Taking Denis Lowe’s Cruise? Ask the Environment Minister about Mullins Bay.

Mullins Bay Barbados Cruise

Minister Lowe’s Cruise Vessel Usually Turns At Mullins Bay!

When we last heard from our friends at Mullins Bay Blog, Environment Minister Denis Lowe hadn’t shown his face at the site of the infamous 3 groynes that are destroying beaches in the area. The issue is that well-connected and well-financed developers were given permission by government officials to build three rock groynes (fingers into the ocean) to capture sand so their beach would be fabulous at the expense of everyone else along the coast. The sand has to come from somewhere and that is why nearby beaches are disappearing.

Dr. Lowe doesn’t want to hear about this issue and doesn’t want to deal with it because the people in question are also DLP campaign donors – and like the BLP before them, the DLP has no hesitation about trading the public good for money in the party’s bank account.

But it just so happens that the vessel chosen for Dr. Lowe’s End of Summer Cruise is the M.V. Harbour Master, and in the normal cruises the vessel usually turns in the vicinity of Mullins Bay!

That means that everyone on the Environment Minister’s cruise will be able to see the groynes and ask Dr. Lowe about his government’s inaction on the matter. Passengers will also be able to ask Minister Lowe about the rumours of a fourth groyne being planned by the developers. Here is what we see at Barbados Travel Advisor

“I now have it on good account that the Kings Beach Hotel has been sold. The proud new owner, as was suspected, is the same party responsible for the infamous groynes (groins – American English) and developers of the neighboring condos – St. Peter’s Bay Villas (Scandinavian-Bajan developer, Bjorn Bierkam, and frontman for The Villages and other foreign investors). Rumor has it that “they” got it for the firesale sum of BDS $14M at a “silent bid” auction at the end of last June.

So, again as was suspected, the orange paint on Kings Beach’s wall noted above was indicative of something serious happening in the area. Look for more condos as the property already has Town Planning approval for a six-storey/50-unit condo block; so there will be condos from Leamington in the north all the way to The Great House to the south.

Even more foreboding is that surveyors were spotted on the beach last week and the suspicion (no announcements so people can only do the Math) is that they (Bierkam & company) are getting ready to put in another groyne to try to repair the damage done to the beach in front of Kings Beach by the already infamous previous three groynes. The surveyors were spotted as far south as The Pink House in Road View/Mullins.”

So if you are going on Dr. Lowe’s cruise, you can have a look at the groynes yourself… unless, of course, the cruise vessel doesn’t take its usual trip for some strange reason.

Mullins Bay Destruction Not Just An Environmental Issue

The destruction of the beaches at Mullins Bay and nearby is not just an environmental issue. The story of Mullins Bay and the disappearing Barbados West Coast beaches is not a disagreement over environmental science by well-meaning people who all have the public good in mind. No sir.

The rape of our West Coast is all about corporations with money that have been allowed to do as they please by two successive governments. The St. Peter’s Bay condo developers were allowed by government to build groynes to enhance their own beach — never mind the disastrous impact upon the neighboring beaches and coastline.

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22 responses to “Taking Denis Lowe’s Cruise? Ask the Environment Minister about Mullins Bay.

  1. empower yourself

    so why don’t all the Mullins Bay, Greenland and Graeme Hall National Park etc. concerned citizens stop wasting their energy and time and complaining to people who don’t care and form there own green party based on integrity, full transparency and concern for the environment?

  2. rasta man

    On a more special note, Ryan Brathwaite won a GOLD MEDAL in the 110 mtres at the World Games in Berlin. Congratulations to the youngster !!!!!!
    Wonder what the Govt will do for him???

  3. reality check

    rasta man

    excellent work

    if he came 4th in the semi final of the 110 meter hurdles he had to have really poured it on in the final.


  4. Ask the Dr why worry about Drains in the City yet his Ministry’s personnel leaves the sluices at Graeme Hall to rot?

  5. Hants

    Mullins bay “protesters” should get a few boats and cruise around Lowe’s party boat waving “Save Mullins Bay” placards.
    Take lessons from Greenpeace.

    That would get news coverage and the public will be made aware of “the problem”.

  6. yatinkiteasy

    Ryan Brathwaite`s Gold Medal win in Berlin should be a highlight story for BFP…or are you only interested in Bad news and Government corruption?

  7. BFP

    Hey there,

    Just got up after working night shift and I’ll do an article asap. As far as government corruption, we’re the only place in Barbados still talking about it and that is our primary mandate. Always has been. And… we had your support and lots of other DLP members support until the DLP won the election and decided that ITAL wasn’t for them – only for the BLP.

