Chris Brown Sentenced To Probation In Rihanna Assault – Court Reveals Ongoing Assaults By Both, Confirms Barbados Land Rover Damage Rumour

Rihanna & Chris Brown - A poison relationship that didn't end soon enough.

A poison relationship that didn't end soon enough.

Rihanna & Chris Brown: A Violent Mix

A Los Angeles judge sentenced Chris Brown to five years probation and six months’ community labour for the vicious assault upon Rihanna earlier this year. The judge made it clear that Brown was to do manual labour in the community and not easier service.

The court also heard that, as is often the case in these couples battles, there had been previous incidents of violence by both Brown and Rihanna. The sentencing report also confirmed the rumours about Chris Brown smashing the windows and mirrors of Rihanna’s Land Rover when they were in Barbados as a couple.

Hopefully both of them will have learned something from their mutually-destructive attraction for each other. The big life lesson is this: at the first sign of abuse – whether physical or verbal – terminate the relationship immediately.

It’s just not worth it to try and save a relationship that has already deteriorated to that point. At the first hint of abuse, I’m outta there permanently.

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18 responses to “Chris Brown Sentenced To Probation In Rihanna Assault – Court Reveals Ongoing Assaults By Both, Confirms Barbados Land Rover Damage Rumour

  1. oh come on

    chris breezy u gotta be crazy for smashing taxpayers money tho, hitting dat landrover is like hitting my landrover, i help buy um

  2. doan worry chris breezy. by next year nuhbody in the states aint gine remember bout this an ya next album gine guh double platinums.

    an if ya do a duet wid stabby or gabby fa next cropover we bajans gine gi ya a ease too.

  3. lesson

    The important lesson is that you can’t get away with domestic abuse and he was dealt with appropriately.

    Hopefully he will learn from this and move forward a stronger person.

    Would this have ever happened in Barbados?

  4. 2009

    Dear Lesson,

    Can you get the judge in this case … preside over the case involving Kerrie ‘ yuh CHERRIE is mine ” Symmonds ?

  5. Mobutu

    This is feminist justice from a female judge. Rihanna is a violent girl who hits first and richly deserves the beating she got. My sympathies to Chris Brown for getting slimed for teaching her a lesson.

  6. Lady Anon

    If that is the case, Mobutu, why were charges not filed against Rihanna as well, which could have been done?

    The imposition of the requirement to stay away from Rihanna for 5 years seems to be a novel one…I have not seen that imposition before. It should curb the incidence in this case of the abused and the abuser going back together as soon as the case is finished.

    I doubt very much Chris will be sticking to the rule as I am sure he does not want to end up in prison.

    While Mobutu may not agree, I think justice was served in this case…as much as it could have been. Even though there were calls for imprisonment, the threat is still there.

  7. Lady Anon

    Third paragraph correction:

    I doubt very much Chris will be sticking to the rule as I am sure he does not want to end up in prison.

    Typing too fast and not reading fast enough…my apologies if I offended anyone.

  8. BFP

    No Problem, LA,

    Marcus will fix! 🙂

  9. David Ross

    Maybe she does deserve a beating but a man who is twice her size is not the person to give it to her.

    Men, real men, do not hit women.

    The right thing for a man to do if the woman is throwing toasters is just to walk away. (If it’s the man’s house, and the woman is as rich as Rihanna, don’t worry if she breaks stuff- you can sue.)

    Anyway, chances are Rihanna will pull this stunt on that 180 lb, 5’10” chick at the club and, well…

  10. Anonymous

    You have not fixed it

  11. Mobutu

    Memo to David Ross

    The idea in chivalry that women are entitled to batter men with impunity derives from the historical notion that women are inferior to men. As you know, that idea has been overthrown in favour of the “modern” (i.e. Western) idea that men and women are “equal”. That is why women vote, and are eligible for election to the highest offices in the land.

    If they are equal to men, they must respect men, and treat men EXACTLY as they expect to be treated. If they attack us, they should be attacked. Otherwise, they are no longer equal, but superior to men, with more rights and privileges than men. Get it?

  12. oh come on

    lady anon it is the same justice that was served when divorce proceedings in the states usually favor the woman by giving her what she needs to keep up her lifestyle while the man suffers bitterly

    see nas vs kelis

    doan get me started

  13. oh come on

    but mobey u ain get the memo?

    men and women are no longer equal

    they already get more rights and privileges than us.

  14. Lady Anon

    @ Mobutu and OCO

    …then stop complaining and do something about it.

    The “more rights” came about because women fought long and hard to have “equal rights” – one case in point, women were NOT allowed to vote until 1948 – even though they helped to prop up the US (and world) economy through two world wars.

    The difference is that women did not become complacent and satisfied with the “status quo” and continually pushed the envelope.

    Perhaps it is time you too (and you two) push the envelope.

  15. oh come on

    u are absolutely right but the problem is when women were fighting for the rights of women, men also joined the fight and helped, we are now at a stage in history where male judges impose the same ludicrous judgements in favour of women.

    will we see women in the midst fighting for the men? jokes. will the plight of the man who divorces or is involved in a domestic dispute with a woman be fought by women also? doubt it. marriage will become a thing of the past soon tho, marriage is like a huge gamble to men nowadays (especially men with money.)

  16. Lady Anon

    I agree with you to some extent, but one of the reasons why marriage has become a thing of the past is not that it is a huge gamble for men, but it is also a huge gamble for women. I think there is more to the mortar than the pestle where marriage is concerned. If you conduct a random survey, I am sure the reasons for not getting married on both sides have nothing to do with money.

    But in this case, I guess I will agree to disagree on some points.

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