Sean M. Field Lands Major KFC Commercial

KFC Sean FieldBorn in Barbados and recently transplanted to Hollywood – actor Sean Michael Field has landed himself a major spot in a major commercial for KFC. As The GRILL Sergeant, Field is front and center in KFC’s campaign to transform the public’s perception of what the “F” in Kentucky F’d Chicken means.

“F” means… grilled, doan ya know!

Ian Bourne has the full story and the video of Sean in action over at The Bajan Reporter


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8 responses to “Sean M. Field Lands Major KFC Commercial

  1. kiki

    Looks like no one is taking this blog seriously
    Dave Chappelle Chicken Comedy

  2. One who knows

    kiki, Sean is doing very well and his friends are happy for him. This KFC commercial is a big deal and you might not realise how big it is. I’m not in the film or advertising industry but we were talking to a friend the other night and I can assure you that Sean was chosen during an involved process lasting over a month where he was up against the best there is. This campaign is a huge and important step for KFC because they are changing the brand. Another big plus for Sean is that the director of the commercials (you will see more than one) is a player and he likes Sean.

  3. Sundowner

    This funny!! lol

  4. Sundowner

    Big Congratulations to Sean.

  5. Darian

    Congratulations to Sean. I am looking forward to seeing the commercials.

    Originally Kentucky Fried Chicken, then renamed KFC when the term fried became such a bad word in the health and nutrition circles.

    Now they are going to grilled chicken. I must try it when it gets to my area. I hope that is as good as the original recipe because the most enjoyable part of a piece of KFC chicken is the SKIN.

  6. Hants

    Be careful if you are in Canada.

    More salt in Canadian versions of global brands: Study

    “Colonel Sanders’ original recipe for KFC’s seasoning remains an industry secret, but new research shows there is at least one ingredient that manufacturers around the world are willing to tweak.”

  7. Lady Anon

    Tried the grilled in Orlando…the chicken was as big as sparrow bird legs and really really dry…they need some help.

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