WordPress.com removes Barbados Free Press story after complaint from Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (BANGO)

Grape Hall Barbados

Media Release

Friday, September 11, 2009

6:10am – Somewhere near Grape Hall, Barbados

Barbados Free Press (BFP) today announced that WordPress.com removed one of BFP’s published stories as a result of an official complaint from the Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organisations.

WordPress.com is the blogging software and hosting destination utilized by Barbados Free Press. Barbados Free Press wishes to express how much we admire the dedication of WordPress.com to freedom of speech. WordPress has enabled ordinary people in Barbados to fight for true democracy, integrity, transparency and accountability in our society without being unduly exposed to the threats, arsons, harassment and job loss that has been experienced in our country by citizens who disagree with the established political elites.

The removal action by WordPress.com is being reviewed by BFP editors.

Barbados Free Press will make a further announcement in the coming days.


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45 responses to “WordPress.com removes Barbados Free Press story after complaint from Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (BANGO)

  1. Curious

    Why would BANGO make a complaint to wordpress about comments made on a blog by a private citizen, who was not acting in his official capacity as Secretary General of that organization? Interesting.

  2. Huh?


    because international funding or feeding at the trough is involved.

    The real question is “were these the actual quotes from the head of BANGO or not ”

    Word press has been a godsend to Barbados but it should not succumb to censorship just because someone’s toes were stepped on with actual quotes.

    Maybe we can hear from wordpress legal on this matter?

  3. robin hood

    @ Curious

    Simply because that private citizen felt that he was being unduly defamed and slandered because of the article here.

    No amount of trying to correct what was being alledged was any help, no one was willing to listen to reason, so in my humble opinion he took the next best alternative and protested to wordpress through his organisation. I can’t think that any one could find fault with that. If it was any other contributor here I am sure they would have took whatever recourse to have things corrected.



    You had it coming.

  5. Curious

    Robin Hood, you are missing the point on two fronts. If Mr. King wished to make a complaint to wordpress based on alleged defamation, he should have done so as “Mr. R.O.King” and not gotten BANGO to make the complaint for him. NO alleged defamatory remarks were made about the organization. I can only conclude that Mr. R.O. King thought his complaint would be taken more seriously if it had BANGO behind teh complaint.
    The other point you are missing here is that this entire inceident was precipitated by Mr. King’s very own statements made on BU. Mr. King was given every opportunity to explain/correct/clarify the statements he made but he did not.
    When all of this is taken in the context of the constant clarion call of “freedom of speech” over at BU, does it look to you, robin hood, as though it is only “freedom of speech” as long as that speech does not go outside the confines of BU?

  6. Mugaffy Allamby

    Lol. Freedom of speech?

    What? Freedom of speech, what?!


  7. Mugaffy Allamby

    FYI, a new realm has arisen.

    Eliminate the blogs, back to the papers, now that ‘we’ are in power. Or at least ‘some’ blogs.

    Haha. Do you realise however, that all these postings, including those on other blogs, are monitored by ‘agencies’.

    Have no fear, what is being written is monitored (including by the Chinese) and actions may not seem direct, but I assure you, the ‘monitors’ are watching and are advising their ‘people’ how to deal diplomatically with Barbados and investment into here.

    Do you really think, after all that has been written in other places about views on various ethnicities, that the Chinese will really come here or invest here?

    Get real, you think they are masochists?

    Bye bye tourism, bye bye investment.

    But, at least we have ‘freedom of speech’.

    As long as you say what some want you to say.

  8. Mugaffy Allamby

    Oh, and threats placed on some blogs of intent to find the identity of bloggers, will not be viewed well by international agencies.

    Especially if same are seen to be coming from operatives of any specific Government.

    Did you say ‘human rights’?

    Anyone making such threats should be very careful indeed, of what they create.

  9. Mugaffy Allamby

    Did Peter Wickham say ‘One Term Government’?Mia must be cracking up with laughter. Even the ‘Man from St.Peter’ smell blood, he wake up suddenly.

  10. Trudatz

    Wow, BFP, could it be that censorship is not only extended to Fontabelle, River Road and the Pine anymore? Imagine that.
    A sign of things to come or merely a speed bump on BFP’s superhighway?
    Either way I’m sure you all will bounce back quite nicely as usual.

  11. Curious

    Robin Hood states: “No amount of trying to correct what was being alledged was any help”

    Could I possibly ask you to provide any posts by Mr. King where he tried to correct the original post he made about his first-hand knowledge of underage girls being used in an international sex ring? To my mind, Mr. King was the author of his own misfortune by making the statments without putting them in their proper context. To compound the problem, Mr. King then did nothing to clarify the situation. Nobody defamed Mr. King, except Mr. King himself.

