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How Much To Send Barbados Environment Minister & Team To Greenland? What Will Be Accomplished… REALLY Accomplished?

Barbados Environment Lowe

Hey… we’re all for meeting with the world. That’s why Barbados is a member of the United Nations.

You know… so we can vote FOR the hanging of 16 year old girls in Iran who have sex outside of marriage. (Yup… Barbados voted to support Iran in the execution of juveniles.)

So… we came across an article that says Barbados Environment Minister is in Greenland for an “informal” meeting with a few other environment ministers.

Lies Before The Election: Denis Lowe & David Thompson Promising Freedom of Information & Accountability Legislation

Lies Before Election: Environment Minister Denis Lowe & David Thompson Promising Freedom of Information & Accountability Legislation

Okay, Dr. Lowe… Let’s have a report…

1/ How much did it cost to send you and your assistants to Greenland?

2/ What was accomplished? What ACTIONS will Barbados take as a DIRECT RESULT of the meeting?

OH! …Wait a minute!

We forgot… without a Freedom of Information Act, Bajans have no right to ask you for any justification at all – not how much you spent or what was accomplished.

Please, forgive us, oh Holy One.

More on the web…

Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy – Greenland Dialogue provides political guidance to climate negotiations

Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy – Greenland dialogue: Chair’s Conclusions


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Should I Obtain A Masters In Cricket Studies or Basket Weaving? Decisions, Decisions!

The Editor,
Barbados Free Press

Dear Sir/madam,

I recently came across a brochure, put out by the University of the West Indies (U.W.I.), offering a Master of Science program in Cricket Studies. The number of faculty or facilitators for this program, according to the brochure is twelve. I consider this to be a waste of resources, which could be better spent, as I will show below.

Barbados is a developing country. It therefore suffers from most of the ailments associated with developing societies. These ailments are briefly, lack of trained professionals in the sciences and the ancillary equipment and instrumentation needed to implement any meaningful developmental thrust in these area. An in depth examination of all countries, which are developed or are on the verge of being called developed, will reveal, that science and technology, form the backbone of their developmental thrust (eg. Singapore).

There is a need to develop a cheap source of rations for animal husbandry in the region. Processed products from our agricultural commodities, as well as from the fishing industry are needed. There is also a need, to develop new products for export if this island and the region are to survive.

The morass in a country like Barbados is further compounded by the proliferation of non-productive or virtual reality occupations (e.g. law, public sector reform, political science, public administration, accountancy and  management – the latter two are really forms of legalized thievery- etc.). U.W.I. seems very adept at graduating lots of persons in these disciplines. If there is one thing that, the credit crunch has demonstrated, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), it is the fact that, agriculture and engineering form what are called the real economy. The service sector and investment banking among others, the virtual reality economy. Without the former the latter cannot exist.

Like most developing countries, Barbados suffers from a lack of resources. I used to play cricket for U.W.I., St. Augustine and my two sons played cricket. I have a problem, at this juncture in Barbados’ development, with money being spent on this cricket venture. I wonder, if this program, which is being implemented by U.W.I., is a one-man venture or the collective will of a number of persons. If the latter is the case, it would seem that , we are a society, in which individuals lack independency of thought as well as vision.


Robert D. Lucas, Ph.D.
Food biotechnologist.



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Secret Withdrawal Of Bribery Charges Against Barbados Cop Stinks Of Corruption At The Highest Levels

Unholy Alliance: Sergeant Paul Vaughan (left) & Charles Leacock - Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions

Unholy Alliance: Sergeant Paul Vaughan (left) & Charles Leacock – Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions

Barbados News Media Remains Silent

On September 16, 2008, Barbados Police Sergeant Paul Emmanuel Vaughn (sometimes spelled Paul Vaughan) was charged with corruptly accepting $56,500 in bribes between December 1, 2004 and April 30, 2007 from Evadney Cindy Bushell in return for protecting her from prosecution for selling pirated DVDs.

We said at the time that the Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock would eventually withdraw the criminal charges against his old friend, Sergeant Vaughn, because the two corrupt public employees had previously been involved together in the Ronja Juman scandal. In short, Charles Leacock had Sergeant Vaughn and his goon squad arrest Ronja Juman in the middle of the night and subject the terrified woman to a vaginal search – over back rent she owed Charles Leacock. There was no way the DPP was going to continue the prosecution of a man who was his friend and a co-conspirator in the illegal activities and abuses that happened to Juman – and we said so.

See our article Corrupt Director Of Public Prosecutions Must Now Prosecute His Corrupt Police Friend For Accepting Bribes!!!

Well surprise, surprise! The Director of Public Prosecutions recently ordered the withdrawal of the bribery and perverting the course of justice charges against his friend, Sergeant Vaughn. No public explanation was given – and the cowardly lapdogs in the Barbados news media never asked a single question even though the whole thing stinks to high heaven.

As our friend from GBL Blog pointed out, the original charges stated that $56,500 had been paid by Evadney Bushell to Sergeant Vaughan between certain dates. The police who laid the bribery charges didn’t just pull that figure out of a hat, you know! Here is what our friend said…

“Yesterday, prosecutor, Sergeant Trenton Small informed the court that acting on the instructions of the DPP, Charles Leacock, QC, the two charges were being withdrawn by the prosecution.”

– Daily Nation, June 23, 2009, Pg 17.

This stinks to me. I wish I had the original court report so I could point how ‘dead to rights’ this guy was. The 56K figure which seemed connected to him had to come from somewhere. As far as I am aware, an influx of cash of that amount for a civil servant will raise eyebrows, as civil servants are not allowed to work outside of the civil service whilst still employed by the civil service.

There is also the evidence against the accused Evadney Bushell. Did that just disappear into thin air? What brought the charges in the first place?

The article does not say that the case was dropped for lack of evidence, the procedure was not improperly followed, so I am left to ask WHY?

The boys in blue look after their own. That’s why. From the beat cop to the DPP.

… from The Good, The Bad & The LOL article Charges Against Sergeant Discontinued

Police Commissioner Dottin… Why Do You Think The Barbados Police Enjoy So Little Public Respect?

As we said when we predicted the charges would fade into nothing without any explanation…

I love Barbados – but I hate the corrupt and incestuous cartel that seems to run everything.


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