The Last of the Kennedy Brothers is Gone – Senator Ted Kennedy Dead of Brain Cancer

As we wish to remember them all.

Jack, Bobby & Ted as we wish to remember them all.

“The Constitution does not just protect those whose views we share; it also protects those with whose views we disagree.”

…Senator Ted Kennedy

The last of the three Kennedy brothers has gone. Senator Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy passed away last night of brain cancer at age 77.

I am surprised that I feel so personally saddened by his passing. I was not around when brothers John and Bobby were alive and I really haven’t paid much attention to Ted Kennedy other than seeing him on the news once in a while.

Perhaps I feel as I do because in so many ways Ted Kennedy was a living bit of history and a connection to brother Jack – who called in the National Guard during that turbulent time when Governor Wallace stood on the steps and physically blocked two young Americans from University because of the colour of their skin. (Hear a recording of President Kennedy’s speech on that day right here.)

Ted Kennedy was the last major figure from a family that has often been referred to as American Royalty. But royalty or not, privileged or not, the family endured so much tragedy and Edward Kennedy saw it all.

I’m working night shift so I can’t follow the story for you other than the breaking ABC News story Ted Kennedy Dies of Brain Cancer at Age 77.

You can bet that Matt Drudge will have whatever else becomes available PDQ.

See you in the morning, friends.




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21 responses to “The Last of the Kennedy Brothers is Gone – Senator Ted Kennedy Dead of Brain Cancer

  1. “I woke up today, the papers spoke of a man we know
    He’s made of the stuff they say that first made our country grow
    Living in style, traveling to distant lands
    Better hang tough, for now it’s time to make your stand
    Can we ignore the basic facts of history
    Or deny what people say is destiny
    I think the message is ever so loud and clear

    “Eddie, now don’t you run
    You know you’re a bootlegger’s son
    And you saw just what it’s done to the others
    Eddie, now don’t you run
    It’s the end of all your fun
    And you saw just what they’ve done
    To your brothers

    “Can we ignore the basic facts of history
    Or deny what people say is destiny
    First in the eighties but last of the sons
    First in the eyes of his countrymen
    I think the message is ever so loud and clear

    “Eddie, now don’t you run
    You know you’re a bootlegger’s son
    And you saw just what it’s done to the others
    Eddie, now don’t you run
    It’s the end of all your fun
    And you saw just what they’ve done
    To your brothers”

    Styx’ warning to Edward after Bob and JFK didn’t last

  2. Paul Barnes

    BFP: There were actually 4 “Kennedy brothers”, the sons of Joe Kennedy…you forgot the eldest, Joseph Jr., who was killed in World War II. His light burned brightest of all, apparently, and he was his father’s favourite son, groomed to be Presidential material in preference to JFK, but he died before his political potential could be put to the test. Edward Kennedy was the only one of the 4 brothers to die a “natural” death…

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  4. Senator Edward Moore “Ted” Kennedy

    Shook their hands and reached across the isle
    Edward “Ted” Kennedy was versatile
    November 7 in 1962
    Assigned to the Senate and from there this icon grew
    Tragedy came to his brothers very early
    Oswald shot and killed JFK then Sirhan shot and killed Bobby
    Remorse clouded Ted’s good judgment they say, over these 5 years
    Emotions overcame Ted and little could dry his tears
    Driving from a party in ‘69 his car broke a bridge
    When it overturned in the water, he escaped and fled to a ridge
    Abandoning the accident where his passenger had drown
    Reported his guilt of fleeing and accepted the mandate of the crown
    Darkness plagued Ted and he needed great light
    Mounded himself into work and there shone bright
    Over the next four decades his records would show
    One man who became an icon that both sides will know
    Reached out first as a friend to all in the House
    Encouraged all other Senators to dispel political grouse
    Then get to the root of the problems before they decide
    Even chose to stand in the way before them, if tempers will collide
    Decades of work, he wrote over 300 bills
    Kept busy, they called him “The Lion Of The Senate,” for his skills
    Enormous contributions he made to affect all Americans’ lives
    No other Senator has done more, I hope his legacy survives
    Not through his name alone but the differences he laid
    Equality, Civil Rights, universal health care and immigration aid
    Dogs were his passion, sailing, fishing and saying “You tried!”
    Yesterday, before midnight, Senator Edward Moore “Ted” Kennedy, died

    An Acrostic in Tribute to my memory of Senator Edward Moore “Ted” Kennedy

  5. Meanwhile, back here on Earth, here is how the late Senator Edward Kennedy has actually voted on free speech. In this case, whether the Washington D.C. bureau “Federal Communications Commission” ought to be banned from talk radio to air views with which it disagrees.

    The amendment is called the Coleman Amendment. Check out the Nay section.

    Imagine if David Thompson were to demand that the Barbados Free Press publish a pro-DLP counterpoint every time you posted something he didn’t like… that’s the Kennedy approach to free speech.

    (There, all that and I managed not to mention Chappaquiddick… oops)

  6. I meant, “banned from ORDERING talk radio to air views with which [Washington D.C.] agrees”. I wonder if you could implement a preview section. Maybe I’ll write to David Thompson!

  7. BFP

    Hi Paul,

    Yes we know about Joe. Especially our own Robert who studied Joe’s last mission where he died in a modified B17.

    We should have mentioned him as part of the tragedy of the family and we’ll insert that now. Thanks for reminding us of our omission.

  8. Hartley Henry (not really!)

    May the courageous Senator rest in Peace.

    At least for now, this story……allows all of the ” heat ” to be taken off me.

    Thank you BFP….you really understand the essence of good timing.

