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How CLICO Barbados Supported Trinidad Politicians With Your Barbados Tax Dollars & Insurance Premiums

One cheque for TT$5 million to Patrick Manning's PNM (Trinidad). Keltruth Blog tells how your Barbados tax dollars ended up covering CL Financial Group's political donations.

One cheque for TT$5 million to Patrick Manning's PNM (Trinidad). Keltruth Blog questions how many Barbados dollars ended up covering CL Financial Group's political donations instead of paying CLICO Barbados policy holders.

UPDATED: April 8, 2010

It’s always interesting to go back a year or so and see what people were saying and thinking as the whole CL Financial / CLICO mess was oozing its way through the sewer of lies and corruption engineered by the company leadership and their political lapdogs. Here’s an article we first published in July of 2009.

How Many Millions Did CLICO & CL Financial Spend On “Political Donations” ?

The central theme of the article is: CL Financial, CLICO and the associated companies gave millions to Caribbean political parties and politicians – and that money should now be returned by the politicians.

In consideration of the fraud and nonsense that went on at CL Financial & CLICO, we believe that the political parties and politicians should return this money to the little people who have been hurt most by the corruption and the failure of the politicians to properly regulate Parris, Duprey and the rest of the so-called “leadership” that caused this mess.

Here’s our original story…

How Can Prime Minister David Thompson Justify This Abuse By Leroy Parris & CLICO Barbados?

In the corrupt convoluted mess that is the story of CL Financial and CLICO Barbados, there is one fact that stands clear: CLICO Barbados would have done just fine weathering the financial storms if only CEO Leroy Parris and the other CLICO management hadn’t allowed their company to be raped to prop up CL Financial’s fraudulent schemes and payoffs.

And what a rape it was. As we detailed in our stories…

EXCLUSIVE REPORT BY BARBADOS FREE PRESS: CL Financial Group Collapse – Insiders Took Bribes To Have Company Purchase Land For More Than Market Value!


CL Financial, CLICO Fraud Report: Dummy Company, Phantom “Consultancy” Payments, Vanishing Money Transfers From Company To Company

barbados_puppeteer.jpg… Leroy Parris and his fellow conspirators traded CLICO Barbados financial health and assets for worthless paper secured by Florida swampland in a deal arranged by other CL Financial companies. And that is just one example of the “management” provided by Leroy Parris.

Now your tax dollars are cleaning up the mess and Leroy Parris continues with his fat government position at the CBC as given to him by his old friend Prime Minister David Thompson. And at CBC, Parris still can’t seem to obey the rules – even the ones he insists upon for other lower human beings.

How Many Millions Did CLICO & CL Financial Spend On “Political Donations” ?

Keltruth Blog has the story that CL Financial and associated companies paid millions of dollars to Caribbean politicians – writing cheques like the one featured at the top of our story. Without integrity legislation and the transparency of campaign financing rules and disclosure, Barbados citizens will just have to guess as to the amount that was given to David Thompson’s DLP campaign.

But no matter how many tens of millions of dollars that CL Financial and CLICO gave to politicians, YOU, the Barbados taxpayer, are on the hook.

Prime Minister David Thompson is bailing out CLICO and your tax dollars are going to cover the sins of Leroy Parris and company.

Read Keltruth Blog’s CLICO: Trinidad Politicians Before Policy Holders?


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Guinness World Records Threatens Blogger, But Removes Challenge to “Beat Worst Terrorist Attack Record” From Website

“Break The Record for… Most individuals killed in a terrorist attack”

When Fail Blog discovered that the Guinness World Records website was challenging viewers to “Break the Record” for the “most individuals killed in a terrorist attack”, the blog’s editor did a screen capture of the outrageous website and posted it as a FAIL.

In response, lawyers for Guinness World Records threatened the FailBlog with legal action if the blog didn’t remove the Guinness trade mark from their story. The letter said that Guinness would take “whatever action necessary to protect its reputation…” (Ha… Guinness should have thought about their reputation before posting the challenge to readers to kill more people!)

No apology or “oops” from Guinness though for encouraging readers to “break the record” for the most individuals killed in a terrorist attack.

FailBlog posted their response to the lawyer’s letter, telling Guinness World Records Limited that their “douchebaggy cyber-bullying emails will only bring upon you more shame on your house.”

We agree.

Guinness Record Terrorist AttackOne of our readers alerted us to this story and also discovered that Guinness has removed their webpage encouraging readers to break the world terrorist record.

Thank you, Fail Blog!

Here’s what Fail Blog wrote to Guinness…

To: Guinness World Records

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks for writing us an email regarding the “Record Breaking Fail”. Unfortunately, douchebaggy cyber-bullying emails will only bring upon you more shame on your house. I am also resisting the urge to write this email in ALL CAPS.

I believe it is the duty of FAIL Blog(TM) to call out organizations when they encourage the public to do such things as “Break the record” for the “Most Individuals Killed In A Terrorist Act”. We firmly believe that our publication of your fail is protected under the concepts of fair use, commentary and non-trademark use. Please RTFM and we welcome you to the interwebs…

… continue reading this story and see the examples at Fail Blog’s OMG You Fail So Hard


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