Rihanna: We Want Our Girl Back The Way She Was…


Maybe I’m just getting too old. Maybe I’m too traditional, but I liked this look much better…

Rihanna’s New Mohawk – or something – Haircut

Some thoughts by Ian Bourne: Did Chris Brown’s attack unhinge Rihanna? Gun tattoos, wears pasties and now butchers head – What’s Up?


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52 responses to “Rihanna: We Want Our Girl Back The Way She Was…

  1. kiki

    bet the top cut cost big bucks

  2. she looks horrible. that doesnt say edgy or hip.. it looks like a lung busting scream for attention.

    2%, F. See me after class.

  3. passin thru

    Add my voice too. Rihanna, where have you gone?

  4. RN

    Relax, you old fogies!

    Old people always tend to think young people look ridiculous, outrageous or both. They always have, always will. And young people think old people are boring and out of touch (“sad” is the current popular term). Always have, always will.

    Didn’t you ever clash with your mother or father about your hair, your clothes, the way you spoke, the company you kept?

    Haven’t any of you laughed and cringed when you look at old photos of yourself (as I’m sure Rihanna will in ten years time), remembering just how cool you thought you looked?

    It’s all part of a very natural cycle, and nothing at all to fret about.

  5. Eddie,

    Here we go again..

    She’s an international R&B/Hip Hop style international artiste.
    Pray, tell me, what do you expect?

  6. dominoes

    Once you are working for the ppl big dollars, you have to do what them dictate, she has NO say.

  7. reality check

    Easy now

    unlike the tattoo, hair grows back and young people experiment.

  8. Observation

    She does not look happy – when last have we seen a photo of here with a genuine smile or even somewhat happy. That is more disturbing than any hairdo or clothing malfunction.

  9. Green Monkey

    Is it really Rihanna’s choice to go with these outlandish hair styles, outfits and gun tattoos ? I, like dominoes, suspect it is all part of a marketing campaign on the part of her handlers who are telling her to dress this way as part of their marketing strategy.

    The controversy no doubt helps to make sure her name stays in the news and in the Hollywood/entertainment industry gossip magazines and web sites. And no doubt keeping her name and profile before the public all adds up to mighty big dollars for all the parties involved at the end of the day.

    As a former Canadian PM once remarked about going to a dance, “You dance with the one that brung ya.” Maybe Rihanna feels she has to dance with the one(s) that “brung” her to the big fete.

  10. Starrr

    you know why she is not happy because she is a young girl trying to live her life but is sumbject constantly to the overboard criticisms issued to her especially by the Bajan public…we dont provide her with a safe haven here at all…why does her haircut offend any of you C’mon…if yall dont watch it we may be dealing wid an MJ case number 2…yall need to back up off our homegirl and let her grow and make her mistakes…she is still a young girl!

  11. Sargeant

    What’s the big deal? Women have been known to change hairstyles frequently (especially Black women). The only requirement for us (the men in their lives) is to observe that the hairstyle is new/changed and make complimentary remarks.

    Otherwise you may have to share living quarters with the dog.

  12. kiki

    It’s just a punky grunge thing that all american and english, australian etc kids go through. Universities are full of them.

  13. RN

    Perhaps Rihanna knows someone at BFP and only keeps changing her look so that they can post threads like this one and gets some hits…;)

  14. RN

    You are so out ot touch, gramps!

    She’s clearly going for the cool, hard, edgy persona – at least when the paps are around. It’s pure speculation on your part to assume she’s privately unhappy.

    Look at the hip-hop crowd she hangs with: gangsta chicks don’t smile! She’s fronting, vogueing, striking a pose – call it what you will.

    You may not like it – but I doubt very much whether you’re her target audience, or market.



  15. ru4real


  16. ProLife

    she was never your girl.

  17. cq8

    Kind of reminds me of Foghorn Leghorn, the cartoon character!

