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Mottley Barbados Labour Party Demands Answers About CLICO & Sam Lord’s – Too Bad The BLP Weren’t So Committed To Transparency When They Formed The Government!

Mia was always happy to meet a fellow despot.

When Deputy Prime Minister, Mia Mottley was always happy to meet a fellow despot.

Mia Mottley and her band of deposed, dethroned and defeated government despots make for just about the poorest quality official opposition that Barbados has suffered under in many a year.

The trouble with the BLP and Mottley as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition is, of course, that the defeated BLP Arthur/Mottley government is generally acknowledged to have been the most corrupt and despotic bunch of politicians this country has seen since independence…

… and that is saying quite a bit!

Whether it was Minister of Public Works Gline Clarke building a house for his mistress on land that his government expropriated for “public housing”, Mia Mottley calling for talk shows and blogs to be censored, Tourism Minister Noel Lynch storming off a radio show because a listener asked how Minister Lynch became a millionaire on a government salary – or any number of other scandals, hardly a week went by without the BLP government exhibiting some new corruption.

So Mia Mottley and the gang don’t have much credibility to stand up and criticize the Thompson government for being pretty much as corrupt as the BLP government was. I mean… what is Mottley going to do? Complain that Thompson hasn’t kept his promise about Freedom of Information legislation when Mottley’s BLP didn’t introduce such laws in fourteen years of majority government? Ha… Thompson would laugh and say “De fat one mek sport!”

So the tendency is to marginalise and ignore the BLP Opposition, and we at BFP understand that because we mostly ignore them too – just like the Thompson government ignores them.


We Should Listen To What Mottley & The BLP Say About CLICO and Sam Lord’s Castle…

Here is what Mottley and the BLP have to say about the government’s compulsory aquisition of Sam Lord’s Castle. The article was originally published in the Barbados Advocate and also circulated as a BLP emailed newsletter. When you read the article, put aside your thoughts about the BLP being corrupt themselves… and just go on the merits of the article itself.

So read the article and then, let’s talk… because this corruption from the Thompson DLP government isn’t getting any better…

BLP column: That Sam Lord’s conundrum


Why is the David Thompson Administration rushing to compulsorily acquire Sam Lord’s Castle from Clico? This is the question Barbadians want answered today. After all the promises of open Government, how is it that Barbadians first learnt of the acquisition through a Section 3 notice published only in the Barbados Advocate?

Why, despite his promises of transparency, has the Prime Minister not kept the country up to date on the state of Clico’s affairs in Barbados? Why has he neglected for months the concerns of Barbadian investors and policyholders, who are unable to get their money and who do not know what is going on?

How is it that the OECS regulators are moving to place the CL Financial subsidiary – British American – under judicial management in the Eastern Caribbean, but here in Barbados, despite repeated calls from the Leader of the Opposition, Mia Mottley, that is not an appropriate remedy for our own people?

Why is it that the Memorandum of Understanding with Clico still has not been made public as it was in Trinidad & Tobago? What are the terms of reference of the Oversight Committee? Why has the Oversight Committee not invited offers for the Sam Lord’s property from the private sector, when interest has been expressed in that quarter? And why, after criticising the Owen Arthur Administration for investing in Gems, is the David Thompson Administration now seeking to compulsorily acquire a dilapidated castle without any plan for its development? The cart before the horse syndrome has risen to new heights on this deal, even by Democratic Labour Party standards. Continue reading


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