Leroy Parris and CLICO – The NEW Pirates of the Caribbean and the rape of Sam Lord’s Castle


An American Tourist Considers Sam Lord’s Castle

I decided to post these pictures anyway: first, to show what future renovators are up against; second, to show CLICO’s attitude toward the property.

If I may speculate upon Bajan politics, on analogy with American and British politics, I think what we’re seeing here is an extortion tactic. “Nice place you got here”, says CLICO; “shame if anything were to happen to it”. The longer they make the government wait, the more urgent the problem becomes.

… from  A Visit to Sam Lord’s Castle, 16 July 2009 posted on the website of David Ross, Texan and sometimes tourist to Barbados. The artwork is David’s too!


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  1. Aww. *snif* Thank you for noticing.

  2. extortion or collaboration

    “Extortion’, outwresting, or exaction is a criminal offense which occurs when a person unlawfully obtains either money, property or services from a person, entity, or institution, through coercion. Refraining from doing harm is sometimes euphemistically called protection. Extortion is commonly practiced by organized crime groups. The actual obtainment of money or property is not required to commit the offense”

    BFP has already shown the clear link and association between Thompson and Parris/Clico from permitting no audited statements, improper supervision of the insurance companies equity base, Cenral Bank guarantees to Clico, to ommission of Clico’s lands from the 100 year flood plain ( Ramsar site ) to rezoning of the buffer lands from open green space to Urban/residential and on and on.

    Perhaps the more precise word is not extortion but collaboration using the peoples money.

    BFP put it best when they used the phrase “socialize losses and privatize profits”.

  3. Checkit-out

    Three News items over the past week made me try to take stock of where Barbados is heading.

    The first was the BU article by Hartley Henry where, by connecting the dots, it seemed obvious that a form of blackmail had been used to try to get optimal exposure in the Nation newspaper for some of the responses to a DLP survey for its General Conference. It was also quite obvious that this action was fully supported, if not mandated by the DLP’s management.

    The second was Sunday’s front page Editorial in the Advocate, highlighted in yellow, that dismissed the response of the Nation’s management to the “blackmail” as being essentially just escalating a small matter (while themselves trying to explode it into a major one by the obvious prominence given to the Editorial) and showing no solidarity with media worker s whose livelihoods had reportedly been threatened. I wondered if the Advocate was fighting for advertising income; ensuring that the ruling party recognized that they were fully on Board with all their policies and would accept any suggestion etc. from the Government’s media gurus; or had themselves been threatened and were now responding in the way that they felt the Nation should have responded to the HH threat (I wondered if there might be another connection here).

    The Article above is the third one. How much is Government paying for an obviously totally direlict property? There might be another connection between the current Government and CLICO and that connection could have led to significant Public funds being allocated to the bailout of Clico and its interests in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. Neither the Nation nor the Advocate appears to be doing justice to what might be a very important story in that they just repeat the releases coming from Government with no analysis. Both BFP and BU have been more analytical in their articles and comments on the CLICO connection but they appear to be just superficially scratching the surface of a much bigger story.

    BFP, How about doing an indepth analytical article on the Sam Lord’s Castle story?

  4. Hants

    Sam Lord’s Castle original building will cost a fortune to renovate.

    It could be viable as part of a theme park/ resort.

    Here is an example.


  5. WHAT!!!

    Perhaps Clico should be made to put the property back to the condition it was in at the time they purchased it… their lack of maintenance has ruined one of our prime Tourism properties.

    But then again if we do that it would be all of us taxpayers who are paying…. perhaps someone should sell their St. George mansion and like Chris Brown be made to do hard labour for their misdeeds…

  6. Lord, the photoshop has me deadin’ still – never hear of that cartoon, must be Marcus & Shona’s tykes…

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  8. Paul Barnes

    Utterly appalling. I have great childhood memories of Sam Lord’s…my parents used to take my sister and me there as a Sunday afternoon treat on occasion. We would drink fruit punches in the restaurant and roam the property, especially around the “castle” and near the shore. Sickening to see what it has become now.


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  19. yatinkiteasy

    Its a real scandal…and everyone knows who to blame, but no one is held accountable!
    See the excellent short movie here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN3tlFm6KyI

  20. yatinkiteasy

    see this video

  21. donald duck esq

    could mr parris tell us when the 2008 accounts for

    Clico life insurance
    clico mortgage and finance

    will be released to the public as they should have been by april 30, 2009

  22. D Newsam

    Sam Lords done gone through de eddoes. The ‘Castle’ could be restored but the $$ will be humungous which will make getting a return on the investment very difficult. Only a very wealthy and generous benefactor would take that chance. The workmanship in the original building cannot be easily replaced. The plaster work was done by a genuine artist, not someone using moulds and fake stuff. That skill does not come cheap today. Then we need to ask a very serious question, where have all the antiques gone? long time missing? Someone knows where they are ,,,, can they, will they be recovered? Were they removed with permission? Who gave the permission? Oh the tangled web that exists around this tragedy, it is worthy of a modern Shakespeare to record it.
    Who is to blame for the derelict condition of the property? Why was it allowed to get into this condition? Allowing an asset of this value to collapse is strange to say the least.
    So we are left to mourn the passing of yet another heritage landmark. Who cares? We the people do, but we have no power to do anything except pay our taxes and vote every five years, like sheep.

  23. Canuck Wunnabee

    De number of Canadians on this blog and the bashing Barbados receives, makes me wonder what is Bajan about it. Where is Kitchener????

  24. knat

    Some Canadian blogs are carrying the story and directing readers here. Ottawa Central blog for one.

  25. knat

    I meant to the murdered tourist story and then they go all over this blog.

  26. PiedPiper

    Canuck Wunnabee, I don’t see why it would be a problem that BFP gets more international posters than BU, where there are few non-Bajan posters I wonder why?
    As I have said before, blogs do not live in some kind of a vacuum. This is the internet skipper, where anyone with access to a PC can observe what is going on in the world. Did you think that BU was untouchable?

  27. PiedPiper

    knat, I’m glad to hear that the Canadian media is picking up on this story. It needed to be told.

  28. PiedPiper

    knat, are you able to provide the link to Ottawa Central Blog? I did a search and can’t locate it.

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