Hero’s Welcome In Libya For Lockerbie Terrorist Spits On Victims’ Graves

British PM Gordon Brown discussed Lockerbie terrorist's release with Gaddafi six weeks ago. Reminder: Years ago Gaddafi confessed Lybia's involvement in the Lockerbie 747 bombing.

British PM Gordon Brown discussed Lockerbie terrorist's release with Gaddafi six weeks ago. Reminder: On August 15, 2003, Gaddafi's UN ambassador confessed and apologized for Libya's involvement in the Lockerbie 747 bombing.

“Obviously a political decision…” … US Admiral Michael Mullen, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff

The full story of the “compassionate release” of the man convicted in the terror bombing that brought down a Pan Am 103, a Boeing 747 full of innocent men, women and children, is starting to appear in the British news media. Contrary to the original statements of denial by the British government, it now appears that senior UK government officials including Prime Minister Brown were deeply involved in the release of Libyan intelligence officer Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi. (Guardian: Gordon Brown in new storm over freed Lockerbie bomber and US Piles Pressure On Britain)

Gaddafi celebrates with terrorist on national television.

Gaddafi celebrates with terrorist on national television. Thanks to the Government of the United Kingdom for not consulting with victims' families or other involved countries beforehand.

As any idiot could have predicted, Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi and thousands of his subjects met the freed terrorist in a disgusting victory celebration upon his return. The outrage in the U.K., the USA and in the other countries that lost citizens is just starting. Whatever moral authority the UK Government had disappeared in an instant.

Many prominent and ordinary people alike are writing about the release of a convicted terrorist, but the recently published letter to Scottish Minister Kenny MacAskill by the Director of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation pretty well sums up our feelings ’bout hey…

The full letter from FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III, to Scottish Minister Kenny MacAskill regarding the release of the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset Ali Al Megrahi.

Dear Mr. Secretary:

Over the years I have been a prosecutor, and recently as the Director of the FBI, I have made it a practice not to comment on the actions of other prosecutors, since only the prosecutor handling the case has all the facts and the law before him in reaching the appropriate decision.

Your decision to release Megrahi causes me to abandon that practice in this case. I do so because I am familiar with the facts, and the law, having been the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the investigation and indictment of Megrahi in 1991. And I do so because I am outraged at your decision, blithely defended on the grounds of “compassion.”

Your action in releasing Megrahi is as inexplicable as it is detrimental to the cause of justice. Indeed your action makes a mockery of the rule of law.

Your action gives comfort to terrorists around the world who now believe that regardless of the quality of the investigation, the conviction by jury after the defendant is given all due process, and sentence appropriate to the crime, the terrorist will be freed by one man’s exercise of “compassion.” Your action rewards a terrorist even though he never admitted to his role in this act of mass murder and even though neither he nor the government of Libya ever disclosed the names and roles of others who were responsible.

Your action makes a mockery of the emotions, passions and pathos of all those affected by the Lockerbie tragedy: the medical personnel who first faced the horror of 270 bodies strewn in the fields around Lockerbie, and in the town of Lockerbie itself; the hundreds of volunteers who walked the fields of Lockerbie to retrieve any piece of debris related to the breakup of the plane; the hundreds of FBI agents and Scottish police who undertook an unprecedented global investigation to identify those responsible; the prosecutors who worked for years–in some cases a full career–to see justice done.

But most importantly, your action makes a mockery of the grief of the families who lost their own on December 21, 1988. You could not have spent much time with the families, certainly not as much time as others involved in the investigation and prosecution. You could not have visited the small wooden warehouse where the personal items of those who perished were gathered for identification–the single sneaker belonging to a teenager; the Syracuse sweatshirt never again to be worn by a college student returning home for the holidays; the toys in a suitcase of a businessman looking forward to spending Christmas with his wife and children.

You apparently made this decision without regard to the views of your partners in the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for the Lockerbie tragedy. Although the FBI and Scottish police, and prosecutors in both countries, worked exceptionally closely to hold those responsible accountable, you never once sought our opinion, preferring to keep your own counsel and hiding behind opaque references to “the need for compassion.”

You have given the family members of those who died continued grief and frustration. You have given those who sought to assure that the persons responsible would be held accountable the back of your hand.

You have given Megrahi a “jubilant welcome” in Tripoli, according to the reporting. Where, I ask, is the justice?

