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Tens of Millions Missing In Audit Of Barbados ABC Highway – But No Person Will Be Held Accountable

Updated July 18, 2010

Here’s an article about the ABC Highway scandal that we first published in July 2009. It’s a year later and has anyone been charged? Any lawsuits launched to recover our stolen/wasted tax dollars?

You mek sport!

My friends, read it again and weep for your country. We predicted (and we were correct) that no one would be held accountable and that nothing would happen because there is only one political party on this island. DLP = BLP = DLP = BLP.

We were wrong about one thing though: the Auditor General did post his report on the internet and it revealed that 3S, the US firm that obtained the contract, submitted a proposal to the Owen Arthur government a week before the tender was announced (start hysterical laughter here).

It doesn’t matter though… the money is gone and no one will be charged or otherwise held accountable.

Original article published July 29, 2009…

Welcome to Barbados, folks!

In the past few days we have learned once again that this is truly a country for the “entrepreneurial” politician.

You see – it doesn’t matter how many tens of millions of dollars are missing at the end of a major project, no one ever goes to jail. There is always the speech in Parliament – duly reported in the papers of course – castigating the previous government for all manner of “recklessness and wastage… bordering on corruption” – but no jail. Continue reading


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