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Barbados Flyover Builder Jonathan Danos Posts Photos On flickr – But Not A Word About His Involvement In Corrupt Activities With Mabey & Johnson

Year 2000: Her Majesty awards MBE to Jonathan Danos "for services to export in Central and South America"

Year 2000: Her Majesty awards MBE to Jonathan Danos "for services to export in Central and South America". In 2007 Danos would testify that he participated in corrupt activities with others working for British engineering firm Mabey & Johnson - bribing Jamaican and Panamanian government officials .

Jonathan Danos Participated In Corruption for Years – According To Jonathan Danos!

As Mr. Danos no doubt would agree, once the manure hits the fan it is difficult to avoid getting some on you.

Jonathan DanosAnd Jonathan Danos is now covered in manure after the admission last week by his old employer, Mabey & Johnson, that the firm engaged in corrupt activities when bidding for public contracts in Jamaica and Ghana. The company was prosecuted by the UK Serious Fraud Office and will be returning to court on July 17, 2009 for sentencing. (BBC article: Firm admits overseas corruption)

The activities of Mabey & Johnson and Jonathan Danos came to light when M & J launched a lawsuit against Danos – alleging that he had taken a secret commission from the secret commission that M & J was paying a Jamaican politician for influencing that government’s purchase of bridges. In other words, the crooked company alleged that Danos had stolen from them while doing their corrupt deals!

Although Danos denied stealing from the illegal payments to government officials (got that?), he did confirm in his own court documents that he was part of the Mabey & Johnson corrupt team that bribed politicians in Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Panama.

No honour among thieves, apparently. (You can read about the lawsuit and see court documents filed by Danos and Mabey & Johnson at the Guardian article: Court battle over secret export commissions claims.)

How Much Did Jonathan Danos Pay In Bribes To Barbados Politicians For The Flyover Contract?

After falling out with Mabey & Johnson, Jonathan Danos formed his own company – 3S Structural Steel Solutions. When the Owen Arthur government awarded the flyover project to Danos’ company, it did so without putting the project out for bidding. Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and the gang simply awarded the contract then valued at BDS$120 million to Jonathan Danos.

Gosh… Owen Arthur must have taken a shine to Danos for some reason – especially considering that Danos’ company was brand new formed in 2005 and had never built anything at all, let alone flyovers and highways. But for some reason the government awarded the contract to Jonathan Danos. Of course, the project skyrocketed from $120 million to $360 million or so. When the story of the Danos lawsuit over secret commissions broke in Jamaica, the Barbados news media hid the story from the Barbados public for almost two weeks. You can read about it at BFP’s President Of Barbados Flyover Contractor 3S Structural Steal Solutions Being Sued For Fraud, Kickbacks In Jamaican Bridge Project!

Barbados Government Empowers Corrupt Government Contractors & Politicians

People like Jonathan Danos are able to operate as they do because politicians in developing countries typically operate with little or no effective public oversight or accountability. In Barbados, successive governments under both the DLP and BLP have refused to enact laws that would prohibit public officials from receiving gifts from government contractors or otherwise engaging in, or profiting from, conflicts of interest. Barbados has no integrity legislation, conflicts of interest standards or freedom of information laws – and it is still legal for government officials to receive gifts from government contractors or even to award government contracts to their spouses and family members.

Corrupt Barbados Government Minister Gline Clarke on Danos' flickr page

Corrupt Barbados Government Minister Gline Clarke on Danos' flickr page

Jonathan Danos flickr photos

Mr. Danos has posted selected photos at his Jonathan Danos flickr account – and some of the photos are very interesting. A photo taken July 22, 2006 shows then Public Works Minister Gline Clarke speaking at 3S Structural Steel Solutions press conference. As our longtime readers will remember, Gline Clarke built a house for his mistress on land that his government had expropriated from private ownership for the announced purpose of “public housing”.

It doesn’t get much more corrupt than that, friends!

Other photos show Jonathan Danos hanging out in Panama, but of course he doesn’t mention the corruption scandal about his work in that country either! (See the Panama-Guide.com article Mabey Bridge Scandal Continues To Grow.)

Have a look at the flickr photos of Jonathan Danos here – and while you’re at it, just remember that people like Danos are empowered by politicians like Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson and Opposition Leader Mia Mottley – who have both refused to pass integrity legislation, conflict of interest standards and freedom of information laws.

UPDATE: Jonathan Danos.com website.


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