The Barbados Problem: Unethical behaviour & conflicts of interest are legal

City of Bridgetown Co-operative Credit Union Limited Members Learn About Conflicts of Interest The Hard Way

Holder says nothing wrong with $250k untendered contract to old friend Dowell

"Ethically-challenged" Lynette Holder says nothing wrong with $250k no tender contract to old friend Oral Dowell

Some COB members are upset that their board awarded a quarter-million dollar contract to an old friend and “just resigned” board member Oral Dowell – without tender or notice.

Ethically-challenged COB President Lynette Holder arrogantly says that no laws were broken so Credit Union members can shove their concerns where the sun doan shine.

Listen to Holder’s slippery, slimy response in the paper…

Holder told the SUNDAY SUN the board was not guilty of any irregularities or financial mismanagement.

“There has not been anything untoward as evidenced in our [annual] report,” Holder said.

… from The Nation article COB defends money-spending

And why shouldn’t Holder behave with that kind of arrogance? Barbados government officials have been giving the “it’s not illegal” excuse for decades – all the while refusing to implement laws that make such conflicts of interest illegal. Slippery devils, indeed, these BLP and DLP politicians!

Hey… look at the St. Joseph’s Hospital mess. Never mind the millions of dollars missing and wasted, we had a government contractor simultaneously building the hospital and doing private work on the home of a Minister of Government, Dr. Brandford Taitt. The St. Joseph’s Hospital Commission had to say “no laws broken” because that slimy rascal Taitt didn’t break any laws. Ha! There were no laws to break, that’s why Taitt walked from disgrace right into the Senate!

Meanwhile, the Barbados DLP government sails along and (once again) announces that it will be another year or so until we see Integrity legislation. Maybe. If.

I am so tired of being deceived by David Thompson, Mia Mottley and the rest of them. They can and did change the Constitution in an afternoon to get their hands on Cricket World Cup money (that disappeared anyways), but try and get the politicians to do anything (like pass integrity legislation) that restricts their ability to feed at the trough and you suddenly become aware that Thompson, Mottley and the gang have an agenda that has nothing to do with raising up Barbados. For them, it is all about the mighty dollar in their own pockets.


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14 responses to “The Barbados Problem: Unethical behaviour & conflicts of interest are legal

  1. passin thru

    What do you hope to accomplish BFP? Same old story every week with new people ripping off the system. No rules against it. The minute I can find a way off this island permanently I gone.

  2. A Mottley Group

    This matter is one that I have written on a number of times, further to this do you know that all the lawyers that formerly worked for the COB have been replaced with the services of the law firm of Mia Mottley???

    Holder and Mottley share the closest of relationships hence the hiring of someone who was taken before the courts and spent a night in a prison cell for non payment of a debt owed to another credit union, and despite the rules not allowing person to be employed while having had outstanding debts, this one is no lesser a person than Carol Roberts another close friend of Mia Mottley.

    Maybe you are seeing a trend in this program, birds of a feather flock together!!!!

  3. kiki

    It’s immoral and illegal if they are guilty of defrauding YOU of YOUR money.

  4. Keltruth also has a conflict of interest story up today.

  5. Please add links


    For ease of use please add your links to your remarks so we don’t have to search for the site. This is one less thing to do, to make the threads more seamless. Thanks

  6. Look, if Barbados was a genuine democracy then BFP and its commenters would not be anonymous and I could write about any topic on mine! Even when I do certain reviews I get threats from time to time – be it polo or poetry, LOL!!

    For that matter, if Bimshire were indeed a genuine arbiter of Freedom of Speech, then Keltruth would not have to wait ’til they’re in Miami and decide not to return here in Bim for fear of what they write!

  7. Hants

    Ian your blog is quite good.Not “controversial” like BFP or BU but very Bajan.

  8. Yes, Ian. In Barbados you can get in trouble for asking a politician where he got his money from.

    Ian Gale was editor of the Advocate. His son Barry is in the news over at my blog. (I had left off the link, as I thought it would be moderated.) Here is the link for the latest conflict of interest:

    Spotlight on … PwC’s Attorney Barry Louis Valence Gale

  9. Mugaffy Allamby

    Conflix, whah is conflix…de cereal? Look…peoples does get munny fuh doin tings fuh de instikutions an Guv’ment in dis country, whah wrong wid dat.

    Wunna doan like peoples gettin ahead an driving big ride an wid big big house an eating large?

    De peoples got tuh live, ya know.

    Tings does get build an money pay, doan mind dem aint no contrax in place.

    Dah matter.

    When de elexshun come de fellas lookin fuh munny yuh know.

    If yuh doan get some a de bus’ness bout de place, how yuh expeck tuh get ahead?

    Is how tings wuk bout hey. Is who yuh know and who yuh skin yuh teet at.

  10. J

    BFP wrote “I am so tired of being deceived by David Thompson, Mia Mottley and the rest of them.”

    If somebody fools you once they are a rascal,if they fool you twice you are truly a fool.

    My grandmother who finished school at 12 told me so.

    She was a wise woman, my grandmother

  11. Hants

    Out of your adversity some of us will benefit directly.

    There is a common thread in all of this and it is Lawyers and Land and property speculation in Barbados.

    I am convinced that the system in Barbados allows Lawyers to use “delays” to their advantage.

    When settling an Estate just wait and some of the beneficiaries will die. More complications mean more legal fees.

    I wonder how much money Lawyers have made from this KnoxDeane Kingsland affair.

  12. Anonymous

    obviously some of the same lawyers were already making a killing off Kingsland before “this KnoxDeane Kingsland affair”.

    Why make a million once when you can make it twice?

  13. Anonlegal


    Out of curiosity, are you suggesting that Barbados should amend or repaeal its laws relating to defamation?

  14. Of course it should happen day before yesterday, when someone can have the truth on a situation and list it categorically, but because the entity in question can find such analysis as hurtful to their reputation then they can quash it on that basis – not is it true, but can it deny business?

    Apart from my brush with concerns who are now in dire straits (despite massively documented evidence), look at the situation where a media house merely repeated a question sent in from a listener and how fast a settlement was reached?

    There was nothing wrong for that member of the public seeking a call to account of a noted authority, since it was deemed by many there were circumstances to warrant such an inquiry…

    However, in addition to the so-called ‘reimbursement’ from the court ruling, that ex-official enjoys post-office gratuities that either equal or surpass their original stay – would that have happened if Barbados had similar Freedom Of Speech amendments like USA? I doubt!