Barbados Internet Providers Slowing Reader Access To Barbados Free Press

LIME by Cable & Wireless: Limited Internet, Many Expenses

Politically Motivated? LIME caught slowing customer access to Barbados Free Press.

For several months Barbados Free Press has been receiving complaints from Bajan visitors about extremely slow access and slow loading of the Barbados Free Press blog. The complaints are being received only from BFP readers located in the country of Barbados.

Barbados Free Press staff have been monitoring the situation closely and for the last month conducted a series of tests from dozens of locations on the island using several net-neutrality verification tools. We have also arranged for some friends over and away to run similar tests looking at access to BFP from six other countries.

Our conclusion is that both broadband and dial-up access to the Barbados Free Press website is being “throttled” on a rotating basis by Barbados-based Internet providers. This means that visitors to BFP who are located in Barbados often – but not always – experience an immediate and significant degrading of internet performance when they attempt to access Barbados Free Press. Visits to other websites and blogs are not impacted as (so far anyway) it appears that this “traffic shaping” data discrimination is aimed at slowing visitor access only to Barbados Free Press.

Over to you LIME and Sunbeach… what do you have to say to the people of Barbados?

This performance degradation is no doubt deliberate, and is obviously intended to hinder and discourage Barbados citizens from reading Barbados Free Press articles. Some thought has gone into the implementation of the strategy as the rotating nature of the slow downs makes for difficulties in documenting the events. Simply blocking access to BFP would have been immediately noticed as would a universal 24/7 slowing of access for only Barbados Free Press.

By rotating the slowdowns, Barbados internet suppliers ensure that their individual customers experience some “normal” access and some slower access to Barbados Free Press over a series of days so they will not be immediately alerted to or suspect the intentional nature of the slowdowns.

This is not the first time that this blog has been targeted, nor will it be the last. This is, however, the most sophisticated and sinister attempt we have seen to limit the ability of the people of Barbados to read about and discuss political and social issues on the internet. It is nothing less than a very sophisticated and sinister attack on political freedom and freedom of speech in Barbados.

Who is behind the slowing of access to Barbados Free Press… a few techies acting on their own initiative, or someone higher up the chain?

Over to you LIME and Sunbeach… what do you have to say to the people of Barbados?


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97 responses to “Barbados Internet Providers Slowing Reader Access To Barbados Free Press

  1. J

    Dear BFP:

    You wrote “Barbados internet providers slowing reader access to Barbados Frees Press”

    I think that that is a good thing.


    Dear BFP:

    Why do you insist in making it seem like something bad?

  2. State sponsored censorship


    you are always on this site as a government supporter spouting negative comments and nonsense so this must mean the viewers won’t get to read your rubbish as well. This is a bad thing?

    MIA and friends are finally getting their wish in controlling the press in Barbados.

    Amnesty International, The World Bank, the IMF the UN and other world bodies should really be interested that the two Barbados media internet services are infringing on the concept of free speech along with Russia, North Korea and other such totalitarian non-democratic countries.

    Keep it up Barbados! You are really presenting a positive picture to the world

  3. J

    Dear state sponsored censorship:

    I do not support any party and I’ve said so a hundred times on this blog.

    MIA is no buddy of mine but how do you arrive at the conclusion that she is to blame for this?

    You know that her party is not even in office?

    And neither MIA nor her party are major shareholders or decision makers of the internet providers in Barbados.

    This time even though I am neither B nor D I have to ask you to get off her case.

  4. state sponsored censorship

    MIA may not be directly involved in the actual throttling down of the access to the servers but she
    is getting what she wants because she has clearly stated she does not like the influence of the blogs and would like to control them.

    For that matter, government does not like to lose control of what people see and think. You are right when you say it doesn’t matter if it is BLP or DLP as those who are involved in the state apparatus are definitely calling the shots or at a minimum sanctioning it.

    If they wanted to stop it they could do this over night.

  5. Anonymous

    Have you considered the possibility that it might be someone upstream throttling wordpress? Have you tried a separate blog?

    what about people off island?

  6. Anonymous

    Who is surprised?
    If our governments insist on marking ballots with individual identity numbers, why would they not institute systems to track bloggers?

  7. Hants

    BFP here in Canada I never have a problem accessing your site and it loads in an instant. I have high speed cable.

