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Different day, Same old promise…

Bad camera day for the PM?

Bad camera day for the PM?

Yawn…. Back on August 23rd at the DLP annual piggyfest, Prime Minister Thompson once again promised he was going to hold people accountable for “certain financial irregularities” at the Barbados Tourism Authority. You know how it is folks, every few weeks the PM says he’ll hold the thieves to account and the paper prints his promise. Again. Nobody ever gets charged with anything but they print the same old story once a month like it’s breaking news. (read The Nation’s Call to Account)

When I read the story last week about the vow to “make people accountable” at the Barbados Tourism Authority, I said that no one would be charged with any offence and that the most that would happen would be that Thompson would get rid of a few Bees and replace them with Dees.

Sure enough, yesterday (Thursday) we read in the Nation article BTA Cuts Three

“Senior vice-president Cicely Walcott, director of corporate communications Chay Davis and director of finance Rhona Marshall have left the BTA after their contracts were not renewed.

Their departure comes just weeks after vice-president of sales and marketing for the Americas, Richard Williams, quit that agency.”

See.. we’ve been telling you for about a year that the PM isn’t about to start that fight with the BLP because if he charges anyone the DLP can look forward to the same treatment when they are pushed from office in the natural cycle of things.

So it’s all a sham folks. David Thompson and the DLP will NEVER charge any BLP appointee criminally even if the evidence is strong.

That’s all I wanted to say, except to also comment, “Do you think the Nation News could have found a worse photo of the Prime Minister?”

That has to have been a deliberate choice by The Nation. Even Thompy’s mum says he’ll never win any beauty awards, but that is one baaaaaaaad photo.

I’ll bet you that when someone at The Nation first held that photo in their hands they ran down the hall shouting, “Boss! Boss! You gonna LOVE this one!”


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