We’re Happy Nicholas Cox agrees again with Barbados Free Press

Yup, once again Nicholas Cox has taken a position agreeing with an earlier Barbados Free Press article. It is always heartening to see that members of the local news media and frequently published writers still come around BFP once in a while even though we constantly criticize the Bajan news media on many levels.

This time Nicholas expanded upon our little article Illegal Dumping Free-For-All In Barbados: No Charges, No Penalty if you are caught!

In his Barbados Advocate piece Time to make dumpers pay! Nicholas makes some fine points about the big-time dumping and small-time littering that threatens our tourism industry and has become an all too frequent occurrence in Barbados. The problem is so deep-rooted that Bajans, argues Nicholas, need a cultural change. He shares our belief that consistent enforcement backed by consistent penalties in the form of fines is foundational to changing our bad habits.

An article well worth your time at the Barbados Advocate: Time to make dumpers pay!


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7 responses to “We’re Happy Nicholas Cox agrees again with Barbados Free Press

  1. a bit much

    good article. but one question: is it not possible to that he arrived at this opinion independently of freepress? He has written several articles regarding the environment; he seems to have a genuine interest in the issue. ur pat on the back for “convincing” him to this pov is a bit much.

  2. BFP

    Of course it is possible that Mr. Cox and other journalists arrive at their opinions independently of BFP and never read our articles.

    It is possible for that to have recently happened to Mr. Cox five or six times, I suppose.

    Even if Mr. Cox or other writers are inspired by our position or our articles and don’t acknowledge that – hey, that’s life and there is no law against it you know!

    And, if once in a while we at BFP see a pattern and slide in a comment that we see a pattern, I suppose that is ok too, isn’t it?

    The important thing is to clean this place up because tourists are starting to notice. All you have to do is read some of the travel blogs and chat groups and you’ll see that lately Barbados is surviving more on reputation than quality of performance and actual tourist experience at the destination.

    A few more years of experienced travelers posting about their disappointment with the garbage in Barbados and we will start to see a change in the general public’s perception of our country… and then, watch out for the tourism economy!

  3. X

    You all have some ego! You do good work and write good articles, but get off of your high horse. Just because someone shares your opinion does not mean that they ripped off your opinion. Nicholas is one of the very best columnists at the Advocate.

  4. BFP

    He sure is a great writer, and we are delighted that he chooses to share our opinion once or twice.

    … or thrice… 😉

  5. reality check

    Lets celebrate the positive action and not where the inspiration might or might not have come from.

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

    The more people that take up a responsible lifestyle the better of Barbados becomes!

  6. I remember there being too much rubbish in the ravine behind Farley Hill. There’s no excuse for it; Farley Hill has too high a profile to let go to wrack and ruin.

    Some of the dumping might well be from tourists; I have no problem with you fining them, btw.

    Barbados seemed clean enough to me otherwise.

  7. We are becoming a nation of callous persons no respect for people or environment. The whole government is paying lip service to agriculture and the environment. As usual we will realise what is happening when its too late. My organisation is tired of the failure to prosecute illegal dumpers and if things don’t change these Environmental Conscious persons who coordinate beach cleaning and climate change education will become defunct like the Barbados Environmental Association.