    Try TeleBarbados and see if the result is the same on the oyher networks,

    I don’t see why they should be attacking this blog.
    you are choirboys compared to BU.

    Keep testing. I am surprised that your regular at home Bajan contributors have not been complaining.

  8. livinginbarbados

    No experienced any noticeable difference with access speeds to BFP from within or outside Barbados, other than would be the case based on general access quality. There are times when the system seems saturated, but that affects the general access to Internet based services. I have more problems with, in general, and that may just be site specific.

  9. I’m not surprised Bajans at home don’t complain.
    It’s not that they don’t complain………. but will not openly say anything against those in “higher positions”. If you question anyone about the problem, the answer usually is…..that’s the way things are here in Barbados.

    So far I have not had a problem accessing BFP, even travelling with the laptop and on dial-up.

  10. passin thru

    The article says that people off the island are having no problem.

  11. passin thru

    Hants, you say BFP are “choirboys” compared to BU and I can’t agree with that. Since the election Barbados Underground has become pablum. They sometimes publish DLP Hartley Henry articles before the regular newspaper does. They never criticise Thompson and never mention the broken 100 day promises.

    BU’s agenda has been immigration, immigration, immigration and this fits in well with Thompson’s current policies.

    The DLP shut down its blog in January 2008 after the election. No question as to why, because for all intents and purposes, Barbados Underground is the current blog site of the DLP government.

  12. I have to agree with BFP, the laptop was fine ’til I logged in here to check for any new developments, now I am like molasses in reverse

  13. Straight talk

    I love a good conspiracy theory, BFP, but is there a simpler answer to this?

    I notice performance problems usually coincide with school holidays and weekends.

    Could simple system overload be the cause?

  14. BFP

    They have been complaining. That’s why we made our tests Hants.

  15. Equity

    No simple answer once BU can play victim. Why would anyone want to shut you down, BFP? You take yourselves too seriously…sending off names to Swiss banks and all…

  16. Colin L Beadon (transfered from another thread)

    Still on landline, which slowly gets slower and slower, it take me so long to download this site, I’ve been sadly having to pass up on it, and so have missed so much, from Prolife, Straight Talk, Rumple, Hants.

    Washington, reminds me of POS, after 30 years of one party. It becomes harder and harder to kick the old ingrained established habits. That is what Obama is up against. ‘We like it so.” was the shout in Trinidad, and still is. No doubt that is the shout in Washington too.

    And so the USA will find Russian rigs in Cuban waters, boadering the gulf of Mexico, and US citizens will continue to pay through their noseholes, for medical, optical, or dental attention, for what they could easily get done in Cuba, for free, or I/8 the price.

    I agree with my compadres on this site. Fearfully I see the end of the recession, becoming the start of the next one. Nothing has really been able to change. The millstone just gets heavier, with nothing chipped off.

    Meanwhile, Chaves tightens his grip on free speech in Venezuela. Strange times. Strange, strange and disquieting. The world that once promised so much hope, seems stopped, perplexed, the visions gone grey. The roses, shriveled , compromised by the salt sea blast, and no bird sings.

  17. West Side Davie

    I’ve noticed sometimes I can hardly get on freepress but I can go anywhere else with no problem. I thought it was a problem with BFP’s weblog because it didn’t matter if I was at work in the city or at home I had slow access times but only for BFP. It comes and goes but when it is slow BFP is unusable.

  18. livinginbarbados

    @Passing thru, I’m always intrigued why commentators make remarks that are patently false, as if people don’t or wont take issue. If BU’s agenda is nothing but immigration, what does it serve them that their four most recent postings do not touch that subject? Or is it that underneath everything there is an immigration sub-text? Perhaps they are trying to use a disguise. Or perhaps the claim is just baseless.

    The term ‘choirboys’ may seem disparaging to some (and I will leave David to make his own interpretation), but it could also be positive–ie, good, upstanding Christians, clear tone and polished presentation, and sense of innocence and therefore believeable. Pick your poison. Anyway, choirboys compared to what?

    The Choir Boys were also a middling Ozzie rock band (see–2163645).

  19. West Side Davie

    That’s what I get Ian. Then go to anywhere else it is ok. You like that too?

  20. Anonymous

    Why would someone want to shut down BFP?

