Is Your Daughter Safe At Work?

"So tell me. Do you like your job?"

"So tell me. Do you like your job?"

I read an article at the San Francisco Chronicle and it reminded me of a young girl who was me.

Fathers should read the article: Is Your Daughter safe at Work?



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8 responses to “Is Your Daughter Safe At Work?

  1. kiki

    the flip side is to take legal recourse and shut them down

  2. Jack Bowman

    BFP folks,

    This “article” is a little dull and going absolutely nowhere unless you actually write some stuff. Links we can find anywhere.

    Not one of your better efforts.

    All best wishes.

  3. Gunner

    I would not be too fast in throwing cold water on this issue. Many males in the Barbados work force are sexual predators,and this subject may not appeal to them. I knew of a manager who wanted to bed down ever woman in the company,and like the guy in the report openly brag of his sexual prowess. His daughter later came on to work for the same company, and he guarded her like a savage pitbull, from the other predators.No man could get near her.

  4. Pat

    Mr. Jack Bowman:

    Self appointed ‘Inspector General of the Blogs’.

    It must be a slow day.

  5. Avatar Gurl

    That’s why I would like a considerate man to take care of me! It’s one thing to love sex, but it’s quite another to be disgusting about it!

    No Bajan man nowadays seems to be genuine, like to play games all the time and to be quite honest, STDs are NOT on my schedule!

  6. Jason

    Is Roy Morris back at the Nation yet since he bought off the girl’s family?

    When we typically allow rapists to buy off the victim we empower predators and make a statement that rape is a private matter in Barbados. We state that no larger public interest is served by having a trial.

    Women are to be used, and if slightly abused some money can take care of the situation.

  7. Jason

    As I said on another thread about Roy Morris’ rape charge being dropped:

    “Welcome to employment in Barbados. Not much changed from the plantation where the good looking women had to be “friendly” to management to retain their jobs.

    Not much changed at all.”

  8. victor

    My sister first started work as a temp and couId hardIy type, 23 words/minute, Iet aIone do shorthand. She toId them she couId do shorthand and she got top jobs, by writing reaIIy fast! . MeanwhiIe, I got nothing. She was a hopeIess temp yet got offered a permanent job as the PA to the Business DeveIopment Manager of the biggest engineering company in the worId, BechteI. It set a pattern; even though she was simpIy not capabIe of taking dictation or typing properIy, she kept getting job offers way beyond her capabiIities, just because she was young, pretty and cIever.