of master means no treats for you!

Southern Cross Publications says they will send us a couple of review copies if we just provide our address. That’s tempting, but we’ll have to say “no thanks”. I will, however, purchase the book myself as I am anxious to read how the Antigua Sun assisted Sir Allen in luring those suckers in.

Here is the media release about Robert Hoffman’s new book as sent to us by the publisher.


Texas billionaire and accused Ponzi scammer R. Allen Stanford is the focus of a new book written by a former Stanford executive. Sir Allen & Me: An Insider’s Look at R. Allen Stanford and the Island of Antigua peers into the private and business life of the flamboyant financier, whom the federal government claims operated a “massive” $8-billion confidence game from his bank in the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda.

Author and journalist Robert Hoffman was hired by Stanford in the mid-1990s to start up the Antigua Sun newspaper. For two years, Hoffman was privy to the billionaire’s political maneuvering and manipulations, including Stanford’s efforts to rewrite the island’s banking laws to favor the Texas money man and to keep prying eyes from the highly questionable running of Stanford International Bank based in Antigua.

Hoffman also tells about Stanford’s forays into the world of cricket, his disastrous stab at establishing a regional airline, his lavish lifestyle and his shameful treatment of many of his loyal employees.

In the book, Hoffman quotes from Stanford describing clearly what his methods were to lure investors into believing his Antigua operations were legitimate by creating what Hoffman calls Stanford’s “financial Potemkin Village” on the island.

The 200-page paperback is currently available on http://www.amazon.com (keyword: R. Allen Stanford) and will soon be in bookstores throughout the United States. It can also be purchased at http://www.atlasbooks.com, which is the publisher’s chief distributor to outlets and Internet-sales sites. Retailers can call 800-BookLog to order. Retail price is $14.95.

Southern Cross Publications
86 Union & Mt. Washington / PO Box 24704
Christiansted, VI 00824
(340) 718-0615 / 643-4631


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8 responses to “What did Robert Hoffman know about Sir Allen Stanford’s crimes, and when did he know it?

  1. J

    So wait BFP you can’t take 2 review copies of the book from Sothern Cross, but you can advertise for them, with address, website and all?

    You sure them ain’t paying you?

    And I recall that one of you is a pilot. Didn’t the BFP pilot fella used to fly for Stanford?

    So wait BFP how come you don’t have Marcus’ or it is Cliverton’s picture at the top with the other alledged anti-breathalyzer fellows. Isn’t it Marcus or is it Cliverton who is regularly too drunk to manage the blog. I take it you don’t want breathalyzers. ITAL but no breathalyzers says BFP


    BFP says… J, no one has ever mentioned on this blog that Robert flew for Stanford… except you just now. Robert has never flown for Stanford. Why did you say he did?

  2. reality check


    interesting negative comments and slant as usual

    refresh my memory.

    Cliverton and/or Marcus may have been out partying and weren’t in any shape to attend to the blog the next day but are you saying that they were driving drunk and wouldn’t support breathalyzers and BFP doesn’t support them either?

    Do you know something or have seen something we are not aware of , or is this just the usual misinformation?

  3. Superdocious

    Intersting, but is not typical of these types who make money at both ends i.e. make money from Stamford and then on a book after the fact?

    Having said that is there not another prominent Barbadian who was a director of one of Stamford’s companies? I doubt that person would have been involved in anything nefarious, but to see him talking in the paper last week about Government department management practices and his recommendations is laughable.

    Someone apparently fooled by Stamford, who should have had access to financial reporting and understand the business at the highest level, is not someone I would take advice from, as an expert.

    With so many ‘experts’ walking around, it is sometimes easy to be fooled by bluster.

  4. Superdocious

    Looks like ‘J’ woke up on the wrong side of the bed or has a beef with you all? Maybe ‘J’ needs a stiff one herself.

    Drink I mean.

  5. PiedPiper

    J…………..psssssssssst, maybe Cliverton is secretly Robert Hoffman and is plugging his own book and Marcus had his pilot’s license suspended for bobbing and weaving all over the sky. Maybe Shona used to give tango lessons to Stanford in preparation for his secret tryst with Mrs. Chavez?

  6. This just shows you how corrupt things. Just because they have a lot of money they think they can work above the law!

  7. Sister Baby

    A lot of people are ruined because of this crook, and as such I am not interested in reading about how he treated his workers or anything about him. He is a crook and should spend the rest of this life in jail.

  8. Straight talk

    WTF was Sir Courtney Blackman doing when he signed off those crooked Stanford International books?

    Perhaps he should offer an explanation, if he has one.