  18. Plumber


  19. Mothertongue

    Rihanna, gets a shave and people query her fitness for ambassador; a young senator wears braided hair and we ask about his suitability for parliament. Methinks this is much ado about nothing. Slowwwwwwwwwwww day in the blogosphere!

  20. Pearl

    Chopping of the hair sometimes signifies cutting the man out of your life. Let’s hope that’s all this is.

  21. Darian

    RHIANNA is not a superstar . Come back in 5 yrs from now and we will see where is.

    Mind you she is talented. That is all, just talented. Currently, in get some attention mode without crossing the line.

  22. Pat

    I, too, thought it was an attention getter.
    She was in London last night with Jay-Z.
    Probably some jig. Bar bill was #7,000. Maybe 199 will know if she is performing there.

  23. Analyzer

    Rihanna can look good with almost any hair style.
    She has a new CD coming out soon you know, maybe this is all part of the style and kind of new gimic.

  24. Pat

    hmmm…I thought it was John Crosby, the crusty Newfie that said that. hmmmm….

  25. Sargeant


    B Mulroney ex PM was also quoted as making that statement which was a contradiction coming from him given his comments on patronage when Bryce Mackasey was appointed Ambassador to Portugal by his Liberal colleagues. Mulroney the statesman said of the appointment “There is no whore like an old whore”.

  26. No the pasties was why BFP and self question her ambassadorial post, the rest of it seems to hint at a kind of unsteadiness since the attack, get it right

  27. Fortune Cookie

    Could someone please explain the meaning of the above post? Pasties? You mean Cornish ones?

  28. crossroads

    shes becoming just another puppet of the music industry. i am still a fan, but not liking the direction shes heading in.

  29. Eddie,

    You are wrong. Rihanna IS a super-star.

    Leave your personal feelings out.

  30. Eddie,

    If she is not on the scene 5 years from now, that does not mean she is not a super-star today.

  31. kiki

    maybe she’s trying to look tougher instead of looking like a helpless victim

  32. Luanna

    Rihanna is so pathetic.

  33. Plumber



    After Rihanna had her first, some grudgeful minded people said these words “lightning dont strike twice in the same place….well ! duh !!!!!!

    I am proud to be Caribbean
    I am proud to be BAJAN !
    Respect to you Ri Ri

  34. Plumber

    ==her first hit–

  35. Analyzer

    Luanna – you must be jealous!!!!!
    What do you do?

  36. KAlli

    So maybe Rihanna is an adult and can cut her hair how she feels… maybe just maybe she wants to live her life the way she wants and impact the fashion she sees fit on her life. Maybe, just maybe ‘bajans’ who have issues wid her cut should opt not to get the cut themselves, and finally, maybe just maybe ppl should occupy themselves with theirs and not mind others.

  37. Why do folks assume as you Bajan you must have automatic support? Or is it for overseas only? Cause it en’t hey so fah sure?? Tell me, Rihanna’s breasts all agape foir anyone to see is the way fwd for Bajan children with HER as Youth Ambassador?

    This from a Gov’t who can’t deal with drainage in a wetland nor in Fontabelle, yet want to say they need MORE money to mishandle the drainage system instead of asking those who have better experience than they do?

    These ppl are here only every five years yet they get on as though they made themselves instead of seeking Managers or Perm Scty’s advice that have been there for decades – **long slow steupse here**

    And these are who decide if a girl should set standards for young folk?

  38. Darian

    Being a superstar doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of continuously producing a quality product. Call her an entertainer, a star but she is not a superstar yet.

    Beyonce is a superstar.

  39. Ok im going to have to say something about this. Just a few years ago being the first man in bim to have a mohawk I was gawked at, ridiculed, etc. Personally i could give a ra_____. (substitute traditional bajan slang here) The reality is I am who i am and if i choose to wear locks, a bald head, or mohawk and dye it green, its my blasted head.