    Seems that Equity wasn’t around for the last election with Mia calling for blogs to be closed down, then Loveridge’s hotel set on fire and broken into after online threats to burn it, human sh*t on a DLP candidate’s business door and gunshot at her house. Then there was the online denial of service attacks at BFP with hundreds of filthy comments left every hour by Owen Arthur supporters.

    Then after the election the journalists called the BLP down to the lowest for censorship, threats and withholding advertising revenues if stories weren’t positive about the government. We heard all about what had been happening for ten years.

    Equity couldn’t have been in Barbados at election time or they wouldn’t be making so foolish statements.

  21. Chicago

    DLP = BLP = DLP = BLP

    All de same. Same behaviour, same abuses: different flavour.

  22. Straight talk

    “If BU’s agenda is nothing but immigration, what does it serve them that their four most recent postings do not touch that subject? Or is it that underneath everything there is an immigration sub-text?”

    Of course BU has an agenda, and each posting is manipulated towards it.

    Recognise that, and so filtering the content, you can carry on regardless for valuable insights, agreeable and not so, into the Bajan zeitgeist.

    The last four seemingly unconnected posts you mentioned – the very first comments in two of them return to that same agenda.

    It’s amusing, rather like Fox News, entertaining by its lack of subtlety and single minded determination to bash Obama.

    If we shouldn’t read or contribute to any medium which is considered un-PC we’d end up like China, Cuba or North Korea.

    To paraphrase “we may not agree, but will defend to the death their right to say it”.

    Long live all blogs, and may they remain uncensored by government or excessive moderation for ever.

  23. livinginbarbados

    I think good old saturated network can explain more than most things. Right now I can easily access BFP, but my connections to other sites are hung up.

    It could also be a browser/operating system problem. Internet Explorer/Microsoft rarely have issues. Firefox/Microsoft, seem to have certain problems, but we know that Gates is on the warpath against things non-MSN. Safari/Mac OS X is generally trouble free.

  24. livinginbarbados

    @Straight talk, I draw a distinction between BU/David and the interests of commentators, some of which are fixated on one issue (or so it does seem). But in any event, I would argue that it is not immigration (inflow) that could be the issue but foreigners (personages), and that is a different topic.

  25. Jason

    LIB, don’t be so quick to discount BFP’s tests and conclusions. You almost say “it couldn’t be”.

    Believe it. Around here it could be exactly as BFP concludes.

  26. Anonymous

    Me too in Christ Church

  27. I came and went – so did service 😉

  28. Woody Allen once said the difference between the Tsar and Napoleon is their height

  29. CChurch

    I am in Christ Church on C&W/Lime. 11:30 to 11:35am to load this page and make this comment. Pushing send at 11:37am. Slow like a snail.

  30. kiki

    BFP should stop paying teams of school kids to keep clicking on their page all day everyday to up the hits counts

  31. Anonymous

    In Hastings, 12.25, access via BB. Excellent access spped. One more hit for BFP, though. 😮

  32. USA Today

    You mean like they paid off CNN and USA Today to feature BFP articles? 🙂

  33. USA Today

    Speed is ok at Cave Hill but I have experience the slow access BFP talks about. I will be alert for it if it happens again.

  34. Themis

    Does this explain why there are comparatively so few comments on BFP? I know…I know…

  35. Underdog

    Everything slow from Bdos, not just this site. What you on about??

  36. USA Today

    No Themis, BU has far more comments than BFP because a group of ten or so people spend their days at BU gabbing away about racist agendas and using racist terms that are banned from BFP.

    Five or ten people leaving 5 or 10 comments a day each is irrelevant in the grand overview.

  37. USA Today

    People might not comment if they can’t get through to the website, so it could be a factor.

  38. Livinginbarbados

    Jason, I offered other reasonable possibilities, based on the fact that I have 3 separate platforms working and the response are diffferent. When I read the post it did not mention any contact with LIME or Sunbeach but offered them an opening to respond. So, we are speculating. Given my experiences, other possibilities make more sense.

  39. Livinginbarbados

    USA Today, Comments seem to have been raining in, but it is raining today.

    Themis (assuming the this is the same as appears on BU) does not fit into the mould of the “group of ten or so people [who] spend their days at BU gabbing away about racist agendas and using racist terms that are banned from BFP”, nor do several others.