  12. Mugaffy Allamby

    Big joke. After all of the smut and nastiness written on that ‘other blog’ in the past, the commenters there are now being all uppity and self-praising in establishing ‘standards’.

    Enough to make any fair thinking person vomit.

    As I said before BFP, leave it alone, write on other issues.

    Have no fear, the ‘relevant’ agencies would have perused and assessed that blog and its comments well before you even noticed.

  13. Hants

    Freedom of speech is not absolutely free.

    BFP the story here was removed but the real damage had already been done on BU.

    I read the original story on BU and came to the conclusion that any email from persons victimised by criminal activity should be forwarded to the Police.

    The legal advisors to wordpress would now have read the stories and would act as they see fit.

    This blog does not need to copy stories from BU.
    There is enough “goings on” in Barbados to provide news and discussion.

    This blog will survive because some of us don’t care if wanna right left white black fake phony blp dlp or pp.

    I am a DLP supporter for life and will stay and promote and defend the “cause”. even if I am last man and de ress gather at BU.


    I think that Barbados Free Press has lost its way.

  15. reality check


    If you “have to be” DLP for life then your only course of action is to ensure that everything you enjoy in Canada including freedom of the press and ITAL and FOI are implemented yesterday within the party rank and file as promised.

    This means you would have to become a giant thorne to those in power today and seek for removal of the non compliant.

    Surely the principles you enjoy in Canada are more important to the long term success of Barbados and future generations than a simple party affiliation.

  16. J

    Curious wrote “To my mind, Mr. King was the author of his own misfortune by making the statments without putting them in their proper context.”

    And are you telling us that you think that BFP put the statements in proper context?

    Are you telling us that you did not notice that BFP created a headline that made it seem as though ROK engages in the trafficking of minors for immoral purposes.

    Look Curious, and you too BFP, you may have dropped out of school in class 1, but the rest of us did not. We can read, we can think, and we an infer.

  17. Rickey George

    Looking back on the direction you took over the past few weeks, I have to ask myself why don’t you carve out a niche for yourself of well-researched pieces? You seem to have the resources. You can target issues and that may bring some into view, but not target them. If you keep bouncing off the thing you don’t like on BU or other blogs then it’s they who control your agenda.

    You seem to have issue that are clear enough to follow, eg ITAL.

    It does not take a wizard to figure out that the action taken by ROK is also open to others on BFP and of course on BU. I have been amazed that the named politicians have let the remarks slide, but perhaps they were being smart and seeing if the fire would burn out. But now they have been handed a gift, and if Ms. Mottley were to just send in one complaint it would be hard to see that being refused. I think ROK opened Pandora’s box and set a precedent he and BU may regret. The story surely has not ended with his issue as you allude to him in another post, that does not seem to defame, but begs some good questions about what he is doing. He even complimented you, or was that a touch of irony?

  18. Rickey George

    It has been clear for a while that relatively innocent remarks that are not supportive of BU are being suppressed. I made one yesterday morning that I see has not yet seen the light of day. That helps give an impression that the wind blows a certain way, but it’s bound to turn because championing free speech but practising censorship cannot go on for long.

    Like some others who have had this experience, I wait to see if it remains in ‘spam’ or if it sees the daylight.

  19. yatinkiteasy

    Bango seems to be an insignificant entity..their website has not been updated since 2005!
    I guess that as a non profit registered charity,they (directors) get duty free cars etc…but what do they do exactly?

  20. Curious

    yakinkiteasy, please follow this link and see how someone can hide behind a legitimate organization, even if in name only.

  21. robin hood

    @ Curious
    September 12, 2009 at 12:55 pm

    You asked…….*Could I possibly ask you to provide any posts by Mr. King where he tried to correct the original post he made…………?*

    I reply….. If you would check ROK’s comments you would see where he had stated that he had already been in touch with Scotland Yard officials. But I guess that would not have been noticed by those with a hidden agenda.

  22. robin hood

    Re: Comment posted 2009.09.12//7:53/54pm
    I notice I have been moderated. I was only replying to a question posed by one of the other posters here.

  23. A Lesson 2 B Learned

    robin hood
    September 13, 2009 at 12:00 am
    “I notice I have been moderated. I was only replying to a question posed by one of the other posters here.”

    Robin Hood, you are not alone.

    I really don’t understand the rationale behind BFP witholding comments especially those in response to other threads.

    Sad, what a pity.