Sincerely yours,
Robert S. Mueller, III
Director, FBI


Wikipedia: Pan Am Flight 103


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19 responses to “Hero’s Welcome In Libya For Lockerbie Terrorist Spits On Victims’ Graves

  1. Where was the compassion for the victims and their families. This obviously was some money in someone’s pocket or a political upgrade earned. This is a slap in all of the families faces, the victims are dismissed and all is well for the murderer receiving a hero’s welcome home. Why should he be with family in his terminal illness, the victims families never got to even say goodbye. A terrible injustice, and a note to all terrorists, it ok, we like it, give us some more, we will end up letting you go free, we are compassionate, I will go puke now!

  2. Green Monkey

    The real reason for the release of the convicted “terrorist” is that his lawyers were planning an appeal which would show his initial conviction was a travesty of justice involving a frame up of the Libyan and a coverup of the evidence which would have proven his innocence.

    It would have greatly embarrassed the Scottish justice system if his appeal went ahead and all this evidence was presented in court. It looks like a deal was made that since he was near death at any rate and an appeal would still drag out until after his death, in return for dropping his appeal, he was allowed to go free.

  3. cq8

    The terrorist dropped his appeal. State your source for saying his conviction was a frame up. Was the Libyan government’s public admission of involvement and apology at the United Nations also a “frame up”?

  4. Green Monkey

    cq8 See the links above. They were probably in moderation when you posted your query. Also,this:

    CIA spook says Megrahi was freed before appeal humiliated justice system

    Aug 23 2009 Charles Lavery

    A CIA terror expert who worked on the Lockerbie investigation has claimed Megrahi would have been freed on appeal.

    In an exclusive interview, retired case officer Robert Baer has revealed details of the secret dossier of evidence Megrahi hoped would clear his name.

    Baer claims the appeal, which he worked on, could have done serious damage to our legal system.

    And he insists Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill had little option other than to release Megrahi.


    and this

    Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked

    A FORMER Scottish police chief has given lawyers a signed statement claiming that key evidence in the Lockerbie bombing trial was fabricated.

    The retired officer – of assistant chief constable rank or higher – has testified that the CIA planted the tiny fragment of circuit board crucial in convicting a Libyan for the 1989 mass murder of 270 people.

    The police chief, whose identity has not yet been revealed, gave the statement to lawyers representing Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, currently serving a life sentence in Greenock Prison.

    The evidence will form a crucial part of Megrahi’s attempt to have a retrial ordered by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC). The claims pose a potentially devastating threat to the reputation of the entire Scottish legal system.


  5. cq8

    Interesting GM, but much of it is conjecture including the “missing” 600 page document.

    I’m not saying you are wrong or that it couldn’t have happened but that is why there are procedures and rule of law.

    It also doesn’t address Libyan sponsorship of terror attacks in Berlin and their “guilty” confession at the UN.

  6. Chicago

    Time for Americans to boycott scotch and drink Irish, Canadian or our own whisky.

  7. Green Monkey

    This is conjecture too I guess:

    Probe into Lockerbie timer claims

    Ulrich Lumpert, formerly an electronics engineer with Mebo AG, Zurich, has signed an affidavit admitting he committed perjury before the Scottish Court in the Netherlands.

    In his affidavit he states that he stole a handmade sample of an “MST-13 Timer PC-board” from Mebo in Zurich and handed it over, on June 22 1989, to an “official person investigating the Lockerbie case.”

    He further states that the fragment of the timer, cut into two pieces for “supposedly forensic reasons,” which was presented in court stemmed from the same piece.

    He further states that when he became aware that this piece was used for an “intentional politically motivated criminal undertaking” he decided, out of fear for his life, to keep silent on the matter.


    I think the evidence for a frame up is pretty damning when you add it all up (and the Lord only knows what details are still hidden), and ask yourself if they would really have suddenly released this supposed convicted, mass murdering terrorist on “compassionate” grounds and undergo all the flak they knew would come their way if they did not have some very compelling reasons (besides a supposed humanitarian motive to let him die in peace at home). Personally I think they knew Megrahi’s lawyers had them by the short and curlies. Other readers can judge for themselves.

    $2m witness payment, bogus forensic evidence and Pentagon memo blaming Iran: How Lockerbie bomber appeal threatened Scottish justice

    In a submission to the Court of Appeal running to thousands of words, Megrahi’s lawyers list 20 grounds of appeal which include:

    * Details of a catalogue of deliberately undisclosed evidence at the original trial.
    * Allegations of ‘tampering’ with evidence.
    * A summary of how American intelligence agencies were convinced that Iran, not Libya, was involved but that their reports were not open to the 2001 trial.

    The closely guarded submission was obtained by Ian Ferguson, an investigative journalist and co-author of the book Cover-up of Convenience – The Hidden Scandal of Lockerbie.

    But the evidence will never be tested in open court after the dying Libyan abandoned
    it last week to spend his final days with his family.

