Typical Barbados Justice System Follies: Another Police File “Missing” at Director of Public Prosecutions Office

Justice-Scales-MoneyIn a real Justice System all the alarm bells and sirens go off when a police file goes missing in a high-profile case.

In Barbados, its only another day of at the office.

Welcome to the Justice System of Barbados…

This is a country where a twelve year old girl is raped and it doesn’t come to court for ten years and then gets tossed because the “old boy network” looked after things.

This is a country where a popular pastor is charged with rape and it doesn’t come to court for seven years.

This is a country where a civil lawsuit against the Attorney General can’t come to trial in 17 bloody years!

This is a country where we have no laws to protect buyers of condominiums, a country where a court dispute over a condominium can take 19 years and still be unresolved!

This is a country where a seriously injured tourist has to wait eleven long years for justice.

This is a country where a foreign resident who purchased land in Barbados can’t get title or deed for 34 years! No, that is not a typo error. It is 34 bloody years and still counting!

This is a country where rape victims are pressured into taking money in exchange for not testifying when criminal charges have already been laid… and the courts go along with it!

And if the courts give a decision that the government of the day doesn’t like? The foreign investor is just as likely to see the army sent in with guns to overrule the court’s decision. They don’t usually print the story of Barbados Sea Island Cotton and Nitin Amersey in the local news!

“Rule of law?”

Ha! You mek sport my friends!

This is the reality of our Barbados courts and it has been recognized again and again but nothing changes.

Here is the latest story. Just today’s story — but citizens and foreign investors alike should be aware that if they have a dispute with one of the Barbados elites or the government, or find themselves relying upon the Barbados Justice System, this is what they are in for…

from The Nation (online story here)…

Delay in Radio Boss’ Case

THE POLICE FILE has been allegedly lost and so a year after the case against radio manager Veoma Alisha Ali first came to court, it is yet to start.

Ali’s counsel Wilfred Abrahams yesterday told the District “A” Magistrates’ Court that “apparently the file had gone to the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office and had been misplaced”.

His comments came after police prosecutor Sergeant Trenton Small said he was not yet in possession of a file.

“Even if that were true,” said Magistrate Pamela Beckles in response to Abrahams’ comments, “this is a whole year that has passed and you should go back to the complainant and re-interview her.”

Ali, 29, of No. 397 A, Westwood Park, Husbands, St James, has been accused that with intent to maim, disfigure or disable Kareen Clarke, of Denton Road, Grazettes, St Michael, she did serious bodily harm to Clarke on August 27, 2008.

Ali remains on $20 000 bail.

The matter was then adjourned until Novembers 9.


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9 responses to “Typical Barbados Justice System Follies: Another Police File “Missing” at Director of Public Prosecutions Office

  1. Facts and Truth Commission

    When you list examples like that out so easily it looks bad BFP.

    Are there more or are you cherry picking every single thing you can find?

  2. Facts and Truth Commission

    should have said “BFP, when you list examples like that out so easily it looks bad for Barbados.”

    Please change it for me. Thankyou.

  3. reality check

    “Facts and Truth Commission”

    Its bad enough that BFP produces facts but now they are accused of cherry picking.

    Anyone who has lived in Barbados knows there is systemic rot and many many more examples of legal wrongdoing which is never touched by the local press.

    Please do not use the words facts and truth if its something you can’t face on squarely and please don’t mention the word commisission. We all know what that gets you in Barbados.

  4. Onlooker

    Oue justice system never ceases to amaze me. A man is goes before the court because he fails to dead stop at a major stop when no other vehicle is in sight, or mayb the lights next to his rear number plate no longer burn and he is unaware. He is fined forthwith or face a jail sentence. Then we have persons charged with wounding or driving without adequate liscence and insurance and are fined. Ther are given several months to pay the fines.
    We need a system where the punishment fits the crime and where no one is above the law.

  5. Hants

    The Nation newspaper reported this “missing file” incident.

    All BFP is doing is providing a forum for you me and anyone else to voice our opinions.

    Imagine how easy it is to influence court cases by “misplacing” files.

    I have a theory as to why it takes years to transfer property in Barbados but I will deal with that at another time.

    BFP doan ease up.

  6. Anonymous

    When is the next Transparency International study due to be undertaken?

  7. civilsociety

    Perhaps unrelated but I am trying to find out who was the coroner in St James in 1970. Anyone have any idea? I am getting a bit of a run around at the Registrar…Thanks

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