Hollywood Actor Sean Michael Field on Barbados Free Press, Rihanna’s Mohawk & Segway Polo Championship: “I’m going to have to say something about this…”

Actor Sean Field - Comfortable with or without mohawk, in Hollywood or Bridgetown

Actor Sean Field - Comfortable with or without mohawk, in Hollywood, New York or Bridgetown

Ok I’m going to have to say something about this. (BFP’s article Rihanna: We Want Our Girl Back The Way She Was)

Just a few years ago being the first man in Bim to have a mohawk I was gawked at, ridiculed, etc. Personally I could give a ra_____. (substitute traditional bajan slang here) The reality is I am who i am and if i choose to wear locks, a bald head, or mohawk and dye it green, its my blasted head.

Now three years later i walk the streets of Bridgetown and see ZR conductors, kids at school (and yes my son was the first one back then too), women, you name it, all wearing a mohawk. No more ridicule, now we have acceptance. Did I set out to change something in Barbados? No. Did Gigi Jones? No. We just did us. She was the first woman in Bim to do so as well. And we rocked it with style. (which we continue to rock without asking permission)

What we have in Barbados is a conservative society blended with an usual desire to seek confirmation from outside sources. We need to first be able to be ourselves. Regardless of what that is.

rihanna-mohawk-haircutThe girl cut she hair, why is this news? She was made an ambassador to the youth for one reason only, she is the ONLY superstar we have (so far, I’m working on changing that) and this will always bring attention.

And yes, Rihanna is a superstar. Living here in LA all I have to do is mention Barbados and every person says “Rihanna”. That wasn’t the case a few years ago.

Does it mean that she is a role model for children in the country? NO. That is what parents are for. And in Barbados we have plenty of those to go around, along with aunties and uncles. So at the end of the day does it matter that she has a mohawk? NO. Does it matter that someone at BFP doesnt like it? NO. That’s their opinion and they’re entitled to it.

I mean just turn on CBC anytime cricket is playing and there splashed across the screen is my face, mohawk and all, advertising condoms. And that for the National HIV Commission. I got ridicule for that. Did i care? NO. It was my choice and i wore it gladly. The real thing is we need to have the courage to be ourselves. Regardless of what that is. If the girl come out tomorrow and say she gay what people would say then? Seriously, we need to end the judgmental, gossiping by the rumshop mentality that has permeated our society for years and try to show the world what we have. Regardless of what that is. I mean we just won the Segway championship, to me that is just another example of how were finally expanding in this global society as a real player. No pun intended.

Lets try and realise that only Rihanna is living Rihanna’s life. Everyone else needs to go and live theirs.

Exiting soapbox now….

Sean Michael Field

Website: SeanField.com

Editor’s Note:

Barbados-born Sean Michael Field is an actor, artist, host, model and spoken word poet. Within a week of moving to Los Angeles in 2007, he was hand picked from a line of 300 actors and two days later was in a scene in the blockbuster film Hancock, starring Will Smith. Since then he has been seen on popular TV shows such as CSI Miami, ER, Lincoln Heights, 24, NCIS,  Two and a Half Men, Dirty Sexy Money and the pilot for Life on Mars.


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37 responses to “Hollywood Actor Sean Michael Field on Barbados Free Press, Rihanna’s Mohawk & Segway Polo Championship: “I’m going to have to say something about this…”

  1. J

    Al right Mikey. Tek it easy. I living my life.

  2. reality check

    good attitude

    good role model

  3. kiki

    Rhianna wanted to shock y’all
    She didn’t do it for your approval

    ♡ 琪KIKI♬♪♫.

  4. wuk up king

    The first man in Bim to have a mohawk? I remember walking down Fontabelle 20 years ago and seeing a man with a mohawk. And no one paid any attention at all…

  5. Is okay for dudes not chicks…. No seriously, this is a proper response, no histrionics and using straight facts I bow to you – HOWEVER: I bet should role merit, you shave that sucker off faster than you can say “‘Do like Beckham”? As in your Grill Sergeant for KFC? I still say props and will give you equal billing at my place soon, L8R…

  6. kiki

    girls like to shave their hair
    but it could mean they have other boyfriend(s)

  7. peltdownman

    Anyone who thinks that Rihanna’s haircut is a “Mohawk” clearly doesn’t know what a “Mohawk” looks like. as far as I can see, she still has most of her hair, and still looks good……..