    I’m not sure that the quantity of comments is really so important, either, rather than their quality (I reserve a view on relevance, because we can all interpret that widely).

  40. PiedPiper

    kiki: Your above post is, like many of your posts, is completely without merit. Care to share with us what proof you have of BFP paying teams of school kids to keep clicking on their site? Other than constantly attaching videos here, do you contribute in any meaningful way?
    “U.S.A. Today’s” response to “Themis” is bang on. As I have stated before, BU has the same 5-10 posters who are having a free-for-all using the blog to promote racial hatred, posting the same blindly bigotted crap over and over again. Hatred for Jews, hatred for Whites and hatred for Indo-Guyanese.
    As Jack Bowman so rightly pointed out to those posters and the host of BU, they are in violation of the Terms of Service of

  41. kiki

    It’s called humour but if you take everything literal you would not understand it

    bet you muderate me again

  42. PiedPiper

    LIB, I don’t believe anyone included Themis in that group.

  43. Anonymous

    You can use this site to report blocking/access problems – it’s a project by the Berkman Center at Harvard to aggregate reports of inaccessible sites, allowing users to compare data to see if inaccessibility is a shared problem

  44. bp

    No problem with Telebarbados

  45. kiki

    PP The Pied Piper Person
    Why don’t you just post your opinions without bothering to read anyone else’s

  46. PiedPiper

    kiki: sorry to disappoint you but I never reply to any post without carefully reading all posts.

  47. PiedPiper

    BFP: It would seem to me that you must examine how your server routes to Barbados and which ISP could be easily “interfered with”. As you well know, in the incestuous relationships that exist in Barbados, it is a question of which ISP has a connection to government and can therefore be easily manipulated.

  48. kiki

    PP bully for you

  49. J

    I’ve accessed BFP from multiple sites inside and outside of Barbados in the past few weeks and I (unfortunately) have NO difficulty in accessing the site at any time.

    Dear BFP:

    Don’t you even get tired of playing the victim?

    You and yours living in Barbados sweet enough and yet always ’bout here pretending that somebody is oppressing you. And don’t mention Ronja Juman to me. She should pay her rent in full and on time. If she was my tenant (but you have warned me here never to rent my place to her) she would get the legally required notice, then she would come home one day to find all the locks have been changed (with all her things, including her medicine and the children’s toys, clothes and school books inside) and I would proscecute her if she dared to put even a toenail on my property. And I would not need to search anybody’s probably dirty vagina to assert my RIGHT to my property.

  50. A-Fish

    I’m not sure where you’re getting at btw BFP. But it comes down to the operation itself operating at questionable leads.

    Sunbeach uses LIME’s network so they may experience some problems that may not be in their own making.

    Then there are questions about these practices that LIME should answer to the public: is it maintaining it’s network? is it planning to upgrade their current network?

    Also are they engaged in such bandwidth throttling? LIME at the moment is listed as a bad ISP on ISP monitoring website and that is not good news to some people who are mainstream or heavy broadband users (p2p sharing, bit torrents, etc).

    I myself have been experiencing erratic slow speeds. Last night I couldn’t access BU or BFP. I would really like to switch however, Freemotion is pricier and I may be out of their WiFi service area, Sunbeach also expensive to switch.

    It seems to me that LIME is still targeting at profits, not consumers. Even after re-branding, they have made 66 million this year which is highly questionable and still laying off workers.

  51. Terry Ally

    Perish the thought BFP!

    It just shows your popularity and the inability of broadband (in reality narrowband) in Bim to cope with your traffic.

    Just publish your daily traffic and that would shed light on the matter.

    If your thesis is correct (which I am sure it is not) then you can test accessing any other blog hosted at WordPress because WP is the domain that would be affected.

  52. Terry Ally

    Isn’t there a Freedom of Information Act in Barbados that would allow you to access information from LIME?

    Didn’t DT promise that in a 100 days?

    (… sorry I am not living in Barbados and difficult to follow Barbados news on heavily censored local media websites.)

  53. Get with the programme!

    I studied “throttling” when I read this article and as I understand throttling, Lime or any ISP could throttle with great accuracy and limit it to BFP’s website, not the whole WordPress domain.

    That is if that is what is happening. Technically it is not only possible but easy and there are many other examples online where the same thing has happened. Check Wikipedia first.

