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Prime Minister Thompson and the Barbados News Media Agree That Some Things Aren’t Worth Talking About: Like Integrity Legislation, Freedom of Information, CLICO Conflicts of Interest etc.

Just a quick note before I head off to work…

Prime Minister Thompson and the Barbados news media had themselves a little party earlier this evening where the conversation was as carefully scripted as a Broadway play. You can read about it in the Nation (Hotel Help) and the Barbados Advocate (PM discusses economy) – but that won’t tell you about the disgusting silence by media and the Government concerning the ongoing conflicts of interest by Thompson over CLICO.

Sure, Thompson says FOI and Integrity Legislation are “coming” – Thompson has been saying that since he failed to keep his promises to implement a Ministerial Code of Conduct IMMEDIATELY upon taking office – but the cowardly lapdog news media allows him to talk in generalities instead of saying, “Mr. Prime Minister: How much did CLICO and your friend Mr. Parris contribute to your campaign… and why should public funds be used to cover those campaign donations now?”

I have to run, but perhaps our friends at the old news media could take a read of what Journalism-UK says about Barbados’ press…

Trinidad’s tabloids scream loudly, but Barbados’ press could do with some balls.


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