  24. A Lesson 2 B Learned

    A Lesson 2 B Learned September 12, 2009
    @Mugaffy Allamby
    September 12, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    I wud really like 2 know what point are you trying to make. If BFP had taken caution from some commenters and fuget taking comments frum BU and turning into articles for gain, dey wud not have been called 2 order by the master of the blog, WordPress.

    I’m sure complaints have been made to WordPress about BU and they have already perused and assessed BU articles and its comments, but haven’t found anyting dat give dem cause 2 request a rewrite.

    @ Hants
    September 12, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    How many times does BFP has to be told they do not need to copy stories from BU. There are enough “goings on” in Barbados to provide news and discussion.

    I’m glad you, a staunch supporter tells BFP one more time, and with WordPress intervention maybe they will listen this time. De ole folks say, hardears yuh wunt hear, ownway yuh gine feel.

  25. Hants

    @ The BLP’s very own reality check who wrote,

    “This means you would have to become a giant thorne to those in power today and seek for removal of the non compliant.”

    I don’t HAVE TO do one “r donkey in the home of a ground hog”.

    You also wrote, “If you “have to be” DLP for life .”

    I chose to be a DLP supporter.
    Anyway I am too close to retirement age to be actively involved in anything stressful.

    The Young Dems will have to fight for ITAL ,FOI and FOTP.

    Its after 9pm and something from Glen somewhere in Scotland calling me.

    ah gone.

  26. BFP

    We were out. We’re back. Comment released.

    Moderation does not mean a human did it – it means that something in your post set off the spam filter.

    Patience, please.

  27. cq8

    Robin Hood says “I reply….. If you would check ROK’s comments you would see where he had stated that he had already been in touch with Scotland Yard officials. But I guess that would not have been noticed by those with a hidden agenda.”

    ROK’s posting indicates that he did not download the photos and did not keep the emails for the specific purpose that the police could not have them.

    That is at odds with his johnny-come-lately claim that he talked with Scotland yard. Before I bought into that, I would want to know the name of the officer ROK spoke to and that he specifically forwarded everything and the identities of the girls and their pimps to Scotland Yard.

    I don’t believe he did because that is in conflict with what he originally wrote at Barbados Underground.

    Bullsh*t meter going off!!!

  28. Curious

    Thank You cq8. Robin Hood, I am, in fact, aware of the post where ROK made mention of Scotland Yard. At the time, I had to read that post several times as it was so rambling as to be almost incoherent. The sentence in question does not contain the words “I contacted Scotland Yard” or “I reported this activity to Scotland Yard”. Anyone reading that post would have i) great difficulty understanding what information was being imparted and ii) that the information was, at complete odds with previous statements he had made about deleting the e-mails and pictures so that police would not have access to them. What would be the purpose of contacting Scotland Yard if he had no intentions of providing proof of his assertions?
    By the way, robin hood, I have no agenda, hidden or otherwise. I believe it is human nature to want to right a wrong.

  29. ESSO

    Veritas // September 12, 2009 at 6:51 PM

    There are too many Barbadians who take things at face value.
    BFP does not accept my comments because I exposed it for what it was.

    BFP is financed by Peter Allard of Greame Hall Nature Sanctuary fame who, as long as he does not get his way with the Kingsland Estates (hence the adoration of Keltruth) and GHNS, will do anything to malign Barbados.

    Some of the GHNS stories are patently false and they have sought to destroy David Thompson and the DLP by saying that it is allowing Clico (a company in precarious financial straits) to “develop” the land it owns in the area. It has not produced one iota of evidence of any Town Planning decision – and they are public – to substantiate this wild, lying statement.

    Veiled accusations about pay-offs to DLP politicians have been made. But former Prime Minister Owen Arthur told a group of us that Allard tried to bribe him!

    What a low-down Canadian liar and beast.

    Desmond “Airbourne” Bourne, a man who lost a case when someone described him as the “Sultan of Smut,” is paid to write the BFP posts.

    There are Barbadians who contribute to the nonsense BFP writes without knowing any of this. They just regurgitate BFP’s lies and

    I stand behind ROK. And I didn’t have time to boycott BFP before BFP banned – moderated me out – me for writing what they didn’t like.

    Democracy? Integrity? Honesty? Conflict of Interest?

    BFP are damned, dishonest liars.

  30. Superdocious

    BU puts a strong slant on stories now supporting the government at every turn while continuing pretense at independence of thought. The lead is clearly a government supporter in addition to a couple of other commenters, one in particular who may actually be the blog editor. The rest? Cranks, nutters…the lot!