  8. The Oracle

    An even more sinister story that needs to be told about St. Peter’s Bay is the destruction of the Dark Hole community in Road View so that they could expand and have a contiguous strip with their new King Beach property on which to build even more of their ugly condos. The Speightstown Methodist Church is going to hell for secretly selling the land literally from under their tenants – black Bajans who lived there for generations to the greedy developers. And, that’s after they refused for decades to sell to the tenants. Dear Lord, we know the government is a sucker but if even the Church is in cahoots with those raping this country, who can we turn to for help? Charles Wesley, one of the founders of Methodism, must have had a vision of what’s happening at Dark Hole when he penned these lyrics:

    “Father, I stretch my hands to Thee,
    No other help I know;
    If Thou withdraw Thyself from me,
    Ah! whither shall I go?”

  9. Green Monkey

    Hants wrote:

    Mullins bay “protesters” should get a few boats and cruise around Lowe’s party boat waving “Save Mullins Bay” placards.
    Take lessons from Greenpeace.

    That would get news coverage and the public will be made aware of “the problem”.

    That would get news coverage? I think you might be just a bit over optimistic on that Hants. I, for one, would not bet on it, not from the lap dog Barbados media.

  10. Nor can I see it happening. Bajans know what’s going on but won’t take a stand, it’s just the way it is.

  11. Hants

    ITAL is vital regardless of which party is in power.

    The DLP promised and they will deliver.

    Patience my friends patience.

  12. akabozik

    The DLP have NOT delivered anything but conflict of interest and hiding the truth when it comes to Clico. Thompson promised and then unpromised conflict of interest rules for ministers. The Dlp think they can introduce rules at the last moment before the next election so they do what they want now. Cynical manipulation is what I call it.

    Hangs, over a year ago you said you would give Thompson one whole year before giving up. What has changed to make you want to give more time? Can’t you see we been had? Even the DLP make some rules this year they operated for almost two years at the trough when they did’t have to.

  13. The Oracle

    There is already clear evidence of intimidation and victimization in Road View and Mullins on these matters. Peoples names are being discussed at the job site and some have been verbally abused by neighbours who have already gone over to the dark side.

  14. BFP

    Tell us more, please.

    What kind of intimidation?

  15. worried

    I also would like to see more visible protests against the destruction of beach- a march- demo- whatever—but of course I’m not around to organize one..and it sounds as if it’s not easy for the people who live in now Road View either due to the possibility of recrimination, etc….

  16. littleboy

    As a youngster I spent a lot of time in Road View. We could walk from Queen Street to Gibbs without getting wet. What I see now hurts.
    I spoke to one resident of the Dark Hole and was told that the Methodist Church had said the land could not be sold since it was a gift. They were not contacted when the sale was arranged, but afterwards were told by a representative of the said Methodists, to go and look at the houses across the street and “choose one”.The houses are about half the size of ones the residents currently occupy.
    The Nation newspaper interviewed some of them but the story is yet to be printed some three weeks on.

    What will happen to the beach access that existed prior to the construction?
    The DLP is falling into the same trap as the BLP on this one!!!
    We should sen a strong message to the Government and the Methodist Church; that we will withdraw support from them if they treat poor Bajans in this manner.

  17. It’s a shame how the people of Dark Hole and Road View have been abandoned by the rest of the country in their struggle with the ruthless condo developers. But it’s not just the beach, beachfront land or land near the beach that the greedy developers are after – it’s the entire island, and poor black people like those in Dark Hole today will continue to be pushed around until they get it. If we do not now stand up against the groynes and what’s happening to Dark Hole, these types will be emboldened in their artifice and trickery as they go after the rest of the island.

    Mullins Bay Blog: “Exposing The ‘Beach Recovered’ Myth” – http://shar.es/BUPe – #Barbados

    Save Mullins Bay

  18. Mullins Bay Blog: “Dark Hole Plight In Spotlight” – http://shar.es/P7TT – #Barbados

    Save Mullins Bay

  19. St Peter’s Bay (remember the groynes) & Church get blistered in comments over Road View scandal – http://shar.es/PMpU – #Barbados

    Save Mullins Bay

  20. Hants

    BFP it seems people are using the Nation like a blog.
    They have 29 comments about St.Peter’s Bay land acquisition.mmmmmmmmmmmm!

    Competion BFP?

  21. BFP


    Hell no… INSPIRATION!

    If Barbados Free Press was in any way responsible for showing our fellow Bajans the power of the internet, we would be pleased. The big questions about the 2007/2008 campaign and election are…

    1/ Would the BLP have been defeated without the blogs?
    2/ Would David Thompson and the DLP have won the election without their integrity legislation promises and the emphasis on ITAL as called for by the blogs?
    3/ Would David Thompson and the DLP have bothered with ITAL promises without the blogs calling for it?

  22. New West Coast Boardwalk Already Buried In Sand And Rocks – http://shar.es/akrJC