Barbados Ambassador to the USA Wows ’em in Iowa – BFP Readers can follow up and invite folks to Barbados: Read How!


55 Foreign Dignitaries Tour Iowa – and the state newspapers feature our John Beale in syndicated story

Barbados Ambassador to the USA, John Beale, recently finished a five day tour of the state of Iowa that was sponsored by Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley. Beale was part of a group of 55 foreign dignitaries who were shown around the state to promote Iowa’s agriculture, educational system and industry to international markets.

It turns out that Ambassador Beale said all the right things and got himself and Barbados featured in a syndicated news article that is starting to appear in local newspapers all across Iowa. USA Today picked up on it too.

Well done, Ambassador Beale!

Barbados Free Press readers: take a few minutes to make online comments in the Iowa articles. Invite Americans to vacation in Barbados!

Iowa must be one cold place during the winter because Iowa State University has a Winter Weather Awareness tutorial up that warns about frostbite and hypothermia (!) and teaches foreign students how to dress and walk (!) in the winter.

It sounds to me like folks from Iowa would be ideal candidates to visit warm Barbados and get away from all that snow, ice and (brrrrr!) hypothermia. As well, Mary Kramer, a former US Ambassador to Barbados (2004-2006) came from Iowa so Iowans might be familiar with our island. Ambassador Kramer and Barbados were also recently in the news when Kramer was announced as an inductee into the Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame.

So… here are a few of the Iowa newspaper articles that mention Ambassador Beale and Barbados – and you can probably find a few new ones yourself with a Google search as they come online. Take a moment to make some friendly comments inviting people from Iowa down to warm, hospitable BIM. Every little bit helps, and if a few dozen comments appeared on each article it might get us a few visitors or maybe another story. Can’t hurt anyways!

Quad-City Times, Iowa: Ambassadors impressed with Iowa

Covering Iowa Politics: Iowa impresses foreign dignitaries

Globe Gazette: Foreign dignitaries praise Iowa, Iowans

Globe Gazette on Twitter carried a tweet about the article…

Foreign dignitaries praise Iowa, Iowans: DES MOINES — Barbados ambassador John Beale said his first ground..

WCF Courier, Cedar Valley Iowa: Iowa Impresses Ambassadors


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23 responses to “Barbados Ambassador to the USA Wows ’em in Iowa – BFP Readers can follow up and invite folks to Barbados: Read How!

  1. Donald Duck, Esq

    Shouldn’t our amabassador be working to attract businesses to Barbados rather than looking for opportunities for Barbadians to invest in Iowa

  2. first things first

    Beale no doubt recognizes that Iowa has systems in place for full cooperation of all stakeholders of society including ITAL, FOI and a respected Rule of Law.

    Better for Beale to concentrate on tourism until Barbados stops ripping off investors and its citizens.

    Its good for Beale to see how cooperation and respect for every segment of a society improves the quality of life for everyone.

  3. Donald Duck, Esq

    First things first

    The ambassador has no influence on such policies in Barbados

  4. Red Lake Lassie

    You are wrong Donald Duck, we ALL have influence on such policies in Barbados through our outrage, or through our silence.

  5. Anonymous

    Sounds like faint praise indeed, could well be translated “Gee you guys aren’t quite the hicktown, redneck backwater that I expected”

    I think he could have said it better.

  6. akabozik

    54 others were there but we were mentioned. I think he done good.

  7. Facts

    This is no news.

    A newly appointed ambassador has to fraternalise with govt. personnel.

    When we see the results of tenure, then we can start to sing his praises.

    Until then, Ambassador Beale has done nothing worthy of recognition (unless you believe that having a picture with the President will flood us with foreign exchange)

  8. akabozik

    55 people on the tour an de papers quote our man. I say he done real good!

  9. Donald Duck, Esq

    How come nothing from BFP on the recent cadres poll and the comments made by the dlp’s political strategist on the pbulication of the poll in the nation.

  10. Hants

    BFP if what I read in todays Nation is true, Hartley Henry should be fired.

    If the conversation with Carol Martindale is taped,
    he is in deep

  11. Donald Duck, Esq


    HH must go because of his comments. His position is untenable. Thompson needs to show leadership on this and ask for his resignation forthwith. HH supporters where are you on this issue? Silence is golden!!

  12. Hants

    I am a “die hard”, “til death do us part” DLP supporter as anyone who blogs here knows.

    If what is reported is true HH should be fired.

    When you are close to the PM every action you take or word you speak must be guarded.

    Just listen to the White House press secdretary.

    We will need proof that what we have read is true.

    Hopefully all the persons involved will tell the truth and we can move on.

  13. Rumboy

    Perhaps you could do better, right….sick.

  14. Rumboy

    Above comment mean’t for FA.TS.

  15. Miss Ting

    Where is WIV?

    And for the doubters I have heard that the Nation records all incoming phone calls

  16. Donald Duck, Esq

    Well said Hants. He must go and now!!

  17. Red Lake Lassie

    This kind of intimidation has been going on for decades no matter who is in government. Witness after the BLP were kicked out all the journalists who came forward with similar stories.

    I expected that when the new government got settled in they would do the same thing and they have. It will become worse the longer they are in government. BLP = DLP = BLP = DLP Nothing much changes around here.

  18. Hants

    Wrong. I believe Hartley Henry will be fired if the story is true as reported in the Nation.

    However I will add that the PM is a kinder gentler bajan so he might be more forgiving than a ruthless ……. like me.

    The Cadres poll was very favourable to the PM and the DLP in the worse recession in decades and one “operative” drops a destructive “faux pas”.

    This story will have more spin that the tornadoes that ripped through Toronto.

    Jump in BFP and enjoy the ride.

  19. X

    IOWA???? Where’s the Hartley Henry article? The Nation seems to have “grown a pair”

  20. Analyzer

    Uh, why is Iowa refered to as ‘fly-over country’?
    Don’t any airlines fly into Iowa so they can fly them out to visit Barbados?
    Anyway, flattery will get you everywhere. Well done Ambassador Beale.
    By the way, I haven’t read the Nation yet today, what did HH do?

  21. J. Payne

    Airlines in the USA operate from hubs so that they don’t act redundant to one another. They only share a few routes. I can’t think of any airlines that use Iowa as an air hub. So to get to Iowa from Barbados or other way round you might have to goto Chicago, Illinois first. Or to Atlanta, Georgia (maybe) and then perhaps onto Miami to make a connection to Barbados. Or perhaps from Iowa to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or to Puerto Rico or something like that. When Cuba changes over it will probably become the future Caribbean airport hub due to its easy location to get to other parts of the region but for now the Caribbean is either out of Miami, Atlanta, P.R. or Texas.

  22. Hartley Henry


    Please convey my apologies to your readers.

    I have today resigned from my position as Political Adviser to the Thompson Administration.

    I will return this month’s salary to the treasury coffers.

    I will take up residence in……MARTINDALE’S ROAD, BARBADOS.

    Your friend,

    Hartley Henry

  23. BFP

    Gee, why don’t we think this is the real Hartley Henry? 😉