    Hartley Henry

  9. PiedPiper

    When I was much younger, I bought into the whole mythical Kennedy Family as demi-Gods propaganda but after having read many books that expose and demystify them, I have come to the conclusion that they were and perhaps still are, one of the most dangerous families in America. Out of all of them, Ted Kennedy was, perhaps, the least dangerous but he still wielded considerable power just by virtue of his last name. Even mother Rose Kennedy, despite claiming to be a devout Catholic and doing her wifely duty by producing as many children as her tiny frame could, apparently was a cold and distant mother who saw her children only as vehicles to propel the family ever further up the ladder to power.

  10. Rumboy

    The end of an era. He was a good man and he brought peace to Northern Ireland. May he rest in peace.

  11. Rumboy

    We here also lost one of our great sons – Sir Albert Graham ( Dr Bertie ). He was my doc and my sons doc and one of the very few who could always be reached regardless of the time. My sincere condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.

  12. If I were a rich man (or his son)

    The influence of Edward Kennedy on American politics is undeniable. However, I have mixed feelings about a man who (a) cheated on a Spanish exam while at Harvard resulting in his being expelled (b) left the scene of an accident (Chappaquiddick) which resulted in a young woman drowning while he went to bed at motel without informing anyone about the accident, (c) supported the republican cause in Northern Ireland resulting in a prolonging of that war in Northern Ireland with the deaths and injuries of many people and (d) supported abortion laws contrary to his membership of the Roman Catholic Church.

    May he rest.

  13. Paul Barnes

    Bertie Graham was my peadiatrician too…he was a very pleasant man…with a very cold thermometer! May he rest in peace.

  14. King Dyall

    No one becomes as famous and powerful as the Kennedys without stepping on many toes. This is a family whose financial foundation was built from ill-gotten gain. May he RIP.

  15. Lady Anon

    At some time during my young life, Dr Graham was also my doctor…I think at the time it seemed as though he was the only pediatrician. May he rest in peace.

    The passing of Senator Kennedy is truly the end of an era. Despite his failings and/or his family’s ill gotten gains, he seemed to truly work hard to make a difference in this world. May he too rest in peace.

    Today too, author Dominic Dunne died after battling bladder cancer.

  16. PiedPiper

    Lady Anon, I will miss Dominic Dunne’s articles in Vanity Fair. It was one of the main reasons I read the magazine.

  17. Alice Guajardo

    America has lost a favorite son. Though he was the youngest son of an ambassador, the brother of a former president and attorney general. He has definitely made a place for himself. He was for the “average american”, trying to help those that would benefit for laws that benefit, us the lower class. Yes he had wealth, he didn’t have to help. But, he saw a need, to help, to pick up the torch the brothers, to lead the way for a better life for all of us, not just the needy, but all of us. To make america a better place for her people. He will greatly missed. It’s unfortunate, that he never became president. That’s where President Obama comes in. Senator Kennedy saw in him, what he knew needed to be done to make our country great again. Our senators in Congress need to work together, and forget their differences for the better of our citizens, and set the political differences aside.

  18. The Lion Of The Senate

    This death, although we tried to prepare
    Has grabbed tightly, people everywhere
    Every political figure and every constituent
    Lost this iconic figure and his needed involvement
    I watched closely and read how he
    Organized bipartisanship and caused both sides to agree
    No other senator served in this way
    Only he made crossing sides seem okay
    Forty seven year he worked hard to enact legislation
    The Cancer, Disabilities, Civil Rights Acts. Nationality and Immigration
    Health Insurance, Children’s Health program, Mental Health Parity
    Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, most recently
    Senator Kennedy worked with President Bush, the two parties combined
    Enacted in 2002 an educational Act, No Children Left Behind
    Numerous other bills, over 300, in his political odyssey
    Are now part of the Lion’s great legacy
    Ted passed the torch to Barack before he passed away
    Expecting Americans will enjoy Universal Health Care soon, one day

    A reminder of the Lion’s roar. Remember that verse from Sunday school? “This little light of mine…….never let the devil poof it out” Well Obama, you have the torch!

  19. nine

    ” May he RIP.”

    NO King Dyall – may he rot in hell – Mary Jo Kopechne RIP

    “He was a good man and he brought peace to Northern Ireland.”

    You think, Rumboy? His family, led by him were unrepentant supporters of the IRA scum they idolised, indeed one of his nieces married a convicted IRA terrorist, and it wasn’t until the US felt the foul breath of terrorism on its own face on 911 that the Boston Irish enthusiasm for collection boxes for the boyos waned. That was when Ted spotted the changing public opinion, and decided to support peace, for his own ends.

    I am amazed that of the 18 preceding comments, none have painted the true picture of this vile man, who was thrown out of Harvard for cheating, left a young girl to die a terrible death in order to save his worthless self, was a serial womaniser, and supporter of terrorism.
    Good riddance – and not a moment too soon.

    PS The apple seldom falls far from the tree. Joe Kennedy Sr supported Hitler, and as US Ambassador (a bought appointment, like his son’s Presidency) urged his government to abandon support of Britain ine World War II. What a family of princes!!

    And then there is his family, rapists and murderers included. Google is your friend – read it and weep.

  20. Illuminator

    Haw Haw ‘nine’ you now gone and burst some bubbles………lol .If ya stick to whatever agenda that is expected of u from the establishment then ya get a real glowing send off when ya dead….whether um is true or not.

  21. ninemikemike

    ‘um’ is definitely fuh troo, yuh en mek nuh mistake Illuminator!

    The establishment looks after its own, and those who pay their inflated salaries can go hang.
    Even Hitler’s death was a cause of sorrow to Eamon de Valera, who sent official commiserations from the Irish government to the Nazi high command on hearing of it. A bit like the Kennedys in fact.