  54. Sundowner

    I sent you an e mail this morning because I haven’t been able to access BFP. It took 3 mins to download this morning at about the 5th attempt! Like a lot of people my time is limited & I flick through various news sites first thing in the morning, to check whats going on in the world.
    Very frustrating.

  55. Sundowner

    You think the system is saturated at 5.30am?? I think not!

  56. LIME Layoffs

    Off subject but regarding LIME , there’s been a lot of talk in the media about LIME layoffs, why not the same fuss about other layoffs like C.O.Williams, 30 something last week & more this week, not a mention in the media? why not?

  57. Terry Ally

    Wikipedia is not a reliable reference and I do not use it.

    As you have researched this, can you explain *in a nutshell* how one can distinguish the domain from the sub-domain for throttling purposes?

    Have you tested another WP Blog?

  58. Peter B

    Lets be honest with ourselves, what benefit is there in this instance for an ISP to slow traffic to BFP? Well first thing I would think is something Technical.
    Is this the only local site where I see the degraded performance? The answer is no, try and there are others where it can be so bad, “Timeouts” are experienced.
    My first guess is that Barbados is oversaturated with internet users.
    The level of Internet/Network expertise has now developed at the level of Home users, we have some very soficticated Networks being setup in homes, some for Home use and some for Home Business.
    Who should address this?. Obviously its the providers and I suspect that they have, by allocating the majority of available resources to High paying Corporate customers with total service bills of 200,000.00/month. I tried access from home and from my office, It’s a big difference. At this moment access is very fast from my home, from at work it is probably a little faster, its 7:18am. Home will become slower and the Business world wakes up later this morning.

    Blogs are good both for crap slingers and for constructive comments. We have to learn to live with both. They both have their place.

    But what we really need is 2 things –
    (1) Have BFP tell us what methods they used to diagnose the problem, some of us will understand.
    (2) Have the providers tell us if there is a problem and how are they addressing it.

  59. PiedPiper

    BFP, a direct post to you, BFP, has been in moderation since last night.

  60. PiedPiper

    J, I would ask you to reread your post……..”I’ve accessed BFP from multiple sites inside and outside of Barbados in the past few weeks and I (unfortunately) have NO difficulty in accessing the site at any time.” Somebody holding a gun tuh yuh head, forcing you to waste yuh precious time coming to BFP? Are you going through menopause uh something?

  61. Get with the programme!

    I have had no problem reaching Barbados Underground or any other WPress hosted blog except Barbados Free Press. Why I don’t know.

    It is all ab0ut rejecting every few packets at the ISP causing a slowdown if that is what they are doing. BFP says they used “net neutrality” verification tools. There are many available but they didn’t say which ones they used. If they released more information maybe people would give their report more credibility, but if they released detailed information maybe the ISP can track them and know who they are? I don’t know.

  62. Hants

    Some BU bloggers use vile language and racist diatribe that are not permitted on BFP.

    Hence my “choir boys” reference.

  63. kiki

    No one could ever accuse PP of being spam man. Take all the time in the world to think of something to say. There’s no rush here.

  64. Rumplestilskin

    BFP, my internet as a whole has been rather slow recently.

    All that I think is happening is that our (way over-priced) local service, while contributing to massive profits for the provider, is sub-standard.

    That is all.


  65. livinginbarbados

    As there’s an amusing ding dong about whether we are being saved or enslaved by the matter of access to BFP, I may step aside after saying that I have been monitoring this for the past 24 hours, from various points on the island. Not a noticeable difference with access or with commenting from any platform: Windows/IE, Windows/Firefox, Mac OSX/Safari, BlackBerry/mobile browser. For me, the matter is closed. I would suggest that something else is afoot.

    Further, this finding is the same for a range of sites that I access regularly, including BU, Bloomberg, VoB, and a list of about 5 others.

  66. Terry Ally

    Throttling bandwidth speed is quite routine for computers on a network however this is where the complication arises for BFP.

    BFP could have installed the WordPress blogging software on their own servers but that would have made them easily vulnerable to identification because each server has an IP address (something like a unique telephone number).