  31. Lady Anon

    How could BFP have lost its way when it is a private blog set up by private citizens just making their comments about their world as they see it?

    Say that about the Nation and/or the Advocate, CBC, Starcom etc…

    When individuals want to direct what BFP publishes, how it publishes, when it publishes then it is the individuals who have lost their way.

  32. Huh?

    Esso, people have been naming the creators of BFP for 3 years. First it was the DLP. Then it was environmentalists. Then it was Graham Hall Nature scantuary and Allard. Then it was a BLP splinter group that wanted Mia Mottley as BLP leader. Then it was white foreigners. Then is was the Trinis. Then when Thompson won and the BFP started holding him to account for his failures people said the BLP took over Free Press. Then Adrian Hinds said he knew the exact names of the people. Marcus is Marcus “T” and Shona is some woman Adrian named I forget and I can’t find it right now.

    We heard it all and everybody p’ing into the wind far as I concerned or they would say proof.

  33. gobew


    “former Prime Minister Owen Arthur told a group of us that Allard tried to bribe him!”


    The bribe must have been too small! LOL!

  34. I’m pretty shocked about this.
    I’m a big fan of wordpress and this blog and find this episode a bit strange.

    Perhaps you should consider moving to a self hosted version of wordpress?

  35. yatinkiteasy

    To Curious…thanks for the link..it really makes interesting reading!

  36. Curious

    Food for thought. In order to satisfy the argument for “defamation”, it is necessary to prove “harm” to one’s reputation. Did Mr. King’s complaint to wordpress speak of his ruined reputation as Mr. Roosevelt O. King or to his position of Secretary General of BANGO? If Mr. King had not linked his blog handle on BU straight back to BANGO his “professional” reputation would never have been under threat.
    The comments he posted that precipitated this incident, appear to have been made as a private citizen not as a reprsentative of BANGO so again, I do not understand how BANGO got involved in the request to have the item removed from BFP.

  37. Nostradamus

    ESSO “But former Prime Minister Owen Arthur told a group of us that Allard tried to bribe him!”

    Where did he tell you ESSO? In a rum shop? Parliament? Consitiuency meeting? Political meeting? Cricket? Polo? Cocktail party?

    Attempted bribery of a Prime Minister is serious business. What action did the PM take?Is it before the courts?


  38. BFP





  39. Really Really

    It shocks me that BFP or any one takes RO King seriously.

    Cant you see the man is attention seeking?

    He is damn good at one thing though, and you have to give him that. WRITING NUFF SHHHHHHHHYTE ON BU!

  40. Jack Bowman

    Truncated version of a something posted on the blog “Barbados Underground” within the past hour. I doubt that the owner/publisher/editor of Barbados Underground, who decides what is posted on the blog that he owns, publishes and demonstrably edits, will allow this post to be made public. So I’ll post it here.

    Jack Bowman // September 16, 2009 at 2:03 PM

    Mr. Negroman says:

    [Start quote] “Many bloggers of Barbados Free Press especially Pied Piper,Jack Bowman & others have constantly abused contributors of BU including Yours Truly …

    … Black People of this world are finally beginning to wake up from our deep slumber and are retaking our position as THE DOMINANT RACE ON THIS EARTH.”

    Mr Negroman: are you the charmer who called an elderly white woman murdered on this island “white thrash [sic]”?

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.[End quote]

    I have no comment. This is simply for the record.

    The address where the original post will not be appearing is: http://bajan.wordpress.com/2009/09/10/bu-family-member-roosevelt-king-makes-a-stand/#comments

  41. Curious

    This is the curious thing, Mr. Bowman. WordPress requested that the item on ROK be removed. At the same time, surely they had a look at the other item posted on BFP about the rampant racism on BU. Does it really take a complaint from someone for them to see that all those quotes pasted to the item are clear evidence of a racist blog?

  42. Rickey George

    @Curious, I’m not sure anyone is scanning blogs for material that may offend, but instead wait for users/readers to flag potential offences. If there is a potential issue, the best move is to flag it to the host and let it move from there.

    This area is evolving, and while it does, here is a good little read on the different national treatments of defamation,

    The BU attitude seems to be that the pulling of the post on BFP is something definitive. My guess is that WordPress (WP) pulls may posts each day, for less and more. If more people were to complain WP would respond more. That would not suggest that the blogs/blogging was getting worse just that the policing was getting better. A bit like crime statistics where more/fewer reports make some believe that crime is changing.

  43. Rickey George

    CORRECTION: …WordPress (WP) pulls MANY posts…

  44. Curious

    Rickey George: So said, so done………..