  8. Sean i was one dat ridiculed you for that condom ad too, but it was nothing about the hair, ya did juss look real finny wid dat cricket bat 🙂

    all seriousness though the Rihanna haircut is no big deal taken as an individual act but taken in the context of the slew of many questionable stories about her recently it could possibly leave one pause for concern.

    You made a good point about her being a superstar. she’s a superstar yes but does that make her above reproach if her fans think her actions are questionable?

    I think the bajan public’s issue is based more on them getting the definition between superstar and role model mixed up. They are not one and the same, ask Charles Barkley.

    Rihanna is still a superstar however as a role model ummm yea her actions might make you stop and wonder a bit.

    Frankly never saw her as a role model but I think the bajan public in general did and thats the underlying issue here and their cause for complaint cause they are judging her using a role model template rather than one of a superstar.

    big up though Sean, hope you find success in Hollywood. just dont go showing bout ya bubbies all roun the place or we might gotta ridicule ya too. 🙂

  9. Analyzer

    Rihanna’s hairdresser reports that she did it for an Italian Vogue photo shoot:


  10. kiki

    her emphasis is more on the word ‘youth’
    rather than the ‘ambassada’ bit

  11. Andy

    Glad someone took their valuable time to step out and shove our hypocritical nature right down our throats – any of you looking to a pop star as a role model need a good slap upside the head.

    We need to hold our elected members, our parents and maybe our teachers to task for questionable standards and practices, not some young entertainer who did not do anything to deserve our ‘naysaying’ hpocritical nature on her back for the rest of her career.

    Back off the girl please.

  12. Illuminator

    Oh so well said Mr. Field … Wow though, I didn’t realise you had blown up like that , good show. I am not surprised to hear your view point at all after hearing you on Head-On a while back. We could do with more thinking like that in Bim fa real.

    I don’t like the hairstyle myself but she got some balls to wear it ……lol. If the photo-shoot angle is true , she mussee get some serious compensation for it too . This role model thing is bunch a crap too , why should a 20 or 21 year old pop-superstar (and she is definitely a super-star despite what the nay-sayers may say ) be seen as a role model for our children . We really have to stop allowing tv and pop culture from raising our chillen it can only end badly. I guess we are seeing that already.

  13. Bajangirl

    wish Men would get over DESIGNING WOMEN to suit some mawkish (…or Mo-hawish?!?…) Madonna/Whore persona to suit their OWN whims and fancies.

    At CROP OVER…de gyals dem must look “Hotttt!”

    At CHURCH…de (SAME) Ladies must, um. Dress More Conservatively?

    Fuh WHY, I ask in the braaaaadest of bajuhn??????? Who made Bajan Men fashion arbiters for women’s TASTE and MORALS – in Barbados or around the world, for that matter?

    When the CHURCH ain’t demanding Women should wear some ol’ funky Mantilla, or Long Sleeves or a Hat before they can darken (…its already quite dark…) threshold; the SCHOOL PRINCIPALS make a pompous song ‘n dance about GIRL’S HEMLINES…while the Boy students make good use of their VERY FREE TIME, and make amateur VIDEOUS OF THEMSELVES GRINNIN’ AS THEY SCREW TIED-UP, HELD-DOWN BLACK BELLY SHEEP!

    Why not just take a TIP – that actually makes some kinda sense, from the Bible, and: “TEK DE 20-FOOT BEAM OUTTA YUH OWN EYEBALL, BEFOE YUH RUSH TO GOUGE OUT DE L’IL SPECK O’ DUST OUTTA SOMEBODY ELSE’S – USUALLY WOMEN’S EYES!!”

  14. Pat

    You are so right. It is not a Mohawk.

  15. livinginbarbados

    I’m not sure that Sean Michael Field being an actor or having had a mohawk makes a jot of difference. Less so, his having been in an ad for using condoms. Does he say something meaningful? Mostly. So, I’m not sure (no disrespect meant to SMF) that the space used was needed. We all believe and uphold what we feel is best.

    BTW, to my eyes (and I’m a shaved head guy) the cut is definitely not a Mohawk, and with deferrence to the native Americans of that name, we need another description. “Hatchet job” for sure.

  16. nothing wrong here

    Notice how the uppity educated newcomer LIB dismisses someone else’s comments, then comments himself on the same topic he says is not worth the space.