    So to protect their identify from the average man on the street (they are not totally anonymous to those who know how to find them), BFP has opted to open a Blog on the domain hence //

    WP has a block of shared IP addresses and in any given day, BFP would be assigned several IP addresses so it is difficult to track them.

    For example, about 2 hours ago I pinged BFP at IP An hour ago they pinged at and just before I started writing this note, I found them at

    Therefore it requires quite a bit of effort on behalf of LIME (I love the bastardised acronym given to it by BFP!!) to track the WordPress sub-domain.

    WP has numerous IP blocks e.g. one set runs from to (1,127,256 IP addresses). That is a helluva lot of addresses to track.

    However, a clever programmer at LIME could have written a routine to cross reference the IP address in the Layer Technologies Inc block (the owners of the WP servers) and the sub-domain for a hit and then throttle but it is a lot a work to do that!!

    The other explanation could well be the narrowband speed in Barbados.

    I am not an expert in this field but I have asked experts for their opinions based on the symptoms described.


  67. livinginbarbados

    “Some BU bloggers use vile language and racist diatribe that are not permitted on BFP. Hence my “choir boys” reference.” [Understood, though as a former choir boy, I know that foul language was/is well within our range. So, it’s more a matter of how BFP moderates/manages comments, I think, rather than BFP themselves, if I can make that distinction. On my own blog I do not take profanity; if it is there and I can edit with marker I will. Thankfully, the commentators I get are fewer, but also seem capable of good self-discipline.]

  68. Mathilde

    Actually I think Lime is doing that to alot of popular websites, I cant barely even navigate Facebook anymore it’s gotten so slow, and Im paying for the fastest ADSL you can get }:(

  69. livinginbarbados

    @Mathilde (but generally)
    Have issues been raised with LIME and if so, did they indicate no problem, nature of problem and possible fixes? Or are they blithely unaware because complaints are not being registered?

  70. iWatchya

    LIME has to upgrade their infrastructure and service…. They have been overselling their ADSL package for years.

    If you live in an area where there is high traffic demand on that grid exchange… your connection will be slow at peak hours.

    There also seems to be a great disparity with the level of telephone service over the last 5 years.

    Has anyone else had problems receiving LIME voicemail messages?

  71. Rumplestilskin

    iWatchya asks:Has anyone else had problems receiving LIME voicemail messages?

    You mean as in receiving messages one week later etc?

    That is the LIME ‘norm’ for a couple of years, so no unusual activity there.

  72. iWatchya

    August 6, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    More like not receiving them at all!

    Then to be treated like it is my problem not theirs!

    Their call centre cannot solve problems… I have even had to solve internet problems while waiting for their “customer service” to answer the phone.

    ….that could even be as long as 30 minutes.

  73. Mother Tongue

    In my experience, Tele Barbados is no better! My family subscribed to them after poor service from Sunbeach & Lime. We have made several calls to Tele Barbados and have had visits from their technicians regarding slow speed. Interestingly, the tests done on independent sites always indicate that our feed is less than what we pay for. When we use Tele Barbados’ site to test our speed, surprise surprise the test shows another result. In addition the site has gone offline several times when we have had heavy rains in the past few weeks. I do not think it is that this site is being specifically targeted. The fact of the matter is that our current internet providers and platform(s), privilege commercial consumers, not residential. I certainly never have problems visiting this site, on the odd occasions that I do. However, I frequently have to abandon my attempts to watch clips on news sites.

  74. Terry Ally

    Bandwidth is a major issue right across the Caribbean.

    I live in Britain and I smile when I hear the politicians here jumping up and down about the country not having “real bandwidth” and the need to improve infrastructure – which they are now doing…. but if they had to live in the Caribbean!

    There are practices re bandwidth allocation in Barbados that does result in some of the comments being raised here but I am not at liberty to discuss publicly.

  75. neverland

    Ian, they’re not going to throttle their own destination. Selective throttling is exactly that. Perhaps they learned from the Chinese who have been “helping” all over the place.

  76. kiki

    I think there may be a shrinkage in the linkage and fire in the wire. All those paper documents must have got blocked and caused the problems.

  77. A-Fish

    Tell It Like It Is first few callers criticized LIME for their high profits, job losses and lousy service. The Jamaican woman isn’t pleased period. Even the Moderator of the programme has some few important questions about LIME.

