Barbados High Court Justice, Supermodel Jodie Kidd’s Father Both Caught Breaking Law – Corporate Records Funny Business Surfaces During Land Fraud Trial

UPDATE: May 9, 2010

We saw on Google alerts that Polo champion Jack Kidd’s fiancee Callie Moore has announced she is pregnant – just months after the couple cancelled their planned summer wedding.”

Congratulations to Jack and Callie!

The Kidds are one of Bim’s upper crust families and we’ll point out that they have done so much good. Nonetheless, they’ve had their ups and downs and we follow the family’s news with the interest that comes with all celebrity. We admit it!

So… which old story to feature?

We searched our own database for Kidd stories and we came up with a few. This is the one we’ve chosen to leave at the top for a few days. If you want to see them all, search “KIDD” in the little box at the top right and you’ll have them all.

Meanwhile, I’ll listen to “Let it be” from my father’s old LP collection (LPs !!!!) and you can read this article from August 4, 2009…

Actions of Barbados High Court Justice Elneth Kentish & Businessman Johnny Kidd Are What President Obama Warned About!

President Obama Targets Offshore Tax Havens

President Obama Targets Offshore Tax Havens that don't enforce corporate standards.

The Obama Administration is on the offensive against offshore banking jurisdictions like Barbados – in part because Barbados often allows corporations to play fast and wild with the few laws we do have about records keeping and accountability.

Most readers of Barbados blogs are somewhat familiar with the story of the Kingsland Estates dispute and the fraud allegations and trials concerning a billion dollars of prime Barbados real estate that have been going on for some years now.

We don’t intend to go into the details at this time except to note that the story continues and will not die. (For background see BFP’s How One Of The Richest Women In Barbados Was Robbed Of Everything By Scheming Lawyers, Politicians and Government Insiders)

Corporate Laws ignored by Judges, Other Powerful People in Barbados

The one thing that Barbadians and others have learned from following the story is how the powerful people on one side of the case keep violating Barbados laws concerning corporate records and never get charged with any offense for re-writing history whenever it suits their purposes.

The latest case of this lawbreaking has just been posted over at Keltruth blog – complete with copies of the corporate records that prove yet another Barbados judge has been caught fooling around with the truth and violating the law to do it. (See Keltruth’s article: Company Breaks Law – Barbados High Court Judge Involved)

It works like this: whenever a corporation owned by Barbados big-ups is involved in any legal fracas, it is not unusual for the corporate records to be changed retroactively, even years later. Someone will be sued and back will come the corporate record showing that person resigned from the corporation YEARS AGO – but they just “forgot” to put in the legal paperwork about that despite the law says they must do so immediately.

No one is ever held to account for this law-breaking especially if they are, for instance, a senior judge doing a little land speculation on the side!

Land Fraud BarbadosThis latest evidence over at Keltruth Blog would be hilarious if it wasn’t so disgusting and giving a bad reputation to Barbados. You see, the corporate document in question is signed by a current director who says he resigned years ago. So how can a person sign one document showing they are a company director at the same time saying they resigned as a director years ago?

Ha! Welcome to Barbados… where there is no rule of law for the elites and they change corporate records to say anything they want them to – re-writing years of history – with no worries about being held accountable for not obeying the law.

Fair Warning To International Investors Doing Business With or In Barbados…

Barbados is a tiny island country with fewer than 300,000 people and like many such countries business, politics and the justice systems are controlled by a very few groups of elites. If you are doing business in Barbados, chances are that you are probably dealing with some very powerful people even if you don’t see them right up front. As with the events described in the above story, it is not unusual to discover even years after the fact that you are dealing with a business owned by senior judges or Government Ministers.

That’s all great when things are going smoothly… because business can be very lucrative when your partners are senior judges and politicians.

When something goes wrong though – God help you! The same judges and politicans that were your partners and are now opposing you – they own the system, the courts, the government records – everything.

And that means you won’t stand a chance at getting a fair shake at justice.

Oh, you want to know about Barbados laws that prevent such conflicts of interest? Freedom of Information laws that allow people to access government records? Laws that prevent government officials from using their insider knowledge to profit personally?

We have no such laws. Welcome to doing business in Barbados… suckers!


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16 responses to “Barbados High Court Justice, Supermodel Jodie Kidd’s Father Both Caught Breaking Law – Corporate Records Funny Business Surfaces During Land Fraud Trial

  1. Anonymous

    and yet the Canadian judge threw out the suit and called it “without merit”

  2. cq8

    BFP, not every public official in Barbados is a crook.

  3. Bad Man Saying Nuttin

    True, but I have not had any respect for the judgement of Madame Justice Elneth Kentish since the case with the guy who killed the taxi man and only received 4 years in jail from Kentish. the sentence was appealed by the DPP and was overturned and lengthened after the taximen protested but it showed me a certain level of disregard from Kentish.

  4. clicker

    The judge decided that the motion to have the lawsuit held in Canada was not to be allowed. He did not rule on the merits of the lawsuit itself. No one has ever done that. The issues of the case have never been allowed to come to trial in any venue. In effect, the old lady has been denied a trial of the issues for two decades as lawyers for the other side launched wave after wave of procedural challenges until she dies.

  5. West Side Davie

    Justice Kentish has let down the people of Barbados on two counts. First, a judge should not be involved in land speculation or business of any kind in a small country like ours.

    Secondly, she broke the law. That is a terrible thing for a judge to do.

  6. passin thru

    The only thing that matters in this article is that the judge was caught breaking the law. I don’t care about the Kingsland court case, I care that a Barbados judge is breaking the law and speculating on land.

  7. Themis

    Have you read “Bleak House” by Chas. Dickens?

  8. Themis

    What did the Privy Council decide?

  9. passin thru

    that is true cq8, but the ones that get caught are, and Justice Kentish got herself caught!

  10. Rule of Law

    Kentish worked for Mandeville and Company

    Where would she learn about such unusual concepts as integrity, ethics and basic conflict of interest?

  11. J

    Dear BFP you wrote “The Obama Administration is on the offensive against offshore banking jurisdictions like Barbados”

    Are you sure that you are not telling lies on the Obama administration?

    BFP tells so many lies.

  12. Get with the programme!

    J you sound like you have not read about or heard about the “Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act” that was sponsored by Obama before he became President. It actually names and targets Barbados. Our own Ambassador to the USA, John Beale, stated that Obama’s Tax Haven act threatens the very foundations of our economy: tourism and offshore financial industries.

    You might want to stop smoking whatever causes you to be so nasty.

    Story is here:

  13. PiedPiper

    You know how it is. If BFP says it, it must be a lie. Some people just thick skulled.

  14. J

    Dear get with the programme:

    I’ve NEVER smoked a thing in my life.


    And I am no nastier than BFP

  15. Gimme A Break

    I so tired of this Knox family saga. I feel sorry for Mrs Knox who is the genuine victim. A victim of the avarice and insecurity of her own children and their own land speculating buyer. *read the owner of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary*
    By the way who is paying the cost of these suits brought by ‘poor’ Mrs Knox.

  16. argh!

    “A Billion Dollars Of Land In The Hands Of Old Women Doesn’t Last Long In Barbados”