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No Excuse For Not Recycling In Barbados

Garbage Garbage Everywhere!

Garbage Garbage Everywhere!

The torrential rains we’ve had in the last day once again overwhelmed the city’s ability to shed water in a timely manner. While the damage could have been worse, in one area near Shona’s work there were at least ten parked vehicles had their interiors flooded when a nearby catchment became blocked with floating garbage – primarily plastic.

It is easy enough to blame the government for not keeping the drainage system clean – and there is certainly some blame that needs to be directed that way – but there are not enough public workers on the entire island to pick up after the thousands of thoughtless people who throw their garbage everywhere. And much that garbage ends up blocking grates and drains as it is now.

Our culture and attitudes must change from that of “guvment take care of it” to “This street is mine and I must take care of my property.”

Andrew Hulsmeier’s video of some friends cleaning up a portion of the south coast boardwalk highlights both the problem and a part of the solution.

If every person would pick up just three pieces of trash a day on the way to work, school or when walking about, this place would look like a new country in six months.

Photo of garbage taken from Andrew Hulsmeier’s video: Your Barbados, The Demise of the newly Built South Coast Boardwalk. See the video and read some interesting commentary at Living In Barbados blog (link here).

Barbados Recycling Resources

Barbados Recyclers List 2009Here is a list of Barbados recyclers as compiled by the Future Center Trust and distributed to friends by Lani Edghill. Thanks, Lani!


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Barbados Segway Polo Team – World Champions, 2009 Woz Cup

Barbados Segway World Champions

Barbados Flyin’ Fish Win World Championship In Germany

Congratulations to the team and their loyal supporters!

Here is the blow by blow written by Ryan Rodriguez (Thanks Ryan!) and sent to us by Brett Callaghan of Totally Barbados.com

Team Barbados Flying Fish Semi Final Match #1 against the dreaded Austrians!!!

After a short rain delay the match started much the same way as the other morning matches with the Fish trying to settle into their Rhythm…the first Chukka going down Scoreless. Continue reading


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