    Now three years later i walk the streets of bridgetown and see zr conductors, kids at school (and yes my son was the first one back then too), women, you name it, all wearing a mohawk. No more ridicule, now we have acceptance. Did I set out to change something in barbados, no, did Gigi Jones, no. We just did us. She was the first woman in bim to do so as well. And we rocked it with style. (which we continue to rock without asking permission)

    What we have in barbados is a conservative society blended with an usual desire to seek confirmation from outside sources. We need to first be able to be ourselves. Regardless of what that is.

    The girl cut she hair, why is this news? She was made an ambassador to the youth for one reason only, she is the ONLY superstar we have (so far, i working on changing that) and this will always bring attention. (And yes she is a superstar, living here in LA all i have to do is mention barbados and every person says Rihanna, that wasn’t the case a few years ago) Does it mean that she is a role model for children in the country. NO. That is what parents are for. And in barbados we have plenty of those to go around, along with aunties and uncles. So at the end of the day does it matter that she has a mohawk, NO. Does it matter that someone at BFF doesnt like it, NO. That’s their opinion and they’re entitled to it.

    I mean just turn on CBC anytime cricket is playing and there splashed across the screen is my face, mohawk and all, advertising condoms. And that for the national HIV commission. I got ridicule for that, did i care, NO. It was my choice and i wore it gladly. The real thing is we need to have the courage to be ourselves. Regardless of what that is. If the girl come out tomorrow and say she gay what people would say then. Seriously, we need to end the judgemental, gossiping by the rumshop mentality that has permeated our society for years and try to show the world what we have. Regardless of what that is. I mean we just won the Segway championship, to me that is just another example of how were finally expanding in this global society as a real player. No pun intended.

    Lets try and realise that only Rihanna is living Rihanna’s life. Everyone else needs to go and live theirs.

    Exiting soapbox now….

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  41. Pat

    Yes, I do remember that whore statement. Someone should make a collection of our politicians mouthings and publish them. They would earn some serious coin.

  42. "*Adviser to the President*"

    RI RI is so BIG all over the world -South Africa, Germany and the rest of Europe-the World. Come on people accept it nuh ! Rihanna is on the world stage, a Bajan ! Cheeses on ! I happy ! She LARGE !

  43. Starrr

    is Darian madd…c’mon how can u say she is not a superstar….and just so you kno ur right…it did not happen overnight…it happened over the 3-4 years thats she has worked her ass off!

    P.S I agree wid Sean…but Sean it makes no sense sometimes cuz like RPB said Bajans Cant See and sometimes we are so caught up in argung tryin to get over a point that we fail to realise those who really suffer…e.g W.I Cricket need i say more

  44. Darian

    Not mad.
    I respect all your opinions. I have mine and you have yours.

  45. Eddie,

    You are right; what you said is “your opinion”- which is at variance with the facts!

    Your submission about “it takes years to become a superstar” is filled with flaws.

    One can become a superstar OVERNIGHT. I would’nt even waste time naming numerous groups who achieved superstardom overnight because they had the right song; at the right time; managed by the right people.

    By the way, there are also “One-hit-wonders”, whose superstardom status lasts for as long as a snowcone in a fire.

  46. Analyzer

    If you buy the people magazine dated July 13 2009, (Special Double Issue with Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett on the cover) – on page 26, there is an article Trend Warning – Half-shaved heads! It has 3 pictures, one of them being Carmen Electra and the article calls the hair do ‘punk-inspired’. So I guess it’s the new trend folks.

  47. barspecs

    Yes, she is just another “product” and has to be packaged to attract the consumer.

  48. Chances

    Could this be a cry for help???
    I see no evidence of counselling following what must have been a traumatic episode. It seems to be business as usual.

    This latest report of Rihanna and Chris staying at the same hotel is only the latest in a catalogue of errors for the young lady. Check the following report. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/31388323/vp/32173290#32173290

  49. Yeah!

    Yes, it is a “cry for help”. Yes, help me to sell millions more CD’s.

  50. gril rihanna u thebest i love u alway from chellsea u could to bye please they back with chris brown he still love u .u alway or caribbdean gril