    Mr Ferguson, who has had 100 hours of unprecedented access to the 57-year-old former Libyan intelligence agent during his eight years in jail, claimed last night: ‘From the start there was a determination to try to prevent this appeal being heard.


    As far as Libya’s confession of guilt, Ghadaffi did what he had to do to get the sanctions against his country lifted.

    As far as the Berlin night club bombing, also allegedly carried out by Libya, a former Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky, in his book “The Other Side of Deception” explained how Libya had been setup by the Mossad.

    The manner in which Israel’s Mossad tricked the U.S. into attacking Libya was described in detail by former Mossad case worker Victor Ostrovsky in The Other Side of Deception, the second of two revealing books he wrote after he left Israel’s foreign intelligence service. The story began in February 1986, when Israel sent a team of navy commandos in miniature submarines into Tripoli to land and install a “Trojan,” a six-foot-long communications device, in the top floor of a five-story apartment building. The device, only seven inches in diameter, was capable of receiving messages broadcast by Mossad’s LAP (LohAma Psicologit—psychological warfare or disinformation section) on one frequency and automatically relaying the broadcasts on a different frequency used by the Libyan government.

    The commandos activated the Trojan and left it in the care of a lone Mossad agent in Tripoli who had leased the apartment and who had met them at the beach in a rented van.“By the end of March, the Americans were already intercepting messages broadcast by the Trojan,” Ostrovsky writes.

    “Using the Trojan, the Mossad tried to make it appear that a long series of terrorist orders were being transmitted to various Libyan embassies around the world,” Ostrovsky continues. As the Mossad had hoped, the transmissions were deciphered by the Americans and construed as ample proof that the Libyans were active sponsors of terrorism. What’s more, the Americans pointed out, Mossad reports confirmed it.

    “The French and the Spanish, though, were not buying into the new stream of information. To them it seemed suspicious that suddenly, out of the blue, the Libyans, who had been extremely careful in the past, would start advertising their future actions…The French and the Spanish were right. The information was bogus.”

    Ostrovsky, who is careful in what he writes, does not blame Mossad for the bombing, only a couple of weeks after the Trojan was installed, of La Belle Discothèque in West Berlin, which cost the lives of two American soldiers and a Turkish woman. But he convincingly documents the elaborate Mossad operation built around the Trojan, which led the U.S. to blame Libya for the bombing of the Berlin nightclub frequented by U.S. soldiers. The plot was given added credibility since it took place at a time when Qaddafi had “closed” the airspace over the Gulf of Sidra to U.S. aircraft, and then suffered the loss of two Libyan aircraft trying to enforce the ban, which were shot down by carrier-based U.S. planes.


    “Operation Trojan was one of the Mossad’s greatest successes,” Ostrovsky writes. “It brought about the air strike on Libya that President Reagan had promised—a strike that had three important consequences. First, it derailed a deal for the release of the American hostages in Lebanon, thus preserving the Hezbollah as the number one enemy in the eyes of the West. Second, it sent a message to the entire Arab world, telling them exactly where the United States stood regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict. Third, it boosted the Mossad’s image of itself, since it was they who, by ingenious sleight of hand, had prodded the United States to do what was right…


  8. Green Monkey

    Lockerbie Doubts

    By Lisa Pease
    August 21, 2009

    This decision caused an uproar in the United States. Obama administration officials lodged angry protests; family members of the victims decried the move, and TV pundits joined in the lamentations. But what do they really know about the Lockerbie bombing, beyond what they’ve read in the last few days?

    The truth about what happened at Lockerbie appears quite a bit more complex than the cookie-cutter version presented by the mainstream media. Several longtime observers of the al-Megrahi case have concluded that it has always been weak, at best.

    According to British journalist Hugh Miles in a 2007 article for London Review of Books, many “lawyers, politicians, diplomats and relatives of Lockerbie victims now believe that the former Libyan intelligence officer is innocent.”

    Miles quoted Robert Black QC, an Edinburgh University professor emeritus of Scottish law, as saying, “No reasonable tribunal, on the evidence heard at the original trial, should or could have convicted him and it is an absolute disgrace and outrage what the Scottish court did.”


  9. BFP

    Maybe, maybe not.

    But whatever is now done should be done in full public view according to the Rule of Law. The man was convicted and that should not be worked around by some damned politician.

    And Green Monkey, you are ignoring and / or skating around the proven Libyan terrorism. I don’t buy that Gaddafi confessed but Libya didn’t do it.

  10. D. Perry

    A tragic case for all involved – Anyone arriving at this blog to vent anger & disgust should first read Green Monkey’s measured & factual account – then, maybe, reconsider the focus of their rage.