  78. kiki

    Hackers Attack
    ‘Massive attack’ strikes websites

    Unidentified flying objects, Unidentified
    Up in the sky
    Unidentified flying objects, Unidentified
    Way in the sky
    Unidentified flying objects, Unidentified
    Pelt it high

  79. Mongoose

    BFP Staff: I attempted to locate the appropriate thread, the one about whether or not to remove BU on your sidebar but could not so I am posting here. BFP you were absolutely 100% correct in your decision to remove BU from your sidebar and therefore sever all connection with that blog.
    Yesterday, David of BU, who, for a very long time, has allowed his blog to be used as a vehicle for the promotion of racial hatred, moderated, blocked, deleted and refused to post the comments of two individuals, myself and Jack Bowman. David, who has always had cue card in hand, to read like a robot, “I’m not promoting racial hatred, I am promoting “free speech” and the exchange of “ideas & information” has finally, when cornered, revealed exactly what he is and the intent of his blog. He is a racist who will not contenance apposing views that do not fit into his agenda.
    For the record, the posts of Jack Bowman and myself contained no foul language, no defamation of anyone’s character, no slanderous statements but simply measured, clear responses to the overt racism that takes place on BU every day. David, will make the excuse that “he has the right to moderate the flow of the discussion” which is just a completely disengenuous crock of poo. David is a coward and a hypocrite who’s rallying cry of “free speech” has now come back to bite him in the ass. will now receive links to all the offensive and racist statements made by Negroman and others. Too late to delete them David, already SAVED.

  80. George

    I think that ‘blithely unaware’ is the answer.

    I have called LIME four times recently to get assistance with an email issue, and after giving the phone number of the problem DSL account to four different call-centre staff, and after they asked to put me on hold so that they can get further information, the 2nd, 3rd & 4th people I spoke to came back and asked me to describe the problem and give details. It would appear that none of the details given during my initial and subsequent calls were ever entered into their ‘system’!

    Needless to say, I still have my email problem…

  81. JS

    Depending on the software being used by LIME, they could also throttle speed by sub-domain name.

  82. Mathilde

    It started when they switched to the new modems, I complained once but never followed up, so, my bad I guess.

  83. Hants

    Yesterday the consumer body BarbadosConsumers Research Organisation, Inc. (BarCro)threw its support behind BWU.

    In a release BarCro called on corporate members and consumers generally to lend their support to the BWU against LIME.

  84. tall_ Boy

    Poor BFP fighting hard fuh last place. lol!

  85. kiki

    When my computer goes slow I tend to turn it off and leave it for a couple of hours..

  86. RLL

    Last place? Only place!

    BFP has been under attack from government types since the day it started 3.5 years ago. Nothing new in this attack. BFP remains the only independent truly free voice on the island.

  87. A-Fish

    FOI has gone silent since last year. This way over 100 days.

  88. iWatchya

    This is one excellent website for checking your internet connection speed and for comparing it to the area that you are in and even globally!

  89. Mr. Whatif

    Let’s play a little game of what if. I’ll start…

    New modems for old, new modems for old!

    We all know how C&W have been busy swamping out your out your new modems for old to “improve their service”.

    They now have a new capability. They can now remotely access your modem at will to perform “configuration” and “trouble shooting”.

    What if C&W now has the ability to with their new found access privileges has the ability to see pass our little proxies, and have raw access to who is doing what. 🙂

    feel free to add on your own conspiracy theory.

  90. kiki

    Should all internet use be monitored?
    Comments Published: 0
    Comments Censored : 999,999

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  92. Telebarbados

    Telebarbados works absolutely fine. no load time issues.

  93. T

    Wanna need to look for wuk

  94. OMG

    I just typed an entire post about the problems the Codrington Family is facing re the Cave In and hit post and this LIME thing pop up to tell me bring in my modemn and then hit the button to refresh and the whole post disappear and when to a LIME ad instead…WTF

  95. OMG

    I just typed an entire post about the problems the Codrington Family is facing re the Cave In and hit post and this LIME thing pop up to tell me bring in my modemn and then hit the button to refresh and the whole post disappear and when to a LIME ad instead…Wow

  96. J.Smith.

    Caymanians can not access CaymanNet News as well but they can access the Cayman compass. Is it more traffic on Cnn online or what is it, is government fighting them or what. What does Lime have to say about this