Questionnaire: Tourism impacts in Barbados


I would like to ask for your/the BFP reader’s help. I’m still short of responses for my questionnaire on resident perceptions of tourism impacts in Barbados. I’ve converted the questionnaire into an online format and it is available here:

Questionnaire: Tourism impacts in Barbados

As a result of our economic dependence on tourism, the purpose of the survey is to study resident (Barbadian) perceptions of tourism impacts in Barbados. The survey should take between 5 to 10 minutes to complete and will be available for one week from today. It’s anonymous, and there are no right/wrong answers, only perceptions.

Could you therefore please post the above as a blog?

Thank you,

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8 responses to “Questionnaire: Tourism impacts in Barbados

  1. Jack Bowman


    Best of luck with your research. I hope you get a great master’s. Your questionnaire is interesting.

    Some of the responses you get, of course, will be outliers. I’m curious: does your model deal with that? Doubtless you’ve already considered trying to build dummies for the outliers in a probit regression, and perhaps you’ve already rejected a log-linear approach (I would) to the data and to what you can construe from them.

    I understand you’re dealing with “perception”, which is always tricky to capture statistically. Have you considered devising a dummy variable for Barbados-resident opinion like this:

    “90% of the white tourists that come to Barbados enjoy being sex slaves to black men”


    Or like this:

    “There are some white men who recruit white girls especially, anywhere from 14 yrs and up to 20. Give them a supposedly prize vacation to the Caribbean in an all inclusive destination. Then these men solicit the better off black men to pay them to come to the resort in droves for these girls who do nothing but suck these black men for the duration of their vacations.


    Again, best of luck with the research, and all good wishes to you.

  2. Thanks BFP (and readers). The online questionnaires are slowly coming in (total of 147 when last I checked).

    However, if possible and if folks are willing and able (alot of ‘ifs’), more responses are needed. I will be leaving the questionnaire online for a few more days.


  3. It would have been nice if we could see progressive results of your questionnaire online but I do hope you share your findings with our local tourism, social and environmental authorities who are currently presiding over the destruction of the Mullins Bay area –

  4. Charmaine


    It would be interesting to see another survey done on prices of land…local and foreign prices.

    Thanks and good luck with your survey

  5. Dear All,

    The survey is now closed. Thank you very much for your time and patience.

    The chapter on findings/discussion will be sent to BFP for, I hope, posting and discussion.


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  7. Sakshi Chouhan

    Hello Sir,
    I m doing research on tourism and i want to see your questionnaire. Kindly help me….Thanks

  8. Ty Monh

    Could u pls send me the economic impact questioniar form?
    I work with the research officer of tourism Cambodia but I don’t‌ how to conduct the form questioniar.

    Thank you for advance
    I look forward to hear from u as soon as possible