    BFP – “The man was convicted and that should not be worked around by some damned politician.” – The man was convicted by ‘damned politicians’

  11. Sargeant

    And in related news the Swiss have issued an apology to Libya over the arrest of one of Gadhafi’s sons


  12. Green Monkey

    I am not saying that Gaddaffi has never engaged in terrorism, however in light of the steadily accumulating evidence of a frame up (although you would never know it by watching FOX or CNN) of this particular “terrorists” as apparently conducted by the CIA , I have to wonder if Libya is really responsible for this particular case of terrorism.

    Ghadaffi’s nation was undergoing major problems from sanctions and he had a choice, stick to his principles and maintain his country’s innocence and let the sanctions grind on, or since everyone just accepted the USA’s word on stuff like this anyway and any protestations of innocence would just prolong the agony, go along to get along and make a confession, pay reparations and get the sanctions lifted.

    When a party in a trial engages in introducing false evidence, covering up evidence that should be seen in court and bribing witnesses with millions of dollars for their testimony, they don’t get the benefit of the doubt in my books. They’ve already proven themselves liars and subverters of our Western style justice system.

    From Private Eye:


    Earlier this year the Eye predicted that the Scottish courts would hear only a small part of the appeal of Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi before it would be abandoned and he would return to Libya to die with his family. Meghari’s release was on the cards for some time.

    That was ensured by Jack Straw, the justice minister, sticking up two fingers at parliament’s human rights committee and rushing through the prisoner transfer deal with our new best friend, Muammar Gaddafi. After all, the deal suited all the main players, cementing relations with Libya as well as halting an appeal that threatened to prove a major embarrassment to both the UK and US governments. News last week that Megrahi was to be returned on ‘compassionate grounds’, because he was dying of cancer, briefly raised hopes that his appeal could continue in his absence. But that was never going to be allowed to happen, and Megrahi, who had always said he would never return to Libya until his name was cleared, duly dropped his appeal.


    The casualty is justice and the truth about the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, which claimed 270 victims. For as readers of the Eye’s special report by Paul Foot in 2001 are well aware, Megrahi’s trial was a travesty. There were the testimonies of two witnesses who were paid huge sums by the CIA – one a notorious liar and paid informer, Abdul Giaka, who first put Megrahi in the frame; the other the Maltese shopkeeper who identified him as the man who bought clothes said to have been packed round the bomb. He had been shown photographs of Megrahi.


    Allowing the only man convicted of the bombing to be returned to Libya has produced howls of outrage on both sides of the Atlantic. (That is, apart from the rare voices of the UN observer at the trial and some of the British victims’ families, who have studied every aspect of the case and believe there has been a miscarriage of justice.) That outrage would be better focused on the governments and justice systems that have ensured we have all been denied the full truth about Lockerbie. (me emphasis /Green Monkey)


  13. kiki

    The details of the Appeal that was going to be made should be published


    Libya took the blame as it was all just a political game

  14. lonely dove

    Green Monkey,

    Embarrassment? What Scotland did was far more embarrassing than allowing an appeal. All people who believe in the rule of law have no problem with an appeal process.

    What Scotland did was so stupid because they allowed for a militant terrorists to celebrate the west’s weakness at Scotland’s expense. William Wallace would be astounded at the wimpiness of the Scots, not even able to stick to their own standards of law and justice. What has happened to that country? Cowed by Islamic intimidation?

    He will now be away from the prison British health service and will live much longer than three months. He’ll get great medical care and be around for some time because he’s so useful as propaganda.

  15. oh come on

    the americans should be the last to talk

    they have a known terrorist luis posada living it up in miami, posada was instrumental in the bombing of the cubana airline off barbados. castro has been asking for his extradition for years.

    dont throw stones if u live in a glass house mr mueller

  16. victor

    Are we being toId the whoIe truth? Is his name AI – short for AIistair – McGrachie? Seems Iike it.

  17. Illuminator

    Brilliant work Green Monkey , how many times does it take before people realise the CIA’s paw prints and the MOSSAD have been involved in so many overthrows, assasinations, and all types of dastardly deeds for a while now . Guess what , it t’aint got nothing to do with preserving our freedoms and protecting us from the Bad Muslims .They play all sides of the fence …from Islam extremist to Christian Extremist . The C.I.A’s handywork is also suspected in the recent overthrow of the Honduran President.

    Think about it , what Government in their right mind would release a convicted terrorist ( for supposedly killing 270 people no less) for compassionate reasons in these times of the ‘War on Terror’ .It just don’t make sense. Something smell real fishy round here.

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