    Space is at such a premium on the net, you know.

  17. livinginbarbados

    It’s called irony. It’s a literary ploy, which the reader should easily see and not fall over. Uppity sounds a tad American. Education is meant to set us free. Let’s try to see if education can dumb us down. There’s progress for you (irony again).

  18. Anonymous

    nothing wrong here: Plenty wrong? Give us more comments from people who know their place, who could not wait to leave school, and who have been here so long they have cobwebs? You reeel?

  19. Hants

    OK you geriatric hypocrites. We used to part we hair, then we had muffs at the front, then afros.

    Every generation comes up with “new” styles.

    Lef Rhi Rhi lone…..

  20. dictator

    well sean mugabe frig bfp for having an opiniom

  21. RN

    Last time I saw this guy was in a play up at UWI some years ago. Very good play, about a teacher and a student. Haven’t heard about him since.
    So he making it in Hollywood now?
    Nuff respect to the dude.
    And yeah, I agree with his comments about Rihanna.

  22. Themis

    What scene was he in in “Two and a Half Men”?

  23. PiedPiper

    LIB, you seem to have gotten yourself quite the fan club. My, my, since when is “educated” automatically paired with “uppity”? Can only moderately intelligent or the just plain dumb only post to blogs?
    Keep them on their toes LIB and keep disrupting the status quo on the blogs. One can only hope that instead of resorting to bashing you for your intellect, they may actually stop, read and think before dismissing what you have to say.

  24. livinginbarbados

    PiedPiper, I pondered whether silence was better than further comment, so spent time reading about Errol Barrow. Will anyone disagree with his place as a national hero? Will anyone challenge him as the father of Barbados’ independence? Will anyone say that his championing of free education set Barbados on a backward rather than a forward path? Will anyone question that his university level studies in law and economics produced a man of no count? Will anyone question that he was somewhat forward in calling President Reagan “that cowboy in the White House” or “a zombie” not long after his re-election in 1986.

    I am not Errol Barrow. But do we want to call Errol Barrow an uppity educated newcomer?

  25. Analyzer

    What happened to my last contribution?

  26. Analyzer

    Oh sorry, I had posted it in the previous Rihanna article:

    ‘If you buy the people magazine dated July 13 2009, (Special Double Issue with Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett on the cover) – on page 26, there is an article Trend Warning – Half-shaved heads! It has 3 pictures, one of them being Carmen Electra and the article calls the hair do ‘punk-inspired’. So I guess it’s the new trend folks.’

  27. Barbados has been a GEM for centuries and the people in charge of Barbados since 1605 were happy that way …Rihanna is nothing but another (commercial USA) that music is flat and boring and lacks soul and rythym and harmony in my opinion and to most conservative Barbadians and we don’t want L.A or any other Liberal Leftist societies’opinion or approval …Barbados was its best 20 years ago !!

  28. I beleive England gave Barbados Independence to stop BAJANS from moving to England !!!

  29. livinginbarbados

    Sir V: “…Barbados was its best 20 years ago !!” Are you really saying that 1990 was better than now? The British, like a man with many girlfriends, have played fast and loose over 400 years with what they viewed as the jewel in the crown.

  30. Living barbados , British have been out most of those years they only now coming back and I agree with you about The bloody British! I meant back when it was not so commercial and developed and so many big houses and hotels blocking de se especially on west coast , and even the south coast real commercial and expensive …Sorry if I seemed upset with Rihanna (she my distant cousin) but I don’t like the direction she is moving in with her Music and behaviour!

  31. Errol Barrow was a nice man , gave me a lift one day in my school uniform back to Harrison’s College in his big old Mercedes ..think it was green !! England and English liker to play is correct ! Wish Barbados would grow up and become UN_CORRUPT!!!

  32. Avatar Gurl


    What you said before is more SARCASM than IRONY.

  33. zorro7

    Rihanna a bajan girl from a little island thrust into the spotlight by american business men , too soon , too much and not equipped to handle it,it seems ! Wish her well and she is pretty good but her music lacks rythm and harmony and could use some strings ….hear she sings flat live though , gotta love de technology eh! Wonder how long she will last !!!

  34. zorro7

    when I say british I really mean English ,,cause Scottish Irish and Welch are a part of me!!!

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  36. 25

    i agree sean…full respect