Emergency Blood Donation Call in Barbados – AB+ Especially Needed – Please help ‘Louise’

Barbados Free Press picked up on this article from Ian Bourne’s The Bajan Reporter blog…

(Patient’s name changed to protect the innocent, but charity people at bottom of note use their actual contacts and names)

I have a very big favour to ask. The only way forward at this stage is to get help by word of mouth around the island. I am therefore asking you to forward the two enclosures to as many people as you can, with a message to continue to forward. I am hoping that eventually, the right people will respond to one or both requests.

I am not sure if you have heard yet, or even know of “Louise,” but she needs some help urgently. She needs to sell her car and to get people to donate blood early next week so that her operation can go ahead.

“Louise” is my best friend here on the island and she told me less than 2 weeks ago that she has colon cancer. It has all been a huge shock for “Louise” and her family and friends. But the worse of it is that although her cancer is very serious, she is facing other problems. Usually “Louise” would be moritified that I am even discussing her condition, but she has come to terms with the fact that we now have to go to great lengths if she is going to get through this nightmare.

Only today was the date for her surgery confirmed as next Friday 28th – but they will not operate without donations of blood. With that in mind, I now need to ask people to donate blood next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so that “Louise” can benefit from the donations. FYI, “Louise” is AB+ blood group which in theory means that she can accept blood from anyone. However, when she was in hospital recently she rejected one batch of blood which meant that her body was making antibodies against some blood groups. This meant that could only accept her own blood group i.e. AB+ and as a result the hospital ran out of blood twice during the transfusion. It is therefore imperative that we get people to donate AB+ blood. However, it would also be good for people of other blood groups to donate as a contingency. If we do not collect enough AB+ then “Louise” can still use other blood groups if she was prepared with drugs that will hopefully stop the antibodies. But this is not an ideal situation and is a last resort. Therefore we need as many people to donate blood as possible, but AB+ people especially. She has been told by the doctors that the surgery for her cancer cannot go ahead without the blood.

The Blood Collection offices are open from 8-4 Monday to Friday (shorter day on Friday); you need to be between 18 and 65, not had a tattoo, acupuncture or ear piercing within a year and must have a full tummy i.e. eaten a half hour before going and an hour should be all it takes. The Blood Bank can be reached through the QEH switchboard at extension 2614 or direct at 429-4307; it is now located just around the roundabout down from St-Gabriel’s on Jemmotts Lane.

Therefore can you please forward the attached note to your database.


She urgently needs to sell the car to pay for her treatment, as well as chemotherapy, so again, can you send out an urgent message to your database – see across for similar vehicle.

It is a Toyota MR2 Spider convertible blue car. “Louise” has recently had the car valued at around 70,000 bds, but is asking 55,000 for a quick sale, but will take 50,000 as the lowest price.


I am not sure if you know “Louise,” but she is a strong and impressive lady, but this is the first time in her life that she has had to accept help from friends and others. But this is not a time to be shy about asking for favours as too much is at stake. So any help you can give is much appreciated.

Many thanks again for your help on this.

Love to you all

Bridget XXX [NB: e-mail in link] – any questions call me on 247 9292 (do not leave messages as I am bad at collecting them) or call Richard on 247 9222. Or call the house at 432 1630


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21 responses to “Emergency Blood Donation Call in Barbados – AB+ Especially Needed – Please help ‘Louise’

  1. Lady Anon

    Please read the text carefully…I think the individual’s real name is still included. You may wish to correct this.

  2. Robert not signed in

    Thx. I think it was taken care of by Clive.

  3. J

    I am not Louise’s blood group, but I’d encourage others to please donate, and I’d encourage you as well become a regular donor.

    I’ve donated 40 times in the past 16 1/2 years and I’m none the worse for it, and I expect that countless unknown people are much the better for it.

    Blood the untimate renewable resource.

  4. Where? I need to review mine…

  5. Whoops, spotted it, denke schern!

  6. 2012

    I believe this is a wake up call for an education programme on aspects of colon cancer and how it can be treated if detected early.

  7. David Ross

    AB+ is, indeed, a universal recipient; I have that myself. I wish you had posted this in July when I was over there :^(

    I read somewhere – maybe Sykes, maybe Sforza – that there are additional (rare) blood types in Africa. Some of those who donated may have inherited those. People of normal blood types, even of uncommon mixtures like AB+, will reject blood from a weird type.

    I’m actually NOT ALLOWED to give blood over here in Texas because I’m a Brit. We all have mad cow disease, they tell me.

  8. David Ross

    … for instance, the Duffy antigen. Is Duffy an issue here?

  9. J

    David why would you even want to donate in Barbados when you are FORBIDDEN from donating in the U.S.?

    David wrpte “that there are additional (rare) blood types in Africa. Some of those who donated may have inherited those. People of normal blood types”

    Every blood type is normal.

    We African mostly descended Bajans are NORMAL people, with NORMAL blood types. Neither we nor or blood are weird.

  10. victor

    It’s noteworthy that in the US where you get paid to donate bIood pIenty of peopIe of African descent donate whereas in the UK where you don’t get paid, hardIy anyone of African descent donates bIood. or organs, for that matter.

  11. I had jaundice at 3 weeks old, I am told because of that even though I am “O” positive I can never give blood, that seems ridiculous to me, I do not have jaundice now…

  12. PiedPiper

    David, if a Texan and Texas tells you that you have Mad Cow Disease, just accept that they are 100% correct, after all, didn’t they tell us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction?

  13. Jinx


    This can be bought in Barbados. Ask the homeopaths. $60.00 Bds

    Wishing this lady all the best….

  14. Anonymous

    Is MMS the correct name to ask for ?
    Is it also at Health stores in Barbados?

  15. David Ross

    I apologise for using the word “weird”, which I admit is a loaded term. Perhaps a term like “statistical outlier in the majoritarian human genome” would have got the same point across with less baggage. Of course it would also have taken longer to type.

  16. Volunteer Donor

    I went down to donate yesterday and met the good lady. It seems she will now have enough units of AB+ for her operation. Thanks to all who responded to the call, and please continue to donate. Some day you or someone close to you may also be in need of blood.

  17. King Dyall

    A very good friend of mine is AB+. He turned up to donate blood 6 weeks ago and was told that his blood was not needed at the time “because AB+ persons can can only donate to other AB+ persons” and apparantly this represents less than 2% of our population. Quite rightly the bloo bank did not want to waste this special gift. I need to know if Louise is covered because if she is not I’ll have to make a call.

  18. island gal

    King Dyall,
    ‘Louise’ has enough blood at blood bank thanks to all who went and gave. God bless all who went and donated blood.

  19. island gal

    Many thanks for all who kindly donated blood last week, it was very kind and generous of you.

    11 people in total donated blood so that ‘Louise’s’ operation could take place on Friday.

    Bless everyone involved

  20. Bajan Butterfly

    I have heard all the great wonderful stuff of the Blood Bank, except that their manners on the phone to release information on when one can give blood after being on antibotics is truly depressing!

    If anyone knows this information please advise.

  21. Nikhilesh

    my blood type AB+